Reader Comments

  1. Um, yeah. Until you show some actual gameplay, this is just showcasing what you’d LIKE him to be able to do.

    Prerendered trailers only do one thing: waste time and money that could otherwise be spent on making the actual game better. If the game is not ready to show, then don’t unleash your hypeasaurus.

  2. Can’t agree with you, ToxicKookie. Even if we forget for one second that marketing budgets (usually used for hiring external studios to do prerendered videos and trailers) are not the same thing as development budgets, prerendered trailers often have an understated influence on the final sales and even reception of the game. They are a part of psyching people up to a story, a universe, a product, and even if they don’t work on you, or rather “for you”, it doesn’t mean that they’re not adding to the game’s hype and final sale figures.