Game Informer lets you choose your path in Dishonored (updated)



One of the cornerstones of Arkane’s heritage is immersive gameplay that presents a multitude of choices to the player. In the latest Dishonored hub update at, this ideal is demonstrated through a short, Choose Your Own Adventure-esque text adventure providing examples of choices you might encounter in the game.

Sneak/charge/teleport here to play.

Update: In related news, Game Informer is planning a podcast with the game’s co-creative directors, Harvey Smith and Rafael Colantonio. If you’ve got a question you want them to answer, submit it here!

Reader Comments

  1. Finally read all of this stuff at Game Informer. Wow! Mad props to Bethesda/Zenimax for supporting Arkane Studios. Arx Fatalis is easily in my Top 10 RPGs, and last year finally grabbed Dark Messiah of Steam and had a blast.

    On top of that you have Harvey Smith (the original Deus Ex and Theif remain two of my favorite FPS games of all time – Top 5 easily) teaming up with Sir Colantonio? Just insane the talent coming together for this and Arkane getting the resources and support they always deserved. This just made my day. So awesome and exciting (hype factor and fanboy enthusiasm be damned.)

    This sounds like it is shaping up to recapture the FPS experience delivered by such classics as System Shock/System Shock 2, No One Lives Forever and of course the original Deus Ex. Missed the freedom and RPG-lite elements those titles provided.

    This has shot to the top of my WANT list… Skyrim is now tied at #2 with RAGE (just feels wrong making it #3 given us id fanboys have been waiting years for this opus)