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  1. That’s pretty amazing, I wonder if anyone will ever actually wear it or if it’ll end up being hung on a wall somewhere..?

  2. Very nice, I really like the used/worn look. Allot going on in the image! i love it, I want a Bethesda shirt or sweater or gear. Or The elder Scrolls gear.

  3. You made me fill out an age gate for this? I don’t see anything thats not PG in here? WTF? BTW this shirt looks pretty ugly

  4. If you just look up Oblivion stuff on deviantart, you’ll see a motherlode.. I know a couple of people who were just drawing them like their own characters. I personally got attached to some of mine, too. The playing style kind of makes you get close to them. I hope in the installment you can marry an NPC : )