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  1. Cant wait for this i just hope that it wont be like fallout with the all the bugs im am by camp guardian right now the game is running so slooowww its like 1 picture per 10 seconds lol any other game i would of chucked out the window by now but i still love it an cant wait for OWB but take ur time and make sure theres no bugs in rage well i know at the start it might have sum but please this game shud be amazing like new vegas shud of been but its a shame bout the bugs and laggin at times…. RAGE!!!!

  2. wow, all those guns look like a ton of fun! and the inventory management and upgrade system looks just right, not too involved. too much inventory management in games gets tiring – ME1, Borderlands, etc. – i don’t seem to notice it at first, then near or after the end of the game i’ll think “wtf, i spent wayyyy too much time picking over item stats, figuring out what’s best for companions, and stashing things i’d never use again.

    and i’m definitely hangin’ with Mr. Hooper: shotguns are great fun, especially the global-standard 12 gauge pump-action. unfortunately, so many games get the 12ga pump wrong – and iD has been one of the longest offenders. you can fire a pump 12 very fast, nearly as fast as a semi-automatic if you’re good, but it costs you accuracy in decreased settle time. in contrast, it seems like every video game features comically slow pump-action handling! DOOM’s lift-up-and-to-the-side pump-action always elicits a chuckle.