Old World Blues Available Today!

Beginning today, you can purchase New Vegas’ latest and greatest DLC, Old World Blues, on Xbox LIVE, Steam, and PSN. To get you ready for all the crazy fun, here’s a short diary from Old World Blues’ lead brain, Chris Avellone.

Take it away, Chris!

There is an expression in the wasteland called “Old World Blues.” It refers to those obsessed with the past they can’t see the present, much less the future for what it is. Their eyes are like pilot lights, guttering and spent, the realities of their world continuing on around them as they stare into the past.

Old World Blues is built around the history of Fallout games we’ve worked on. It’s history-that’s-created-history, with a dash of what might have been from past games, media, and design documents from Fallout 1, 2, and past Fallout projects given new life. From Lobotomites, DNA splicing, Cazadores, Night Stalkers, where-the-hell-did-those-plants-in-the-Mojave-come-from, the scientific enclave of Big MT itself, Proton weapons, and giant robotic scorpions, all of these things formed the nucleus of taking a trip into the past-is-present Fallout universe to see a slice of the Old World that’s been fenced in and feeding on itself for far too long. We wanted you to see the context and homages to the Fallout universe in a scientific preserve, both from the distant Fallout past to more recent adventures in New Vegas and the DLCs. As you’ll discover, Big MT (or the Big “Empty”) is filled with what-might-have-been… and all that was lost that potentially could have made a better world for all. There’s an undercurrent of the blues all around Big MT… but if you’re strong enough, you can change it, and the whole meaning of Old World Blues forever.

Designing Old World Blues was an adventure in itself. It involved taking a trip down memory lane, both in terms of past games and also in terms of 1950s sci-fi cinema to get the exaggerated “Science!” feel, where a great many inventions were atomic and anything nuclear promised amazing things for the future. Usually with an exclamation mark. Over the course of Old World Blues, we watched and paid respect to some of the 50s science fiction films from Brain from the Planet Arous, Things to Come!, Forbidden Planet, When Worlds Collide, the Deadly Mantis, Tarantula, the Mole People (although we pushed some of that out for the next DLC), the Monolith Monsters, and more. There’s also a little Wizard of Oz thrown in for good measure… although it’s in the Fallout context.

Most of all, the goal of the design was to provide a scientific playground for players, giving them gear, characters, items, gadgets, and as a bonus, a new home. And it’s not just a home – it’s a base they can upgrade, outfit, build up, grow items, and easily travel back and forth to – and even better, it’s a place filled with friends you can talk to when you’re feeling down or just need to chat. Take whatever you want to the Big Empty from the outset (there’s no gear restrictions, nor is your gear taken away), and once the adventure is complete, you can travel back and forth there whenever you want. So have fun, explore, and see a new slice of the Mojave wasteland that’s been waiting for someone new to crack it open.

While you’re there, however, you’ll learn the Big Empty isn’t solely about history. Inside are several nods to the future as well, and more on events to come. While the Big Empty’s a great place to visit, there’s still one more road for the Courier to walk.

Early concept of Big Mt.

Reader Comments

  1. I know the Fallout lag all too well. I have also lost count of the glithes that desperately need fixing any word when the next update is & what problem it’ll fix?

  2. OK I just finished old world blues and got all equipment, upgrades, perks etc. In my opinion it was great as far as the story and mythos surrounding the courier and other characters. That is the only good the way it played and lagged and crashed and froze was unnaceptable. Im not suprised by some lag or freezing it is after all a fallout title. Still DAMN what were you guys thinking I read on yoiur site how you didnt want to rush another DLC and you wanted to fix bugs and glitches hey Im all for it but where did you do anything besides fix a few things that werent really the biggest problems in the game. Any game that i have to do a hard shut down on my PS3 four or five hundred times to get through the whole game is not worth my system takeing a crap on me. I love the game but that doesnt excuse this and where you get these reviews giving a 9 out of ten i want some of what they are smokin. I hope that in the future when your Quality assurance says ok we are ready to ship someone stands up and smacks that A-hole. Im a 35 year old gamer with two sons and a daughter that play your games and we are all in accordance that Bethesda Obsidian = crap games that are barely playable. Thanks for nothin as noone ever replies or ever seems to listen. I mean does anyone there give a crap arent you guys at heart gamers and dont you want to put out a quality product that you can be proud of. Sixty dollars for your game thirty dollars for the Dlc and the fact that i finally realize that im the A-hole for buying this crap PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have to agree with Joe Aracich. I’m a 34 year old gamer. I’m as old school as it gets & I’ve been playin games since most of these game developers have even been alive. Right now I am dangerously close to takin my Fallout 3 & Fallout new Vegas games and crackin them with my bare hands. The games have good storylines & I love rpg’s but yo guy at Bethseda seriously get to get your heads out of your asses. You guys wont to send out an update to fix painfully obvious glithes but you’ll send an update uot to fix something that’s not that big of a deal. I only have lag & freezin problems with Fallout. No other games will do that on my PS3.. People that buy & play your games deseve to play a game free of lag issues as well as not freezing on them. You have fixed any of that but continue to push out dlc’s. I think we all deserve to know are any of you at Bethesda ACTUALLY doing anything to fix this problems because after shelling out $60 for the game and another $30 for dlc’s, you customers deserve to paly a game free of lag & freezin not to mention the countless other problems I can name off the top of my head.

  4. I have ran into some glitches while playing the BIg Mt.. For some reason when I sell items to the computer at SINK, I don’t actually receive any caps for the trade. Plus I am having a really hard time keeping stocked with ammo. And now the game barley even functions, it doesn’t lock up but gets so slow I can’t even move my character, and I have to sit a watch my character get killed in slow-mo. Please patch this baby up, I am really enjoying it when it functions. Thank you, and I appreciate all your time and effort in making this great game.

  5. I am not sure who is more foolish: the people at Bethesda for continuing to push out these massively buggy games/DLC, or myself for continuing to purchase said games even after knowing first-hand how the odds were not in my favor of acquiring a technically-sound game/DLC.

    Nevertheless, I probably will not be purchasing any further content from them in the near future. I’ve looked around at websites for possible ways to reduce the frame-rate problems and console freezes, but if you don’t have the PC version, it looks like you’re out of luck then. I suppose I could have held off purchasing the DLC until perusing the forums/etc for opinions and thoughts about it, but one shouldn’t have to do that much research when (hoping against hope) they might get a product that is playable.

    Tried to play this about four or five times on my PS3, but always froze up as soon as I got outside. It’s a frustrating feeling to know that, despite the fact that it seems to be MUCH more interesting than the previous two DLC, that I will not be able to play it completely (if at all) due to the severe technical problems encountered…

  6. ok, So I have played and loved fallout 3 and loved that play through more than any other game, and when i got New Vegas i was a little disappointed…. everything is extremily organized in the game and when i got the “Old World Blues” it brought me back to playing fallout 3 all over again and id love to have more add-ons like it! also is there a helmet to the MK 2 stealth suit?

    Thanks for the great add-ons,

  7. I absolutely adored this DLC. Best they have made, even considering that I thought Operation: Anchorage was the best DLC I’ve ever made. I myself didn’t get any glitches other than getting stuck inside a file cabinet for a few seconds. Great story, great voice acting, great new enemies, great everything. I loved it.

  8. Double standards, you can’t all moan about wanting the DLC to hurry up and then when it arrives moan when there are issues with it. True the game should never have been released with this many issues in the first place. But i would rather play a half decent add on now than wait an extra 5 or 6 months past initial release for an utterly polished add on. I think a lot of the problems are with the engine as much as the actual code. Plus it must have caused issues copying all the textures and landscape designs straight from fallout 3 into a new sandbox (which would mean to fix all the errors every single line of code would have to be analysed altered and cross checked to make sure there are no run time issues with every single other bit of code (decades to do thoroughly). But anyway i digress, Old World Blues was awesome and i just hope the final confrontation with Ulysses (Lonesome Road) is very epic (i don’t want any cop out “ooh lets talk about this” option…FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!”

  9. So – I went to Old World blues with over 300,000 caps (thank you all 37 gold bars from the Sierra Madre 🙂 ) and now I only have 33,000 due to the glitch in the SINK Merchant!! (I was selling things back to make repairs, etc.but the merchant wasnt giving me any money only taking!)

    As an avid fan of fallout and an obvious purchaser of the DLC’s I request that you fix this glitch in a way that forces the sink to send me the money it didn’t pay me and soon or I will be forced to turn my attention to other less glitch-filled games – like Red Dead Redemption *DUN DUN DUN*.


    Seriously, though – I speak for fallout addicts everywhere, I’m sure, when I say this glitch needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Thanks for the awesome game!

    • @RolandisZane… we’re looking into it. For the time being, if any Vendor stops giving you owed caps, wait 3-4 days for them to respawn their inventory, and also stop buying items from vendors if the vendor gets over 32000 caps. Stay tuned for more information.

  10. Omnimyst I Am not trying to argue any point other than a company as big as bethesda and the fact that they last reported makeing 300 million in revenue from fallout new vegas alone that they can do better. If that means going through every line of code and rewriting the game to make it right then we as consumers deserve the effort. I’m sure that they can do it and if not then they dont deserve my or anyone else’s money and they should close the doors and post a statement that they cant make games that work for more than twenty minutes and they give up. Now I’m sure thats not the case and all it takes is someone on thier team saying we can and we will do better because our dedicated fan base deserves it. I would rather wait for as long as it takes for a quality product and would rather they take the time to produce something to be proud of instead of rushing to market just for the quick buck.

  11. have question i downloaded it like a second ago now i cant play my fallout:new vegas… it would be in the loadin screen saying its loading but it never does…

  12. Hey!
    How about a fix for the Central Sink caps glitch in Old World Blues! This dlc would be awesome if I could get caps for trading/selling my equipment. That’d be really nice. Looking forward to a patch in the very near future.

  13. Yeah I have to say ‘Joe Aracich’ I do generally agree that hey should take the time to make a polished game, my comment about a half decent DLC really came from the anxiety and impatience that comes from a release date being announced then put back. It just get so infuriating that it’s at the point where you think, oh just get on with it. But then like you say, if the game wasn’t so bug ridden in the first place then the DLC’s would have had a much smoother release… The problem with taking it all back to code is that the game is so open planned (if it were an ‘on-rails’ game it would be so much easier). But it’s because you get a choice with every single person you interact with (do a quest with good intentions, bad, or just kill the person for some caps and a stimpack) that it makes it difficult to nail what causes a specific glitch. For example my fallout new Vegas experience has been for the most part bug and crash free (touch wood), aside from the ED-E disappearing act and the whole mess with the brotherhood at the Hidden Valley. To be completely honest (and this is just a theory) Fallout new Vegas was rushed out because they wanted to get another fallout game released using the old (and outdated) engine, so that Skrym could be the flag ship game showing off the new (PLEASE TELL ME I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HATES ELDER SCROLLS…)

  14. Great DLC, though I got about THREE FPS on first load. Reboot, then it worked. (PS3)

    However, this Sink caps glitch… good god, the repairs are extremely expensive in this mod, and there’s a major bug (all platforms, I hear) where the Sink will take your inventory, and not give you caps? I had 50K caps at one point, and sold and sold extensively… and apparently I read it wrong… I didn’t have 30K caps, I had 3K caps, and selling 4K worth of caps earned me 40 caps?

    PLEASE fix this, with all my armor zeroed out, I cannot continue to play if I cannot make any money to repair it.

  15. Please please please on lonesome road make a new heavy energy weapon maybe even 2 :-). I got a feeling it will have a different weather system too with lightning and tornados so maybe you could have a gun like a lighting tesla machine gun lol and a new heavy armour would be nice better than the t 51 b armour maybe like a prototype armour because there has been the assissan suit in dead money sneaky steath suit in old world blues so we got enough of them make a new heavy armour please

  16. Will Bethesda make a DLC for Area 51? Thats in navada and would make the game very fun. If you do, please add aliens.

  17. This has to be one of the best dlc’s I’ve ever played. I never really had any problems with New Vegas technically ( on the 360, my screen tears constantly on the pc), and this dlc was no different. There is so much content in this new area, and a lot of humor to find, such as the reason for the existence of nightstalkers. I always enjoyed exploring, and looting the really high tech areas of the Capital Wastland and the Mojave Wasteland, so this was exactly what I was hoping it would be when it is reffered to by Father Elijah in Dead Money. I’m really looking forward to the Lonesome Road and the next Fallout game made with the creation engine.

  18. @ fallout master the picture is a early concept of the big mt i think its with odysseus would of been on the van buren cancelled project i am abit gutted that he wasnt in there but it was still probaly the best dlc so far 4 fallout. I had a glitch at the start of the dlc (ps3) but i restarted it and apart from that it didnt glitch much cant remember lol but i have noticed the sink central intelligent unit is a rip off with his prices he charged for repairs please fix thanks shaun

  19. old world blues was amazing,but for the ps3 there were way to many glitches,lags and decreasing frame rate. i had to shut my system off to many times to play the dlc. the story was pretty good but to short. i cant wait for lonesome road to come out. o and one more thing which creatures/ enemies respawn in old world blues?

  20. @why me? If you still look at the blog, the force fields aren’t a glich, you must upgrade the sonic emitter by testing at the X-8 Center, you must complete the advance test.

  21. It could just be me, but I’m convinced there is something beyond the perimeter fence somewhere in old world blues and if there isn’t, there should be! My initial thought was the downed transmitter at the construction site, but I couldn’t get up onto the rocks (Curse you dodgy jump button). Anyone else agree, or have ideas, or have I succumb to the curse of big MT and gone insane?

  22. i have a question i just download old world blues but i cant access it because my last save was in right after I killed the legate and ready to deal with commander oliver.the save after that was about 30 hours before so i dont want to replay all that ive done .so i cant fast travel out of there and all i could do is kill the general and watch the ending any suggestions on what i can do?

  23. Curious how to get around game lockups? Seems the screen locks up quite often, wondering if there’s a fix? It’s a new PS3, so hardware shouldn’t be the issue. Any suggestions?

  24. OWB was ok…wouldn’t go so far as to say it was better than Point Outlook & it certainly wasn’t better than Broken Steel which gave me one of the best moments in my long gaming history with being able to destroy the Citadel….now THAT was worth it. But favorites are always subjective to the individual, whats not subjective is all the technical glitches surrounding both Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas that still haven’t been addressed. I STILL have to play New Vegas in windowed mode because the audio doesn’t sync & cuts out completely in full screen mode and the game still crashes/ locks up quite often. That said i have developed a certain lack of faith in Bugthesda products. At some point the frustration takes all the fun out of even the best presentations. I’m not just a gamer & fan, I’m also the 1st place winner for level design in the “Make Something Unreal Contest” held by Epic games…so i know a little something of what i speak.

  25. I got glitches under the shield in the x12 research plant and can’t get out The sonic emitter won’t work either can you make a patch please

  26. downloaded old world blues on the 360, it said level cap raised by 5 was at level 34. when i hit level 35 i didnt get anymore experience points and level said max. i did purchase dead money. anyone have this problem or know a work around, hate to redo the dlc. thank you

  27. ok ok once agian i was impressed i love OWB and yup i pre ordered rage love it the sink glich is a bit of a pain but to me it adds a little more work to insure i watch his caps

    great work

  28. I finished the entire main quest of Old world Blues, But after killing all the brainy robots in the “Thin Tank” I try to leave the room through the doors and the game screen goes black. I am unable to continue further and would really like a new patch.

  29. Absolutely loved the game and DLC, even Old World Blues but I am unable to beat it due to the fact it freezes my xbox while trying to complete the final task to the main mission (bringing you back to the wasteland) HELP!!

  30. P.S If anything can you tell us if there is an update available in the near future that will fix mine and other peoples issues?? (PSN gamers as well) 🙂

  31. First of all, I absolutely love the fallout series! I like the add-ons that are already out, I played dead money ’till i had everything, and made a start with the others, deciding to leave them for later in the game^^ Keepin best for last, right? There’s your compliment, now some critiscism. But what I didn’t like as much, was the delay on old world blues, I know this shit happens if you want to develop a good-ass DLC, but, and I’m just guessing here cuz’ there ain’t nothing to find about it on your site, this meant that the official last DLC, Lonesome Road, was also delayed, right? But what i really want to know, when will I, and al the other millions of gamers, be able to play the final chapter of Fallout?!

  32. I must say I am super pleased with this DLC, the weapons are great the back story to the other DLC smart. the sink rocks and I cant get enough of the stealth suit and LEAR! proton throwing axes should be made purchases by certain vendors in Mohav but for now I’ll hold on to them all. No problems yet no crashes or freeze ups yet and its runs and loads clear and fats enough, 10 hours already and no problems what so ever. Thanks Bethesda!

  33. Liked OWB for XB360 until i noticed that the sink CIU shortchanged me on caps. I had to save befor selling anything so I could go back and recoupe my losses.

  34. Steam doesn’t play nice with dial-up connections. Infact, your game would take 2 -3 days to download provided you aren’t disconnected due to your ISP or Phone Company Switching Station.

  35. love it every time and new expansion comes out, in the newest “Old World Blues ” i was super stoked when i seen the cloak ninja suit from fall out 3 though sadly disappointed that you could not aquire it and would have liked to have found more new guns then energy weapons. Biggggest FALLOUT FAN!!!!

  36. For those of you who are doing the appliance upgrade quests. In order to get past the lightswitch part, you must first do the main quest where you receive the upgrade to the first energy gun you receive in the DLC allowing you to deactivate force fields by shooting at them.