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  1. Please add lycanthropy to skyrim it’s perfect your in the mountains and it’s snowing and this would be the first game on xbox360 were people can actually play as them

  2. LOL at the Star Wars quote. Although it’s Bothans NOT Bosmer… was that some kind of Elder Scrolls tie in? Or just a mistake?

  3. SKYRIM is looking very rich in all its elements alot like TES 2 DAGGERFALL. Fantastic to know there will be many more armors thanks to how they were designed which also allows alot more to be happening onscreen. The loot sounds very rewarding and varied with plenty of surprise in location. Kind of reminds me of DAGGERFALL’s loot system where one never knew what might be found and from what i heard had a tighter scaling system the OBLIVION which is hard to believe considering how much fun it was.

    Thanks for the exciting answers and already got my pre-order 😀

  4. For question 3, are they serious about making the armor similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas where the cuirass and greaves are all one item?

    My favorite part about armor is mixing and matching. Also, how can I play the burly, drunk, half-naked barbarian bastard ala Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo without being completely naked? Pretty dumb ideal for a character, I know, but I’d still like it to be in the game.

  5. You know what, nvm, it isn’t anything to get upset about since it will be modded correctly later.

    I just hope the game is packed with great quests and lore items…I love the lore in TES.

  6. Interesting!
    But, ultimately I am angry!! You have truly dombed this game down… What happened to Morrowind detail? I want 1000000000s of items…
    And as for the rest, this game better not be a let down…

    You have made one veteran Morrowind warrior disappointed.

    Their better be an Elder Scrolls 6 after this game!

  7. I just find it very funny that you guys took 2 months to answer 25 questions, and then 22 of them was old news. Well done, another game company failing.

  8. Also the different Dragon Shouts for different character types (stealthy,melee etc) sounds fantastic and very inventive. Maybe there will be a terror numbing soul shattering evil beyond evil Dragon fright shout only possible at mastery levels of 100 where the enemy dies instantly of a heart acttack from pure horror.

  9. Very good interview! A lot of exciting information (specifically the tavern brawls!).
    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the marriage thing, but I’m glad to see you guys are still moving forward and implementing new things. It’d be a shame if your standards had never rose after Morrowind and then Oblivion, both amazing games in their own right of course.

    Anyways, everything about Skyrim is super exciting!!! I’m especially glad to see that the needless stats and the heaps of barely unique items are taking a back seat, leaving more room for gameplay and roleplaying. While the slow drip of information is painful, I’m glad that you guys are too classy to overhype your own game 🙂

    Can’t wait for 11/11/11!!!!!! <3

  10. To be honest, I am a little disappointed hearing some of the answers presented in the interview. I just hope Microsoft and Sony release next generation consoles soon, so the bar that bottlenecks PC’s potential can be raised a bit. Mods are wonderful, but there are limitations to personal interest and amateur skills. When can I fully appreciate the 8GB RAM I have in my box, Bethesda?

  11. When is Skyrim’s Collector Edition going to be announced?

    I want to pre-order it. Will the CE come with the premium Skyrim map as well?

  12. There needs to be a collectors edition in a leather case. With a Making of DVD (Blu-Ray PS3), Extra items, Secret Quest, Code for any new DLC’s for free, yeah that kinda stuff. And i want a copy for free since i suggested it. The free DLC is a must.

  13. you should release GOTY edition where it comes with all DLC’s and or Expansion Packs. and just call it something else if you don’t win GOTY. which i doubt.

  14. hmm…okay let’s start this interview

    1. I see Skyrim uses ZBrush to design character, this is true ?
    2. I want to be game developer, can u show how to make a spectacular video game like skyrim ? i really glad if u want 🙂
    3. whether Skyrim map is biggest than Elder Scrolls : Oblivion
    4. why u choose Dragon as enemy ? And i see pre-historic human(looks like) in E3 2011 gameplay trailer, and why can pre-historic human live in Viking age ?
    5. and why u choose viking concept for Skyrim ?
    6. why the map called skyrim ?

    okay that’s all, i’m so proud if Bethesda answer my question…:) thank’s Bethesda

  15. will sktrim have the 9 divines to be a counter part to the 13 daedric lords or is it 14 now with jegalag? enjoyed the 9 divines lore.

  16. I think it would be cool if bethesda put sasquatches in skyrim and put the concept of werewolves to. But more different types of weapon and enchanted or rare weapons that dont look like the normal ones. Also Spears as well. Oh yeah and building creation.

  17. I very enjoyed reading this but I already knew half of those! It seems no matter what I hear the same questions over and over and over and over.

  18. the game looks great! but theres one thing i dont like.. making the armor all one set. I like to mix up the stuff i wear plus thats would make all the armour (except helmets) ALOT more expensive P.S please dont make the weird looking mountainsfrom a distance like in oblivion