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Whaddya do when your back is too burnt to enjoy the Bahamas? In my case, it’s the perfect opportunity to do a web roundup.

While (web) surfing on my trip, I spotted this story on Joystiq about artist A.J. Hateley’s book covers inspired by video games. Above is his tribute to Fallout 3. Check out all his covers here.

Following Game Informer’s announcement of Dishonored, you’ll want to keep an eye out for extended coverage on their dedicated hub for the game. Beyond covering Arkane’s newly-announced game, their staff seems to have been bitten by the Oblivion bug, as they have new features on their favorite Oblivion fan videos and why they love the game.

Elsewhere, IGN looks back at both Oblivion (#18) and Fallout 3 (#6) in their list of the Top 100 Modern Video Games. Check out the full list here.

Has Fallout 3 ever made you wonder how to prepare for a post-apocalyptic lifestyle? If so, read 1Up’s How to Survive the Fallout Apocalypse.

In addition to these features, check out these links…

  • Learn a fun fact about how the Dragon language was created for Skyrim at 1Up
  • IGN shows how taking suggestions can go terribly wrong. You won’t see these dragons in Skyrim
  • The Wall Street Journal put up a video featuring Fallout 3 and Pete Hines prior to the big SCOTUS decision (hooray, video games!)
  • As we close in on QuakeCon 2011 (just over 2 weeks away), Kotaku has a piece on the early days of id Software
  • Kotaku writes about our first game, Gridiron!, after learning that we’re celebrating 25 years of excellence

After the break, find more coverage for Prey 2, Skyrim, and RAGE.

Prey 2



Reader Comments

  1. Not really, good game though. Just not good enough, and not a good(but not the worst ever) Fallout game due to steps taken to reintroduce franchise effectively cutting out new lore along with reusing mashes of past games most iconic factions. Even a lot of RPG mechanics Oblivion had that Fallout in general has had was cut out.

    That said the world was fantastic and the tone was so dreary that even the original creators wouldn’t of aimed for it.

    So good game, best game? No.

    That said IGNs best game wasn’t it either.

  2. A comment on the Court ruling on age ratings. Here in the UK it is a criminal offence to sell 15 or 18 rated games to someone younger than those ages. Exactly the same as allowing minors to see 15 or 18 rated movies in the cinema. Not saying that it is enforced very much, but that is the law.