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  1. wow, IGN’s player suuuuucks… just let the video load and don’t click anything, and you’ll get there. maybe.

    so, that aside: love the trailer! i’m getting a Terry-Gilliam-meets-Ed-Wood vibe from it. it looks crazy and wacky and fun, and that’ll be a nice balance to the first couple DLCs being pretty serious and grim. balancing the serious/grim with the wacky/crazy has always been a big part of Fallout (which is why Mothership Zeta just went too far).

    there was a ton of crazy looking stuff in that trailer: armor, weapons, enemies, locations. i would go back and look at it again, but apparently that’s too much to ask of IGN’s Flash player.

  2. YES, this is going to be so f*@#ing hoss! It’s good to see some love for energy weapon-loving characters. 🙂 Why shoot holes into someone when you can destabilize their molecular structure and render them into a hot, steaming glob of goo?

  3. @Swimberly totally! i was thinking of playing OWB with my previous character (slick, sneaky, cowardly, mostly neutral, independent) because he’s pretty high-level… but with all the fun energy weapons it looks like i might take my latest character (smart, melee & energy, evil, Legion).

    some of the DLCs in 3 and NV have seemed geared towards certain weapons (Mothership Zeta – energy weapons, Point Lookout – guns, Honest Hearts – guns) but thankfully they don’t really punish you for having the “wrong” weapon skills. plus, the trailer definitely had some wild-looking guns and melee weapons, so i think any character will have fun.

  4. Ha-ha, at last some-nudie player style…
    I’m really disappointed why in the Vegas we don’t have any Sex shop? I would like to buy there some dildo and use it as weapon…

  5. So I am really hoping that isn’t the player in the astronaut suit with the laser pistol? Because that just about terrified me.

  6. Can we get an official comment on why people are leveling past 30 without DLC and how this will effect their games?

    Also, was the last patch the final patch or are more planned?

  7. I wish this would have come out sooner. I got rid of fallout because the DLC sucked and the main story was boring to me. If this was the 1st DLC i would still have fallout…

  8. @emilio it was the Fallout series that got me to stop pirating. I actually bought Fallout 3 and New Vegas just so I can say I payed for such a good game.

  9. i juuust started it last night, enough to get “settled in” a bit. i’m loving the look & feel – and the voices! wow! great casting surprises with fun writing, to boot.

    i was also laughing a lot at both the concessions made to whiny, spoiled gamers, and the references made to whiny, spoiled gamers.

    oh, and it’s extremely frustrating to edit a comment in the Android browser. some site JS keeps messing with the cursor and scrolling!

  10. Why hasn’t old world blues been released for ps3 yet? It is unfair to ps3 users because we already had to wait for honest hearts because of the psn outage. But there is no reason old world blues should be delayed. Please respond or at least give a reason for why it is delayed.

  11. This game looks cool with out the add on but what are u really adding a quest to find a brain for science. You could of made one were you end up getting hit by a gun tat terns you undead like in oblivion. Now your dead monkey trailer looked really cool. Im getting new Vegas today probaly and i cant wait it looks so cool a also cant wait for Skyrim come out n 11-11-11 thats eleven days before my b day ans i hope i get that game it looks amazing same with New Vegas on problem how many times it takes a guard to die it took more than 10 maybe because i was level 1 and you should have it so there is less glitches and freezes more people would probly buy the game. thank you for your time please email me at [email protected] thank you for your time please reply.

  12. Are you going to put old world blues out on the disk because not everyone has the internet?
    If you do this make this so it contents the patch to fix the gitch in the console version.

    And here is a idea that I had for you.
    This is about downloadable contents.
    You need to make a disk that they contents.

    This is a way you could put downloadable content on disk.
    Here how it works there is a program that scan the drive for that game.
    If you don’t have that game the program does allow you to use those content.
    If you have the game it allows you to put the downloadable on the hard drive.

  13. These DLC is awesome. just finished a few hours ago. but I have to say that it took me about 50 hard resets on my PS3 to finish it and my level cap is 47 now. Big F… Major issues!!!!!!! The frame rate is a joke, really bad joke for the fans…