QuakeCon 2011: Skyrim Collector’s Edition Announced!!!

For months many of you have asked for details on whether or not there will be Collector’s Edition for Skyrim. At the end of a rousing QuakeCon presentation, game director Todd Howard confirmed its existence.

The limited collector’s edition for The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™ will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and Games for Windows and can be pre-ordered now through participating retailers in North America, Europe and Australia. Like the regular release of the game, the Collector’s Edition will be available on 11.11.11

In addition to including the highly-anticipated game, this premium version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also includes:

  • 12” Alduin Statue: Created in conjunction with the IP Factory, this collector’s only statue stands 12” tall and is made of high quality PVC. Modeled from actual in-game 3D digital files, it showcases Alduin, the World Eater. He stands perched atop one the game’s many dragon walls that teach the player the lethal language of dragons.
  • ‘The Art of Skyrim’ coffee table book: Featuring over 200 pages of striking, full-color illustrations, sketches and models, this stunning 9 3/8” x 12 1/8” coffee table book showcases the characters, creatures, environments, and weaponry of Skyrim. With a foreword by game director Todd Howard and commentary from Bethesda Game Studios artists, readers will be guided through the game’s iconic visual style.
  • ‘The Making of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ DVD This documentary DVD contains exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage, including interviews with the Bethesda Game Studios team as they take you from concept to creation and provide insights into the story, gameplay, setting, legacy of the Elder Scrolls franchise, and much more.

The Collector’s Edition will be available through pre-order and it retails for $149.99 (US), €149.99 (Europe), £129.99 (UK), and A$199.99 (Australia). If you’re interested in purchasing, we recommend you pre-order asap, as the it will be available in extremely limited quantities.

Pre-Order up at Amazon.com, GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy — more listing to come!

Reader Comments

  1. Is there a way to get this on 11/11/11? In store pickup isn’t offered by any of these places so theres a shipping time that sets it back to 11/18/11 .. This makes me sadface T___T

  2. @Zabinatrix,

    As I said, I’m not happy about the situation either. But it’s quite literally the second day since even the barest news has broke and already the internet is aflame with irrationality and heated action. Could this be the beginning of a nasty and somewhat pointless litigation train? Sure. Could it also be action somewhat required by the trademark culture of “defend or lose,” where this is just a standard defensive move and things will get ironed out? Also, sure. But I don’t know which its gonna be, and neither does anyone else, despite the chaos of both fanbases. So in regards to the evil BethSoft and Zenimax Media, the jury should quite honestly still be out.

    Now, by all means, if you feel the need to express yourself by not purchasing Skyrim, go right ahead. You are perfectly right that it’s your voice as a consumer. I still don’t think that’s a good response to the situation; even Notch isn’t canceling his preorder, and he’s got the most incentive out of anyone. But what is not anyone’s right, and what I was particularly responding to, was the notion that indignation translates to the right to pirate and take for granted and for free the hard work of a dev team, particularly one as dedicated as Bethesda’s.

  3. Not ONE in game anything? At all?… lol.

    I was going to jump on board, even at $150, but with no in game content coming in at $150, I am just trying to contain the laughter. (die hard ES fan since es2)

    Seriously, no in game content? At ALL?!? I don’t think I want a big dragon statue, I want game content, or even a regurgitated idea like from Oblivion in the form of in-game currency would be nice.

    Sell everything minus the statue for $100.00 (still over-priced)…. I’d jump on that without being upset.

  4. I’m going to go back to the local gamestore and unbook CE. Didn’t expect the price to be three times higher than the game itself. I would really like to have that extra book and the making of DVD but at that price? But I’ll atleast buy the game without the stuff but the I would really love to have making of DVD. Can you please make a hybrid version of collectors and regular edition?

  5. No in game anything? At all? lol

    I was going to jump on board, even at $150, but with no in game content coming in at $150, I am just trying to contain my laughter/disappointment.

    Seriously, no in game content? At ALL?!? I don’t think I want a big dragon statue, I want game content, or even a regurgitated idea like from Oblivion in the form of in-game currency would be nice.

    Sell everything minus the statue for $100.00 (still over-priced)…. I’d jump on that without being upset.

  6. Well, all I can say is that Bethesda, I am incredibly disappointed.

    I am a really big Elder Scrolls fan and was willing to pay whatever the sum might be for Skyrim. I probably still will, but the point is, that while the Australian Dollar is stronger then the US, you’r charging us $50 extra for nothing? And no one complain about production, is the Australian statue harder to make? And how much does shipping cost, really? The price is ridiculous. Does anyone remember the legendary edition for Halo Reach? That was the same price, but had a lot better content. Also, the one for Shogun 2. Art book as well, and the statue, and even four in game dlc’s… I got it, preordered, for $110.

    For now, I’m going to wait. And I know from preorders that they get better later on, but please, for the sake of your loyal fans, drop the price for AUS to $150 as well, and add some new content like in game dlc’s or a soundtrack.

    So thank you for this long waited collectors edition, but I still hope that message at the bottom will be applied with the final product varying.

    From just one of your many loyal Australian fans, hoping you will actually notice this post.

    Also, synthetic burlap, cloth, pretty much same thing right?

  7. Well I don’t have much to add to what I’ve said – from what I’ve read of the actual letter from the lawyers Zenimax hired, it still all seems extremely silly to me.

    But I do have to express my mirth at reading someone suggesting that Mojang should be seen as filling the role of Tim Langdell. Yes, yes, I understand that lawyers must be cautious and it’s just lawyers doing what lawyers do – but my entire point here has been that even lawyers should have some human thought about things.

    Mojang suing over the use of “Scrolls”? To a human, it should be more than unlikely. Just look at Minecraft and Fortresscraft. Soon after Minecraft got extremely popular, Fortresscraft came onto the scene. Fortresscraft does not only have a very similar name to Minecraft, it is also almost exactly the same game (from what I’ve heard Fortresscraft has added other things now, but when it was new it was pretty much nothing but Minecraft with higher resolution textures). Mojang collectively shrugged their shoulders at that – something that was not just had a similar name, but was also close to a copy of their entire game. So suggesting that they would suddenly become trademark trolls feels like it should be the last on the list of thoughts for thinking human beings.

    Scrolls is a name that is nothing like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it is a game that is nothing like Skyrim and it has a logo that looks nothing like any Elder Scrolls logo I’ve seen. I don’t care how aggressive you “have to” be about trademark laws, I think that it isn’t beyond reason to demand that lawyers should act as human beings too.

  8. Sorry, I’ll be done with the subject after this, but I also must say one more thing: those of you saying that the internet has filled with people being against Bethesda too fast by this – that’s not the impression I’ve gotten at all. To me, the internet has seemed abuzz with people saying “Oh, it’s just lawyers, whatever” and “Well they *have* to do that, cut them some slack, don’t be petty and think that they are doing a bad thing. It’s not their fault!”. Just like here.

    I don’t have anything against Bethesda and this situation isn’t the worst thing in the world for me – it’s just that attitude I can’t stand. I refuse letting lawyers and executives and big publishers set the terms in things like this – suing people left and right, putting in oppressive DRM and so on, just because they say that they “have to”. I just don’t think we should accept that excuse. Mojang didn’t sue the creators of Fortresscraft and I just think that people could follow their example and realize that maybe you don’t actually *have to* bring legal action for every little thing. And maybe people shouldn’t be so quick to accept the explanation that you “have to” do stuff like that.

  9. @Zabinatrix

    Ugh, you’re not listening! It doesn’t matter how completely and totally unlikely it is! There’s historical precedence for this kind of behavior in this industry. The whole Tim Langdell fiasco isn’t even old news, it’s still fairly fresh in everyone’s minds. From the perspective of a lawyer, that’s good enough reason for a preemptive strike. There is a possibility, however remote, that if Notch get’s his “Scrolls” trademark, he may later decide to sue Bethesda over the “The Elder Scrolls” trademark. It’s the job of Bethesda’s legal team to protect their client, and that means making sure their client isn’t vulnerable to attack at some future date. You might not like, I might not like it, but the fact of the matter is, stopping (or trying to stop) Notch from trade marking the word “Scrolls” makes perfect sense from a legal standpoint.

    And again, as I explained before, it doesn’t matter if the games have nothing in common other than the name “Scrolls”. Tim Langdell sued several companies over the use of Edge in their game trademarks, it didn’t matter that they were completely different genres and had nothing in common. As far as the court is concerned, as long as both trademarks are related to games, there is a case of similarity and potential for confusion. You might think that’s ridiculous, I might think that’s ridiculous, but historical precedence shows otherwise.

  10. So this Scrolls: Skyrim game is the awesome new game from Mojang right? I can’t wait until it comes out, the last game they made, Oblivion, rocked!

  11. @Darkelfguy

    No, you’re the one not listening to the fact that I don’t care about that excuse 🙂

    I’m just saying that even lawyers should act as thinking human beings instead of mindless automatons who just have reflex responses of sue, sue, sue to everything “just in case”. I want to live in a world where that isn’t the status quo. If we work on it we could get towards it, instead of just accepting “well, that’s how things are, Bethesda are really the victims here, don’tchaknow?”

  12. Hey hey hey, I thought the map was originally intended to be in ALL preorder releases. Is that still they case or am I getting shafted and not getting ANYTHING for preordering?

  13. That is a hefty price to pay, especially if you only wanted certain parts of it. I’ll just be happy with the game, myself.

  14. lol, why change the date on the blog post? You don’t want the first thing people to see is a bunch of unhappy comments?

    Why not just not approve all unhappy comments if you want to be like that (or better yet, don’t do things that make people unhappy in the first place). 😉

  15. Todd remember how you talked about games these days being overpriced? Your asking me to pay $90 extra dollars for a DvD that will surface on the Internet, An art book I will page through once and a Dragon figure that will gather dust above my drawer? Sorry but I’m going to pass on this scam. Maybe if you gave all future Dlc for free with this package I would consider it but as it stands there is no reason to spend $90 extra dollars on crap.

  16. I agree that is way too much for a making of dvd, statue and art book, especially if the dvd is similar to the 5th Aniversary Oblivion one, i got basically that plus a little more for WoW Wrath of the Lich King Collectors Edition and only paid $80. Also anyone notice from what i can see of the map how similar that is to Northrend in WoW.

  17. Honestly, this is rediculous, I swore my life on the CE, and to see this price its just disapoiting, have you seen the halo reach 150 dollar edition? It comes with the 80 dollar holy crap edition and a hefty ass. Statue with more than plenty of DLC and just nice goodies, I love with all my heart art books, dvds are okay but statues do go a little far if they serve no purpose. LOOK agive us little dlc, steel book case, nice box and maybe one more thing or So, then make that 150, and have a middle edition with just the map. And book for like 80 please. Because this is just no fun, and you would sell much more that way, customers wouldn’t feel so presured. Because 90 percent. Of customers are going to say that 90 dollars extra will be insanity, because it is. I love bethesda I love the elderscrolls, but be smart and listen to the consumers themselves.

  18. Great, $199.99 for us Aussies? Nice way to give the finger to your Aus fans. I went to the Oblivion midnight launch just to get my hands on my collectors edition. Now I feel like I’ve been spat on.


  19. I had my heart set on the CE, but now I am on the fence. Please will you guys bring a sample CE to PAX for people to see? I want to see it in person. I hope that isn’t too unreasonable.

  20. We are not obliged to buy it. Nevertheless, this is just too expensive. I’m a big fan of ES and will no get the collector edition because the price is not the right one.

    Just sad.

  21. Look Bethesda, three simple steps to Skyrim CE perfection:


    that will be all…

  22. they could at least make the prices equal, £130 is about the same as $210 not $150.

    For what it costs in the uk its definitely not worth paying 3x more

  23. Why is it more expensive in the EU and UK than it is in the States? I’m not sure why its $150 in the first place (the dragon is plastic ffs! 🙁 ) but £130/150Euros is $215US…. way to rob half your fanbase, guys. Big time let down this.

  24. Come on Bethesda, I know you can do Better. The Starcraft 2 Collectors edition had more in it and came to a hundred and fifty Australian. The Witcher 2 Collector’s edition exactly the same; artbook, statue, dice, card set, tokens, map and letter and STILL cost only a hundred and forty Australian.

  25. $150????

    Poor treatment of Mojang????

    Sorry, Bethesda. I’ve been a long time fan since Morrowind’s first days, but I don’t think I can justify buying this after seeing the price tag, and your recent legal fallacy towards Mojang.

    Hell, I don’t know if I even want the regular edition now…

  26. damn, thats expensive…. i paid $85 for Fable III, and i thought that was pricey…. but damn am i on the line about skyrim…. thankfully, i can change my pre-order and have till november to pay it off… i only owe $145 more on it lol. i would love to have the collectors edition…. even if its outrageously priced due to the statue, i don’t want it for the statue, hell, the book and dvd plus the map would be enough for me. skyrim will be well worth the $150.

  27. €150 is a LOT for a game! I was thinking I’d definitely get the collector’s edition but with this pricing I can’t survive as a student and still get it.. I recommend you rethink this because a lot of prospective customers will choose not to get it…

  28. Way overpriced. I’d buy it though if you gave the buyers a code providing free access to future DLCs or something.

  29. @SwedishBerzerker They said there won’t be any DLC’s or that the DLC’s would be free… not sure but it said that you don’t have to pay for DLC’s in skyrim

  30. Upgraded my pre-order yesterday. $150 is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it for this game. However, if you guys keep moving more and more away from PC this might be the last one I buy.

  31. I would be much happier with an actual cloth map, soundtrack, and piece of currency…The artbook is nice I suppose, but I feel like I will be seeing plenty of the beautiful artwork in-game. The statue would be nice, if not for driving the price up so high…

    Unless, it breathes fire. If it breathes fire, the price is well worth it. Magical fire. With pretty colors.

  32. hmm. $150 is really steep for a book, map, and a plastic statue. If there was a lot of in-game content, i would probably buy it in a heartbeat. I’ll wait to see if there is anything added later of, but if not, i’m downgrading to the regular version cuz it’s a 100 bucks cheaper.

  33. i’m with pretty much everyone else here, why is this so freaking expensive… I paid like half this for the New Vegas CE and got 4x more stuff… I love CE’s and TES is my favourite game series, but there’s no way i’m going to buy this. Statue is kind of a dumb idea, i know some people might like it, but i don’t want it and it takes up space. The art book i don’t really care for, but one usually always comes with CE’s so i do enjoy looking at them occasionally just to see the design process. I also love making of DVDs which is my only weakness, i love seeing behind the scenes stuff.

    That being said i’m not gonna pay $150 dollars for all this crap when i really only want the game and the behind the scenes! That should be valued at $75 maximum! So why is the artbook and statue doubling the price!?!? You can sell the regular game for the standard price of $60 and still send a free map of the entire game world, but as soon as you add behind the scenes stuff, an art book and a statue the price increases by 250%?!?!

    WTF! (This rant is going on too long BTW) Between this and suing Mojang i’m losing a lot of respect for Bethesda (and i do realize it’s mainly the lawyers suing Mojang but it still ruins Bethesda’s cred with me…)

    Also i feel bad for the people no in North America, all of the other currencies are worht more than the American Dollar so they should be charged less, if they saved their money and bought the SE they could probably afford to buy at least 2 or 3 of the SE of Skyrim! I really don’t know why they did this, it’s pissing everyone off. They must’ve just thought everyone loved the game this much and priced it so high, but they’re wrong i guess…

    So i’ll be pre-ordering the standard edition (getting the map for free), saving $90 dollars and pre-ordering the ME3 CE (which is $80) and i’ll still have a net saving of $10 than if i were to purchase this CE! I also strongly recommend everyone who reads this to seriously consider what i have said and not pre-order this! Unless you really want to pay another $75 or so for a statue and artbook…

    Good day!

  34. Wow! I must say I am a little bit dissapointed as many of my fellow commenters here.
    In my case it is several things:
    1) The price. In Sweden it is US$ 233!! That’s more than a Wii console! (including games). that’s basically 100 american dollars MORE than the american version.
    2) The statue. Statues tend to be big, bulky, take space and won’t add to anything. Oblivion had the best type of these extras: A coin taken from the game world, and a book also from the game world. The book gives information, lore, feeling. And you can play with the coin while you’re playing the game, as a lucky charm, or just feel immersed by feeling the game.

    My dream: A Not-entirely-collectors edition, containing the art book, the game in a nice packaging, making-of dvd (and possibly a new coin and/or soundtrack CD). for around $70-$80.. (or in sweden: $100)

  35. My previous comment is currently awaiting approval / moderation, but I just found out another thing:
    Duke Nukem Forever Collectors Edition, is in Sweden $72.. (or going with the “direct conversion” being used by most companies these days, it’s $49 in the states).
    And what does it include?
    A Numbered certificate of authencity, A bust (statue) of Duke, 100 page hardcover book, a set of postcards, a set of stickers, a comic book, foldable paper craft, poker chips, card deck, and a couple of dice.

    Sure, the game has been out for a few months, but that shouldn’t make up for the $160 price difference (in sweden).

  36. Why is everyone complaining about the price? In Norway where I am from the price is almost double and I have already bought it. And am I the only one who thinks a behind the scenes of Skyrim is awesome? The more Bethesda I can get, the better.

  37. Why couldn’t this dragon statue be released as part of a series alongside other dragon figures or even a monster figure series full of skyrim creatures to collect. Then put together this collector’s edition for the hardcore fans of the game who are dying to see and to own things like the art book or the making of dvd and not so much a pvc statue. I know that I just like many others have been watching and waiting every day to hear more about skyrim. Having that art book and dvd would be so freakin awesome but 150 is too much. I’ve been holding off pre-ordering to wait for the CE but I’m definitely just gonna go for the normal version with the map now.

  38. A crappy plastic statue, $10 dvd, some concept art of objects already in game, and a “cloth” map. All for the cheap price of $150. Screw that, i am not going to spend that much on a potential console port.