New hands-on impressions for RAGE

Just before QuakeCon, we took RAGE on the road to let journalist play the game — from the start — for a few hours. Coming off the tour, there’s tons of new previews to check out. Here’s the rundown…

  • Destructoid — “It’s fun, there’s a lot to do, and the tech behind it is incredible.”
  • Joystiq — “From what I played, Rage is a seemingly strange mix of ingredients that comes together well enough to remind you why first-person shooters can be so exciting.”
  • 1Up –Rage may already be the best Id game ever.
  • Kotaku — “RAGE is the id Software Comback I’ve Been Waiting For”
  • PlayStation.Blog — “Rage is easily among the best-looking first-person shooters I’ve seen this console generation”
  • Giant Bomb — “Fantastic lighting, richly detailed environments, and expressive, fully-realized characters exist within this world.”
  • Cheat Code Central — “If the first three hours of RAGE are any indication, id Software has an addictive surefire hit on their hands.”
  • RipTen — “After playing it – Bethesda was lucky they didn’t have to pry the controller from the palms of my sweaty nerdy hands.”
  • GameXplain — “Bioshock meets Fallout 3”
  • MTV Multiplayer — “An id Software that has more of a story to tell than just an amazing headshot.”
  • Strategy Informer — “It’s definitely my tip for best FPS of 2011…”
  • GameReactor — “We know we’ve only seen a small chunk thus far, but, racing aside, the separate gameplay factors alone are enough to excite, and together form a stunning FPS that we hope lives up to our renewed expectations.”
  • PC Gamer — Interview with Tim Willits
  • GamesRadar — “Five very important things we’ve learned from the opening two hours”

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Reader Comments

  1. Guys, release it for Mac too.
    I’m wasting my core i7 Macbook pro and tired to boot in Win everytime just to play – especcialy to have it as separate parition just for that purpose.
    It will be so comfy to have running Fallout or Rage in the background of Mac OS X Lion natively.

  2. @AI – Bah! You mean you’re not following the time honoured tradition of building a new PC for each major id Software release? 😀

    I’m seriously looking forward to this game 😀

  3. I hope to heck it is NOT fallout 3 meets bioshock; dear god that would be horrid, neither of those games are fun or appealing… what it needs to be is Quake meets Death Rally for the 21st century… That would be a ‘true’ ID Software game!