Agents of Change DLC now available on Steam, 360, and PS3

Brink: Agents of Change is now available on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam. Agents of Change will be a free download for the first two weeks. After two weeks, the downloadable content will be available for purchase for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99.

Wanna know more… here’s a brief synopis:

“Secrets, lies, and double agents. No one and nothing is at it seems as the arrival of a mysterious ship from the outside world shatters the tentative peace reached between the Resistance and Security factions. The revived battle spreads to two all-new districts of the Ark – the futuristic, underwater Labs facility and Founders’ Tower, the iconic spire housing the island’s wealthy elite. Unleash fury on your enemies with new lethal abilities as your work your way towards the newly raised level cap of 24 and customize your character with brand-new outfits and additional weapon attachments.”

See you on the battlefield!

Reader Comments

  1. i really like the maps i feel u did really well on them they are pretty sick and the bayonet is a boss its going to be a very handy attachment for those light classes i have been doing some bossly slide kills with it and the shield is pretty cool love the look of it i don’t mind the 4 levels but why did u not just go to 25 and make the new abilities rank 6? but still like it and i was wondering if you are gong to work your way to making it possible for 1 character to have all abilities? or is that just out of the question lol and the suits are also cool i don’t care for the resistance glasses lol but the rest is neat. good job cant w8 for the next dlc.

  2. It is a good dlc. The fix a lot of the problems online with the lag. The did a good job with the A.I to make um see like you are playing real people. Since the fix I been playing this game a lot. It’s not because it is good it is great game. I play it but what I kind of don’t like is when you play online it seems kind of hard I would be nice if they can fix that. I’m on level 21 and rank 5 and that is really high but it will take me at least 4 days to get past 25 or maybe less I hope this game can still make people buy it and have fun with it. After this it will get a bitter rating I hope they make brink 2 but that is years to come because if the want it to get a bitter than the first the will have to work even harder. But I know they will make a 2nd one but that’s in like 2013,2014 or 2015 around those years because when they made the first one it took like five or seven years so we hope brink becomes what it becomes I give it 8.5 out of 10.0 thank you

  3. First off, hats off to you guys for the new update. Everything feels nice. It was a great step up from when it came down. I like how you guys balanced the weapons out and tweaked them here and there. That made me try out other weapons and find out ones that fit my playing style. The new levels feel great. Lab was beautiful. It close range fighting is crazy and fun. The founder keepers level wasnt a disappointment as well. It was a rush from start to finish. For your first DLC it was pretty well. This doesnt mean you can slip up on your next one also. First off, i think you should bring in more weapons. more fire power. Second something more story driven. For a place that has 45,000 people in it i see no people what so ever during the cut scenes. Create more since of panic in the ark. Third i think this game should bring in females. What that character system you have now it will fit great with the story and people will enjoy playing as a female counterpart. And again my hat goes off to your guys. Love the game and cotinue to make your fan base happy and make it grow!

  4. What the HELL!?!?!?
    Clicking on steam link I get site error with a message “Oops! We’re sorry, this product is not available in your region”. I’ve bought this game just like any other guy from USA or GB did (I’m from Russia), so

  5. the add on dlc is nice i love the resistance goggles,

    but when i wanted to do the security labs i got transported to the founders tower, and after that the labs did work.

    i am wondering now will there be a storyline where the outsiders are as said in the security what if mission are evil and the resistance and security needs to work together to kick their arse out of the ark, and that you can also choose to be an outlander, kinda like in the road warrior movies.

  6. Great.

    Can we now finally get someone working on proper LAN support?. Now that there are some people playing and we can still fix all of this?.

    Otherwise, after 3 months, I’ll end up with the impression that Splash Damage and Bethesda have completely lost it and evaluate my preorders accordingly.

  7. I really like this DLC. OH, and lord robzix, though your idea is good, that seems it’d be better for a Brink 2 if they decided to make one.

  8. hi everyone i have a BIG PROBLEM my statistic not be recorded what can i try? i have sended mail but i don’t receive response…

  9. brinco what an agression there, pc player i take it?

    to be honest i quite think lan is quite near death, most lan parties in the world are played over the internet anyhow

  10. Downloading this now. Brink is a good game but whenever I play online there is always a lot of lag going on. I’m not sure why this is but it takes a lot fun out of the game though. I’m an Xbox 360 player BTW.

  11. Awesome dlc.
    The UAV is really hard to control though
    and the screen on it sucks
    but the ai kicks ass now.
    and the bayonettes kick major ass and are extremely fun to use
    i like the new outfits too
    the only thing im dissapointed about is the maps….there are only two more!!!
    the graphics on them is way better then the rest
    but there whould be a longer or another campaign with new maps

  12. I am bit confused. I know the DLC is free for 2 weeks but does that mean after the 2 weeks everyone will have to pay for it ? Or does it mean everyone can get it for free but after those 2 weeks the people that didn’t get it during that time will have to pay?

  13. lord robzix
    i was thinks about the exact same thing for a storyline
    it would be epic
    and cpnichol
    i hope the game’s not finished yet cause im still having a blast playing it

  14. Love the DLC. “Great things come to those who wait”…….. – UNKNOWN. Thanks for the content, and hope that more is on the way. You will always have my support SD.

  15. I like the new DLC, but it’s a little late, or a little, well, too little. It doesn’t really seem to add anything that didn’t already belong in a fifty euro game. I mean, a total of ten maps isn’t that much. Guess that’s why it’s free…

    What I think will make a difference on the other hand, is the free weekend on Steam. Let people taste the game, since the reviews weren’t that great.

    I still can’t find a server without a slight bit of lag, or response time problem. It’s not unplayable, and it’s not unenjoyable, but it takes away some of the fun.

    PS. Do you really expect to sell more than four copies of the DLC after the two weeks? At ten euros? I’m not an expert on marketing, but, wouldn’t it be better to work up a nice and consumer friendly reputation so you can sell your next game?

  16. what was the update about or what did it contain cuz i just put in brink and i am sure i was on it yesterday so what got updated?

  17. Just Passing by to see the feedback/review on the game… Looks like the dlc is good but not enough. I’m so hype about buying this game, I’m looking for a great price… All games have there downs, but I just want to be able trust that at any time an issue pops up, the staff will be there to fix it like there paid to-_-. Can’t wait!!! Omg lol Good Playing ppl.

  18. okay, so we pay 10$ for: maps, weapons and a level cap?

    no thank you, i can get a whole game for that. 5$ would be reasonable, not 10$ for as you say a DLC, come again with an expansion and we may discuss 10$+ prices

  19. hey I’ve been reading reviews on this game and all reviews say it’s aweful but I played it and loved it I do think that thers not enough variety in maps and that there should be pvp but other thatn that it’s good I prefer light class but it doesn’t have my favorite weapons

  20. just when i thought brink was done .love the new 4 stages! i know brink is not done!i feel it! i think brink is the best 1st person shooter game out! i say brink is not done because,i researched the add on packs . i want them, cool add ons! i know it takes time to create, but if brink 2 comes out, im a b the 1st 2 have it!

  21. can someone help me? whenever i try to download it off the PSN store, it all downloads and installs perfectly. But when i’m actually in game, none of the features appear, and it’s as if i never downloaded it. anyone know what the problem is?

  22. Hey everyone, I have the DLC. New weapons and abilities are pretty cool, enjoying them so far. I usually play as an engineer and the napalm mines are awesome. That being said, am I the only one that can’t access the new maps? I can’t seem to be able to play them. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and it is really frustrating because I really want to check the new maps out. Anyone who knows what I am doing wrong please let me know. I feel like an idiot needing to ask but oh well haha…

  23. anyone else having the problem of actually getting past the start screen, downloaded new conctent and game freezes after i hit start right before its about to ask me to choose a save device have uninstalled and re installed map pack twice now…super disappointing

  24. i have been trying to download for some time now. i have never seen a code on the site or the dlc in game or even on the dlc list. im very disappointed, now i will have to pay for it -.-

  25. This sucks i gave up on the dlc because of the lack of news on when it might eventually be released besides early july which never happened. Get on xbox and now i cant download the dlc because i got it on the last day of the two week period. Sucks but what can i do. Ive been an avid supporter of this game since day one and am just frustrated that i cant get the dlc without paying now. My fault all in all, its a bummer though now i dont even feel like playing my favorite shooter. Please do a better job of keeping us informed.


  27. You guys said the DLC would be free for two weeks… well two weeks is 14 days I understand, but I wish you would of done till the 21st… damn

  28. Damn… First, I never recieved my pre-order code* and now I miss this thing because there wasn’t any notice on my PSN homepage news.

    *Note that it’s because I got a dual language case(forced by laws in my region) and the people who put the french booklet into the case didn’t put the code back in. The bad thing is that there isn’t any warranty that you get your code with pre-order because the used term “until stock last” which they freely use whenever there is a problem with their shipping system.(Pre-ordered it from BestBuy)

    I think this game is good, but damn that I’m unlucky with it on all sides! Will have to cought that 10$ plus a little bit for the costumes packs. (Don’t take this as rant, but ratter as a story. I’m not angry, just a bit sad by the things I missed or that missed me…)