Old World Blues Available Today!

Beginning today, you can purchase New Vegas’ latest and greatest DLC, Old World Blues, on Xbox LIVE, Steam, and PSN. To get you ready for all the crazy fun, here’s a short diary from Old World Blues’ lead brain, Chris Avellone.

Take it away, Chris!

There is an expression in the wasteland called “Old World Blues.” It refers to those obsessed with the past they can’t see the present, much less the future for what it is. Their eyes are like pilot lights, guttering and spent, the realities of their world continuing on around them as they stare into the past.

Old World Blues is built around the history of Fallout games we’ve worked on. It’s history-that’s-created-history, with a dash of what might have been from past games, media, and design documents from Fallout 1, 2, and past Fallout projects given new life. From Lobotomites, DNA splicing, Cazadores, Night Stalkers, where-the-hell-did-those-plants-in-the-Mojave-come-from, the scientific enclave of Big MT itself, Proton weapons, and giant robotic scorpions, all of these things formed the nucleus of taking a trip into the past-is-present Fallout universe to see a slice of the Old World that’s been fenced in and feeding on itself for far too long. We wanted you to see the context and homages to the Fallout universe in a scientific preserve, both from the distant Fallout past to more recent adventures in New Vegas and the DLCs. As you’ll discover, Big MT (or the Big “Empty”) is filled with what-might-have-been… and all that was lost that potentially could have made a better world for all. There’s an undercurrent of the blues all around Big MT… but if you’re strong enough, you can change it, and the whole meaning of Old World Blues forever.

Designing Old World Blues was an adventure in itself. It involved taking a trip down memory lane, both in terms of past games and also in terms of 1950s sci-fi cinema to get the exaggerated “Science!” feel, where a great many inventions were atomic and anything nuclear promised amazing things for the future. Usually with an exclamation mark. Over the course of Old World Blues, we watched and paid respect to some of the 50s science fiction films from Brain from the Planet Arous, Things to Come!, Forbidden Planet, When Worlds Collide, the Deadly Mantis, Tarantula, the Mole People (although we pushed some of that out for the next DLC), the Monolith Monsters, and more. There’s also a little Wizard of Oz thrown in for good measure… although it’s in the Fallout context.

Most of all, the goal of the design was to provide a scientific playground for players, giving them gear, characters, items, gadgets, and as a bonus, a new home. And it’s not just a home – it’s a base they can upgrade, outfit, build up, grow items, and easily travel back and forth to – and even better, it’s a place filled with friends you can talk to when you’re feeling down or just need to chat. Take whatever you want to the Big Empty from the outset (there’s no gear restrictions, nor is your gear taken away), and once the adventure is complete, you can travel back and forth there whenever you want. So have fun, explore, and see a new slice of the Mojave wasteland that’s been waiting for someone new to crack it open.

While you’re there, however, you’ll learn the Big Empty isn’t solely about history. Inside are several nods to the future as well, and more on events to come. While the Big Empty’s a great place to visit, there’s still one more road for the Courier to walk.

Early concept of Big Mt.

Reader Comments

  1. As long as you’re in the US it’s available.

    If you’re not in the US you now have to arbitrarily wait another day. 🙁

  2. Got it today on psn 4:00pm est BUUUUTTTT can’t bring Rex into Old World Blues with me…… Here we go again lol. Awesome DLC though!!! Don’t really need a companion.

  3. wooo! Downloading as I speak!
    But yes, i hope it is more interactive than honest hearts, as-well as better capping perks.

  4. awesome notes from Chris! this really does seem like the most aesthetically-evolved of the DLCs, so far. i’m quite excited to learn its secrets!

    and, from a comment to a previous post…

    i juuust started it last night, enough to get “settled in” a bit. i’m loving the look & feel – and the voices! wow! great casting surprises with fun writing, to boot.

    i was also laughing a lot at both the concessions made to whiny, spoiled gamers, and the references made to whiny, spoiled gamers.

    oh, and it’s extremely frustrating to edit a comment in the Android browser. some site JS keeps messing with the cursor and scrolling!

  5. oh, also, i really love that Chris Avellone and the rest of the Obsidian crew is getting to use a lot of the cool ideas and mythology they developed for Van Buren. it may have never seen the light of day if not for New Vegas!

  6. Can you start Old World Blues if you have already completed the main quest like with Fallout 3, or do you have to start at a previous save before you started the last main quest? I would hate to have to give several of the levels I have already earned.

  7. There is a LOT of dialog in the first part, and I don’t like to skip anything, but there is a LOT!.

    So far (and I’m at the beginning) is retro futuristic as it can be.

    I will continue now.

  8. alright people listen up. old world blues WAS fun until this happend. I was doing a quest called “Influencing People”. it was prettey simple: find all the upgrades for the appliances in the sink. So i did that until i got to the lightswitch upgrades (people who played the ame will know what i am talkin about). This led me to a place called the X12-research center. Now heres the problem: once inside you will automatically be place on the 2nd floor of the 3 floor building. Heres the catch: the only way out is the door on the 1st floor but it is blocked by a force field of some sort. There is no way to deactivate the forcefield thus no way out. So anyone who is doing this quest is better off leaving it until the glitch is hopefull resolved and anyone with answers on how to get out please leave a comment. I didnt save at all during the DLC ( a stupid mistake seeing how glitchy this piece of shit is) but i dont wanna have to redo 4 hours of work. Obsidian/Bethesda if you read this please fix this glitch. Thank you for your time.

  9. Downloaded old world blues at 6 pm est. Been staring at spinning roulette wheel since 6:16. Thanks Bethesda and obsidian for another crap product from a shitty company

  10. No way – not one DLC from you guys ever again unless it’s free. Thanks for letting us buy something un-usable and non-refundable (Honest Hearts DLC on XBL). Your horrible, awful, useless product is a sham, ripping money off of players with a completely unplayable add-on. I hope you guys fold in 2 months and never work in this industry again.

  11. Amazing Job Obsidian!

    I am an old school rpg fan and this DLC has just blown me away. The characters, the dialogue and the story are just amazing. Not to mention the wicked music! (i love jazz music) and good voice acting.

    For me its rare these days to play a really good rpg, most seem dumbed down and just not much roleplaying, what you have done with New Vegas (especially this DLC) has been awesome.

  12. Why is Old World Blues currently $12.99 for Aus/NZ when it was clearly stated on this website, May 3rd, that all New Vegas would be $9.99? I understand there are regional differences, but the preceding two were both $9.99. I hardly think a 30% rise in price can be justified through any economic changes.

  13. This, like all Bethesda dlc looks amazing. I haven’t had a chance to download this yet, but I can’t wait to get it and see what it’s all about. Thanks Bethesda, and can you make it November like yesterday? I want my Skyrim!!!

  14. i downloaded this dlc and lost all my other add on for this game i can no longer access dead money, or honest hearts. and to put a nail in the coffin i dont have access to old world blues so ya what do i do so i can have the 3 add ons im suppose to have because there 9.99 a piece.

  15. Best New Vegas dlc so far, I’m still doing quests and I have been playing for hours. I like the corny 50’s exaggerated feel to it, and I think it should be continued with the next Fallout. Also why .357 for the dog gun?

  16. Downloaded it off PSN. I can’t even play it. Evey time I try, it freezes up & I have to restart my PS3. What the hell????!!!

  17. as usual the Europe steam release happened at 2:00 AM the day after release here in DK, +1 GMT
    it’s always at 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM. So to all the other European Steam powered gamers remeber that or try to find the pattern yourselfs in your country. It helps, and saves you from haveing to complain in forums and blogs.

  18. Yeah it’s still not available here… that’s just rude… you guy’s don’t like the EU ? or what? or maybe you should tell the psn to put it online, because this is rediculouse!

  19. Cant belive ps they need 2 sort it out still not updated the store so i cant dl it and i had a day off yesterday 2 play it but didnt get 2 play it at all well pissed off… They shud update automatically at 2 in the morning not a day after its ment 2 propper joke but the funniest thing is i sort of knew something like this wud happen propa joke

  20. great work guys, donloaded old world blues last night and stared at a revolving roulette wheel for an hour. now I can’t even get into a saved game. great work

  21. GSTAFF, can we get an official comment on why people are leveling past 30 without DLC and how this will effect their games?

    Also, was the last comprehensive patch that fixed many, but not all, quests bugs the final comprehensive patch or are more planned?

  22. Love the trailer for the FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS OLD WORLD BLUES DLC. Very retro and captures that FALLOUT 3 spirit of salvation and damnation. Looking forward to this hopefully in a Game Of The Year Edition.

  23. I only have one problem to discuss and it is why both fallouts at my ps3 suddenly begins to lag and lot and sometimes even stop after 20 min of playing waiting for answers and an update to fix it and by the way good dlc for fnv

  24. two new glitches, merchant in Primm wont leave to his house after you get sherriff and trash is alive in the nuke test site but energy weapons book missing. anyone know where it went.

  25. managed to beat the dlc in like 7-8 hours. got everything (locations/gear) explored it all and still i have a feeling im missing things. next to that it did gave me a feeling of this is going to be freeky.. i still wish i could get my hands on 1 of those skeleton suits 😀 would be awesome.

  26. Awesome dlc worth wait but 1 question i am on level 46 goin on to level 47 whats up with that not that i mind aslong as i will still get another 5 levels on lonesome road an any info on the release date of lonesome road would be nice

  27. Does Bethesda ever test their code? If so, they must realize how much their software slows down and locks up the PS3. I mean really, if your code is THAT bad then maybe a rewrite is due before you release it.

    The games are great but your code is crap.

    BTW, both Fallout games are the ONLY games that I have problems with the system locking up or slowing down to a CRAWL.

  28. But no doubt there will be new perks and traits for the levels between 45 an 50 an im already on 47 il still get two i supose if i stop playin cant wait for it tho try finish up making lonesome road for next month 🙂

  29. OK, ive played, beaten, and discovered ALL places, but in the image above, you see the main dome right? Look under it…….. Its like a hidden lab…… Can you get in it? Because Ive tried EVERYTHING to get into it, but I cant find a enterence to get in it, please help

  30. I just finished the DLC, it’s awesome. I hope Lonesome Road will come out next month as you guys have said that it would come out one month after the other. You got pretty good gear and weapons, but the best part is the Sink. I am currently moving all my shiitake mushrooms into it from the Lucky 38. I loved the end, I hope the end of Lonesome Road will be as awesome, since it’s the last DLC, i hope so. But how come you guys don’t make a DLC that will expand the end? You guys could be making some good bucks on that. Maybe one DLC for each of the four ending, or one for all of them? It’s buy them all regardless. Who else would? Sucks you can’t thumbs up to know who would support that idea.

  31. This is the best DLC you’ve ever made for Fallout, and that’s a tall order considering how wonderful Point Lookout was. Thanks Bethesda, this made the game worth what I paid!