The Bethesda Podcast Episode 11: QuakeCon Special Edition Podcast





Take a trip down memory lane with members of id Software, as they discuss the company’s early years, the magic of QuakeCon, and what fans can expect out of RAGE at this year’s event. Podcast features John Carmack, Tim Willits, Matt Hooper, Marty Stratton, Jonathan Wright, and “id Mom” Donna Jackson.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sure is a lot of talk about how much they loved having map editors and game editing tools available, but it’s safe to assume Rage won’t have any of that will it?

  2. I am an Id fan, but seriously? Doom fans won’t enjoy ai vs ai in rage, they would enjoy some doom 4 news, which should have came in 2009. Please don’t let us down…

  3. @Joe,

    Right-click ‘Direct Download’ and select save as. If you click (Left-click) something your browser might make it stream instead of downloading it.

  4. @JB
    I appreciate ur attempt to alleviate my problem but i am attempting to download on an android device and as such cannot follow ur suggestion. This is the first problem i have had out if the 11 podcasts from the podcast download page. Thanks anyway

  5. I have one question for you guys at Bethesda. I ask it here, so I may actually get an answer:

    For the 5 Year Anniversary Edition of Oblivion, will the PS3 version finally support Trophies?

    Will Skyrim get a Collector’s Edition?

    Forgive my english, i’m from Norway.

    • They stated oblivion re-release will not support trophies.

      While I do enjoy their games, it’s beyond depressing how they continue to not add stuff the gamers request such as trophies which are easily ported from 360 achievements.

      but i digress