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  1. Don’t care much for Facebook, nor do I own an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod touch. For anyone who does though, hope that it reaches 100k when people are still aware of the offer.

  2. Oh sweet, RAGE is coming out for Android?! That is so awesome, I can’t wait to…wait…nope, that’s not what this was about at all. I am disappoint…

  3. Can you make it available for other countries? I live in Mexico but I can´t even buy it.
    That would be nice. Thanks…

  4. I don’t care if it’s free or not since it’s not available in my country’s AppStore. Why should I care the fan count of a product that doesn’t care about me? I’m happy with my Unreal-engined apps in here, thanks Epic!

  5. I’m going to ‘Like’ so that people can get this game. I paid for it the first week it came out, with no regrets and it’s the most stunning iOS game out there PERIOD! I only hope you reward the iD faithful with some goodies is all ^_~

  6. the app is not available in my country not even for buying…
    I’m with Koray… it’s so expensive for you Bethesda to have an app available worldwide???
    it’s feels so good to jailbreak