RAGE Behind the Scenes: The Wasteland

This morning we’ve released part four (of six) in our behind-the-scenes look at RAGE. In this latest video, titled The Wasteland, the team at id discuss creating the world of RAGE, its variety of intense missions as well as co-op and multiplayer combat rally racing.

If you missed any of the other video, head to our YouTube channel to watch these

Reader Comments

  1. I like this kind of ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos so much, a very good way to promote a new game while the viewers learns a lot about Game Development (even more if one is interested in that. Reminds of the Halo 2 Making-of).

    I’ve had Rage (360) pre-ordered for several months now, probably my most expected FPS of 2011, I’m sure this will be a wonderful experience regardless the platform you play it on, of course as always PC version will have clear advantage over the console counterparts.

    id Keep Up the Amazing Work!

  2. Where on the Bethesda website can I find info about technical requirements for playing Rage on Mac. Especially re whether it can be played with a controller on the Mac, particularly the Xbox controller. I’ve looked for an hour and can’t find a damn thing.
    Looks like a great game, good shooter, great graphics – looking forward to it.