Reader Comments

  1. this is a game you wouldnt want to play on minimum requirements. The thing that will make or break this game will be the AI.

  2. I can’t wait for the game, but I really didn’t like the character animations that much. 🙁 Seemed like they came from a totally different game from 2000 or so. That’s weird…

  3. I wouldn’t say this is Fallout, it’s just a post-apocalyptic game. It isn’t Metro either, nor are those games RAGE.

    The game looks great but I have huge doubts on the story front. Seems like it’ll be cliche.

    However I’m sure that it’s better than Borderland’s drivel. That game disappointed heavily. Weapons weren’t unique or customized enough as said so, plus honestly end of the day the story sorely lacked and barely made sense.

    If it was possible to make a worse story than even Bethesda can with its current streak put on by the writers, Gearbox accomplished

  4. I’m so getting this game on PC I do own a PS3 but ID are PC company first so all the console ports will not be as good as the PC version & FPS plain sucks on Console.