Review Roundup: Old World Blues

“Rather intriguing, if you don’t mind an old brain for saying so.” – Dr. Mobius

It’s been a little more than a week since the release of Old World Blues, and from the looks of reviews, it seems like everyone’s having a great time with the B-movie, zany fun vibe. Haven’t played it yet? Check out Giant Bomb’s quick look (warning: spoilers) and check out the following reviews…

  • GamePro (4.5/5) — “Put simply, if you own Fallout: New Vegas, this one’s, well, a no-brainer.”
  • Gamespot (8.5/10) — The fun and funny Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues gushes personality and is the game’s best add-on yet.
  • MTV Multiplayer — “The Best ‘Fallout’ DLC Yet”
  • GameSpy (4.5/5) — “Obsidian’s latest New Vegas add-on is pitch-perfect.”
  • GameTrailers (8.6/10) — Watch the video review
  • GameFront (95/100) — “… Old World Blues is exactly what you want out of Fallout DLC.”
  • Thunderbolt (10/10) — “Old World Blues is essential”
  • Eurogamer (9/10) — “It all adds up to the strongest expansion in the relaunched series, across both Fallout 3 and New Vegas.”
  • The Examiner (National) — “This is — simply put — the best Fallout DLC since Point Lookout.”
  • Just Push Start (4.5/5) — “Overall, Old World Blues is one of the greatest entries to Fallout DLC and should not be missed by any fan of the game.”
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun — “it’s bursting with new stuff.”
  • Gaming Bolt (8.5/10) — “In the end the moral is, well I’m not sure what the moral was, but this DLC was extremely funny”
  • RPG Fan — “It looks like Obsidian and Bethesda have figured out exactly what a piece of DLC needs to be – and it’s going to be very tough to top this one.”

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  • The Escapist — “…Old World Blues is by far the most interesting and engaging.”
  • Gaming Irresponsibly — (5/5) — “This is the funniest Fallout DLC I have ever played.”
  • GamerLimit (9/10) — “Old World Bluesis one of the best Fallout DLCs yet. It’s funny, it’s packed with content, and it offers solid rewards for players who are looking to add to their Courier’s arsenal.”
  • Capsule Computers (9/10) — “Old World Blues may be the third piece of downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas but it is by far the strongest of the bunch.”
  • TrendKiller Online (9.5/10) — “The Voice cast is amazing and easily one of the biggest draws here.”
  • GameOn (9/10) –“This is easily the best expansion for Fallout: New Vegas and one of the most enjoyable in the whole series to date.”
  • Push Square (4/5) — “Amazing”
  • NZ Gamer (9/10) — “It’s sad, scary, kooky, weird and wonderful: everything that we love about the Fallout universe.”
  • MS-Xbox World (8/10) — “Full of creativity, an engaging story, and some downright hilarious dark humour that the series is known for, Old World Blues is a fantastic entry into the Fallout universe, a highpoint that the fans have been waiting for for what seems like too long.”
  • The Controller Online (9/10) — “Old World Blues does what any good DLC adventure should do; take you to someplace unfamiliar. The setting, atmosphere and tone are like nothing in the rest of the game. At 4-7 hours in length it more than justifies it’s 800 MS Point price tag. A must have.”
  • Australian Gamer — “Old World Blues is brilliant fun and if you are a fan of Fallout: New Vegas you should have no qualms getting this content.”
  • IGN (8/10) — “… the boosted level cap, new arsenal and charming characters make this package well worth the $10 or 800 Microsoft point price tag.”
  • AtomicGamer (9/10) — “f you’re looking for smart, funny, exciting new gameplay this summer, you don’t have to run down to GameStop to find it. Get on Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live Arcade and pick up the Old World Blues DLC for Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas.”
  • Piki Geek (5/5) — “…should not be missed.”
  • Hardware Heaven — “… Old World Blues is all about having fun.”
  • SFX 360 (8.6/10) — “… your $10 price of admission will guarantee you a deep story and more laughs than the rest of the Fallout games combined.”
  • GameBanshee — Old World Blues is the strongest DLC for New Vegas yet.
  • Empty Lifebar — “I would definitely recommend this DLC for any Fallout fans, the several hours of new content, the new gear, and hilarious characters is well worth the 800 Microsoft Points I paid for it.”
  • Gameplay Today (8.5/10) — “If you’re looking for the best DLC available for New Vegas, you’ll find it in Old World Blues.”
  • The Game Effect (9.5/10) — “Old World Blues boasts a five to eight hour campaign that is delightfully satisfying from beginning to end.”
  • Screen Jabber (5/5) — “There is one last road to conquer for the Courier, the hints dropped by Old World Blues show that it is one that surely isn’t to be missed. If it is anything like Old World Blues then we are in for something which goes beyond the entire Fallout series itself.”
  • TechCetera (A-) — “Overall, the return to a freely-explorable environment packed with interesting places to visit and things to find make up for the silly B-Movie atmosphere and lowbrow humor.”
  • Daily Joypad (5/5) — “Overall, if you’ve enjoyed the New Vegas experience so far, then Old World Blues should be right up your street.”
  • OXCGN (9/10) — “…a full-blown AAA piece of content that stirred my imagination, enveloped me into its strange storyline, and lasted me upwards of six hours (and that wasn’t even scratching the surface of exploration and participating in all of the sidequests).”
  • Nave 360 (8/10) — “Old World Blues is by far the strongest expansion for Fallout New Vegas yet and will delight the regular wastelander with everything on offer.”
  • Electronic Theatre (88/100) — “The Big Empty is a knowing addition, adding a greater amount of background detail to many elements of both Fallout: New Vegas itself and the other DLC packs.”
  • FPS Guru (9/10) — “To put it simply, Old World Blues is easily the best of the available DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, and quite possibly the best DLC for the entire revamped Fallout franchise.”
  • Adrenaline Vault — “Buy It”

Reader Comments

  1. I have to say I was really looking forward to playing through this DLC, but after finishing I regretted even buying it. Not so much as a hint at any sort of power armor, old or new and the loot just didn’t seem to be up to scratch. I like the idea of fallout being a serious game but with some wacky stuff put in but I thought this DLC went too far. I was hopping for a secret base holding some really cool stuff and maybe a run in with some nicely kitted out BOS. not a loud of blue glowy things and some scorpions. But what do I know, anyone else thinking along the same lines?

  2. Great add-on… I’m just wondering when they’re going to fix the problem with the Sink not giving you Caps for your stuff. That’s my only problem with the whole damn thing. Anyone from Bethesda wanna give me a EST on a patch for that?

  3. So you’re disappointed that it was what it said it was gonna be? That’s like complaining Fallout: New Vegas took place in New Vegas and not Chicago.

  4. I think it has made New Vegas worth playing. I am sick of hearing about the BOS and I am glad I didn’t have to see one power armor lying around.

  5. This is a VERY good DLC, but *please* fix the Sink’s trade problem. It won’t give me credit when I sell, and am left with 0% armour, with no way to afford it. I cannot continue playing until a patch is made.

    Otherwise, it may be the best DLC I’ve played, extremely well-thought out, creative, fun, and such. DLCs should follow this structure and freedom.

  6. I am really enjoying the new stealth suit and some of the new weapons are fun.
    The boss battle was a little too easy, but that’s just me and my lvl 45.
    Oh! The body parts swapping perks are tops! Big fan.

  7. I thought Old World Blues was by far the best DLC for Fallout New Vegas. I loved the humerous feel as well as the type of map layout it provided. I also love the fact that you can return to the map anytime you choose to.

  8. My only problem has been a glitch where I can’t upgrade the sonic emitter and can’t can’t continue the game, other than that its perfect

  9. Old World Blues was an absolute ball for a brainiac PC specializing in energy weapons, with some goodies for sneaks and for heavy weapons. Plus, finding some of Elijah’s modded weapons was fun. As much as I enjoyed the more serious tone Fallout 3 had, it was fun to get some wackiness delivered in Old World Blues; it was a nice counterpoint to Dead Money’s grim tone. Can’t wait to see what the Divide holds in Lonesome Road!

  10. I have no gripes with Old World Blues at all. Absolutely the best DLC in the New Vegas bunch. BTW GREAT CASTING. The Sink personalities never failed at cracking me up. Why would you ever want to turn them off?! The Toaster and Muggy esp. Can’t wait for Lonesome Road. I’m a little anxious to see how it could possibly get better than this! Keep up the awesome work!

  11. BBBBAAAWWWW NO POWER ARMOR BAWWWWW NO OVERPOWERED WEAPONS BAWWWWW is all I seem to hear from people who complain about this DLC not being what they wanted. It did great things for the storyline, brought back the dark humor that I missed from the other DLC’s and was overall challenging but not frustrating. I did get annoyed that I had to rerun a bunch of those tests over and over but not so much that it wasn’t worth doing. I admit that I was annoyed when Dead Money and Honest Hearts seemed to fall flat but this definitely made up for it.

  12. After the final five are killed, I can no longer sell anything at the sink. They have 127,000+ that I cant get back. It does the sale but gives you no caps. Is this fixable?

    • @Don, we’re looking into that issue.

      For the time being, if any Vendor stops giving you owed caps, wait 3-4 days for them to respawn their inventory, and also stop buying items from vendors if the vendor gets over 32000 caps. Stay tuned for more information.

  13. I believe that this was a good DLC. However with all of the DLCs I have seen for New Vegas they seem to be too short. I guess I’ll just have to replay through all of them when the other one comes out to check how much time I can get out of them.

  14. Too short. This DLC can be as new game series if to work with it much more.
    Not all creatures like in Mojave presented in this science-land – the gecko and others are absent.
    The splicing experiment – i think developers was too lazy or too hurry and don’t make in final the graphically looking mechanism of splicing instead of some flashes.
    And what i see here – you censored this DLC right when it have out – in the trailer the character in Patient Snug is standing with nude ass, but now we have all lobotomites in such snug wearing a briefs under snug. Why?
    Also by comparison with trailer i haven’t seen any old women and guy in some suit with machine gun there – are you cut with all from final release?

  15. I really didn’t think any DLC could top Mothership Zeta, but this was GLORIOUS! Bravo! Mayhap critics of the humor are forgetting a lot of the tongue-in-cheek fun from FO1, FO2 and FO3. Gotta read those terminals…

  16. Dev’s at Bethesda, you really need to play some time in Metro 2033.
    If Fallout would be like Metro 2033 in terms of just graphics and game engine…it would be the legend game, but it’s not.

  17. This DLC seems to be quite good, but I can’t play it because of the terrible lag I get in PS3. I hope this will be solved soon…

  18. This blog is supposed to be about the reviews that Old World Blues received from game websites and magazines. First I would like to say that I am a fan of the fallout series and the games and stories that they have produced. I have played these games for hundreds and hundreds of hours. I am not an expert in game developement just a hardcore sitting on my ass playing my games for days on end type of person. The magazines and websites all have thier own interest in mind and in no way are going to run down the people that pay the bills with advertising dollars. Kind of like how gameinformer is owned by gamestop .they are not going to say hey this is crap come on down and by you some.Now that being said old world blues story and items were great and i think that they did a great job on that aspect but the the game Fallout New vegas and the DLC’s are broken with so many bugs and glithches that have not been fixed and anyone who has sat for as many hours as i have would notice. I have the game on all three PC,PS3,XBOX360 and cant seem to see where the gaming community websites and magazines can honestly sit and say all the good without giveing all the bad and in my opinion the list of reviews listed at the top of this page are all lies. Isnt it supposed to be the truth when you put it in writeing or does noone actually care about integrity. I dont want to disrespect Bethesda or the fallout name but come on does anyone not see the very apparent problems with this game. I personally would be ashamed to put my name on this unfinished glitchy title and if you are one of the lucky few who get to test and troubleshoot these games first you have my dreamjob and secondly shame on you for not doing your job and releasing a broken title.

  19. Joe, Joe, Joe, you can’t seriously be suggesting that Bethesda/Obsidian have been buying good reviews for advertisement puposes, if that were the case why did Honest hearts only score a 6 on average. Once again mate you’re missing the big picture, the reviews are about the DLC and the content. It is by now widely recognised that this is a flawed albeit brilliant game and the game was rightfully slated for it’s glitches after initial release. But come on man, credit where credit is due. These guys are obviously working hard on patches and title updates (although their announcement schedules for updates and DLC releases suck), and the fact of the matter is the game world and story presented in Old World Blues is magnificent and funny, well worth the 800msp charged. Again i think you must be one of the unlucky ones because aside from ‘rip off’ prices for using the sinks repair facility i have had no issues with this add-on. In terms of my acual review the only three main grumbles i really have are 1) There isn’t an ‘epic’ final boss, although the giant robo-scorpion had enough hit points that i had no choice but to use the terminals dotted around to weaken it (an awesome idea btw), but i like to have a sense of final confrontation (which is what i hope Lonesome road will bring). 2) The complete lack of Aliens, i would have loved one of the labs dotted aroung big MT to have been an alien research centre, so i can get some more ammo for my death claw killing alien blaster. 3) The ‘abomination’ you can create in X8 doesn’t actually create a monster for you to fight, just a pulped up corpse (ah well, and no cyberstalker – just a crazed robobrain…Bit lame). Other than that i liked everything… P.S I’m still convinced there is something beyond the perimeter fence…Somewhere…

  20. Omnimyst in no way shape or form would I elude to the idea of game companies paying for reviews. I simply meant that Game Magazines tv shows and websites are not goin to run down a developer or any as big as bethesda. They pay the bills with all the advertisement. And dont get me wrong I’m really impressed with the game and the dlc’s. I would love to be smart or intelligent enough to be able to fix the isues with this game as far as issues with lag and freezing but in the end the way the reviews are written is like its 99 percent is about the story and voiceacting an 1 percent about the technical abilties. I have read the reviews and they are all giving props for the story but its like noone has played the game. On PC the game is barely playable and i havent touched it in months the only thing i like about it is the way you can enter cheats. I would love to have that on the consoles. The XBOX version is by far the most playable version as i have barely had any problems with it. But the PS3 version is where i have spent most of my time and it is glitched so bad that i cant understand how the reviewers are blind to it. All i really see is that the scores are never below a 4 on a 5 scale and never below 7 on a 10 scale thats impossible in my world. I am not saying that it’s horrible and not to play it as I have spent a couple of thousand hours between Fallout 3 and New Vegas Its just where is the integrity in the journalism. I played the download for three solid days and couldnt put it down I waited all day for it to posted on the PSN. I am a huge fan its just that you cant give everything a great review without it hurting your credibilty. The game is great yes but perfect far from it and like i said im no expert and couldnt program a game if my life depended on it. I am a huge fan though and would like to see an improvement overall.

  21. Well Joe the point I was trying to get across is that everyone knows the issues with new Vegas and they ‘should’ know that some issues are going to be apparent in the DLC’s and if glitches really grind your gears then perhaps it would be a better idea to just avoid the add-ons, (wouldn’t recommend this option however as Dead Money and Old World Blues had great stories, ‘Honest Hearts’ had some cool quests (such as the Yao Guai ghost, and a beautiful landscape, but had a very boring story). On another note maybe there is a cross platform issue then, wasn’t fallout 3 ‘ported’ to the PS3 after the xbox, which could have created stability issues… For me fallout 3 was a nightmare on the PS3, the sound would often stop working and there were many frequent lags, crashes and endless loading screens. But it didn’t stop me enjoying the game as I frequently saved (I also had the auto save constantly on) and I made sure I always had a save in the open game world, so I never really lost much progress… Although I ventured to get NV on the 360 and aside from a few frame rate drops and character and mission errors, the game never posed any problems…While we are on the subject of advertising, I don’t know why but it bugs me that the trailers for ‘old world blues’ and ‘honest hearts’ never appeared on PSN or Xbox game marketplace…I had to go on IGN or youtube to watch them (which admittedly isn’t a major inconvenience, however I like to save game trailers in my zune library…Ah well…

  22. absolutely a phenomenal add on!
    i loved the loot and the holodisks with ulysses, christine, and the circle of steel really has me looking forward for the lonesome road add on ^.^
    not gonna lie i would love to see some new variations of power armor though..i think fallout is overdue for some pre-war prototype/post-war experimental power armor never before seen 🙂
    enjoy! this dlc is a must have! 😀

  23. Theres one thing that is a little confusing in OWBs its the X-7a “left field” artillery launch i dont get it it was an artillery gun facing in too the mountain wen theres a whole mountain on top of it aswell dont know how that 1 wud of worked lol

  24. I just seen the achivements you can get for lonesome road i think guaranteed that it will be amazing im saying it now i can not wait for it and it will even push OWB for how gd it was. Its sayin on the fallout wiki page that its out in august can u please give us a guaranteed release date please thank you

  25. I was very much satisfied by this DLC. It was infinitly better than Dead Money and I don’t care that no new power armor was added. I enjoyed the DLC for the new and interesting storyline, probably the most important part of a game. The characters were hilarious and I can’t congratulate the makers enough on what a good add-on it was.

  26. I’m not exactly sure how this can get a high rating when it lags and freezes up so much on the PS3. Very disappointing add-on and I will likely not get Lonesome Road if the lag issues aren’t fixed.

  27. It would be awesome if Obsidian/Bethesda/Zenimax would adapt their G.E.C.K. for console users. Other games which are admittedly less cool, such as Little Big Planet and Infamous 2 have had tremendous success by allowing interactivity with the gaming community. I love playing other people’s levels and creating my own. Not sure why they wouldn’t want to expand their Fallout Universe. Food for thought.