Golden Joysticks: Vote for Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, and Brink

The UK’s biggest gaming awards, The Golden Joysticks, have announced their shortlist nominees. Fallout: New Vegas is nominated for two awards — Ultimate GOTY and Best RPG. Additionally, you can vote for Skyrim in this year’s One To Watch category as well as Brink in the Best Shooter category.

To learn more, visit the Golden Joysticks website.

Reader Comments

  1. So do you not read the blog comments anymore, or do you just ignore reported issues outright now?

    Can we get an update already on the issues with Old World Blues? Leveling bug, faction rep bug, etc.You keep saying “stay tuned” yet all you’ve done is change you’re language from “more info soon!”

    • @Frank

      I’ve received word that the leveling issue on PS3 will be resolved alongside the trophy update for Lonesome Road. Don’t have an ETA on when that will be out yet. Please be more specific with the faction stuff.