From the halls of id…

For both Nick and I, our first trip to id’s new offices is something we’ll never forget. In addition to playing plenty of RAGE, it was great spending time with members of the team (more on that later this week) and seeing all the cool DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein stuff throughout the office. As you can see from the pics above, the place is full of video game history!

Got id memories you want to share? Don’t forget to send your pics to [email protected] for a chance to win a poster. For more details, check out this post.

Reader Comments

  1. OMG! LUCKY! How did the office smell? Did it have that new office smell? Did it stink of ozone? Does the legendary Sir Cormack have a super secret entrance and escape (with a fireman’s pole ala Ghostbusters?)

    So awesome!

  2. Surreal first pic with the words “id” and underneath it “a ZeniMax Media company”

    Fantastic tour. Seeing the QUAKE 2 artwork brought back alot of memories of playing during the christmas season after its release. Still remember how amazed i was to see the transparent glass in one of the levels when reading about QUAKE 2 in PC GAMER magazine. Those Strogg are terrifying indeed.

    Ooo nice figures and comic art not to mention Brom game box cover for Raven Software’s HERECTIC.

    Thanks for the blood curdling tour which reaches out and seeps into the dark corners of ones…

  3. Fantastic high-res shots of the Doom models, well done 🙂 Especially liked the Spiderdemon, the amount of detail there is amazing.

  4. Beautiful pics! My only wish is that it would have been a video tour like the one you did with Todd Howard a few months back. I’ve gone up and down on Rage, but the latest PR has me to a near 99% guaranteed buy. Good work, guys!

  5. That Heretic box (non-shareware) is probably only one of three I’ve ever seen in existence. I’d love to know how many copies of that game were created as it’s ridiculously rare.

    Great tour.

  6. Bon voyage. I’d love to see more offices id. Mainly they are working on Doom 4.

    And also of RAGE. The cost of wolfenstein 3d on diskette in 20 years will cost like a Beatles record right now.