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  1. Considering how much the game is dependent on memory for streaming textures and caching in general, will it be available in 64 bit for PC users?

  2. John Carmack = win

    id/bethesda = FAIL. Give us DOOM 4..

    “this is the year of Rage”.. wtf? Like people are going to go “well Doom 4 will probably be out in 1-2 years, therefore I won’t buy Rage in October. Ever think one product will help sell the other??”

  3. I’m always excited when I see a video of John posted… but then am quickly reminded how much his brain works on a different level than us mere mortals. Great speech! (from what I understood!)

    @Jack – Dude. *This guy* is the father of first person shooters. Show some respect.

  4. Jack

    You can do whatever the hell you like, sunshine. There are many people, developers especially, who would sit through many days of Carmack video. But you’re right, he might be using big words and everything. Best steer clear.

  5. Ye gads! Mr.Carmack looks zombified in that still picture. Ghastly..just ghastly.

    Long Keynote Address will have to check it out later. Guess am getting old and the explosive amazeness that is John Carmack might kill me from the emotional overload to my heart if am properly mentally prepared for the mind expansion to occur 🙂

  6. oops i meant to type ‘not prepared mentally’. Look at that its happening already my neural synapses are blinking out longer then usual from the sheer exciting thought of it….

  7. @Darth, yeah Carmack looks the same from way back in ’93! o_0

    Carmack is the greatest programmer I’ve ever known, awesome vid, I watched both hour-and-a-half long videos, and damn I can’t believe I did…