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  1. @Jason, you were eather too early or too late. They are in playing multiple games. The playing of Oblivion was I believe visible for several hours, Then they switched to another game, someone is still playing Oblivion, just not on the stream.

  2. You beat me by 1 hour SinisterCheese. My longest time was 12 hours, and it was when I started from the tutorial dungeon and did the whole fighters guild questline in one sitting.

  3. Bryan Vore played Oblivion for 44 hours and set a Guinness record. Congratulations to him and to all the GI players…they all set records. 🙂

    Another Oblivion Lover

  4. Hi gstaff,

    Have you bitten off more than you can chew? I think you have because you constanly ignore request to post a release date for the last dlc for New Vegas. I’m at this blog daily hoping to see information regarding lonesome road and daily I am disappointed. I know your busy with alot of new titles and their releases but you still have a job to finish and we as consumers expect it from you at Bethesda. I’m hoping you plan on ending New Vegas with a bang but judging by the way you at Bethesda have been slacking off this summer I’m starting to rethink your character as a company. What is so hard about supporting your fans/customers with anticipation huh?! Anyway I’m sure ya guys are busy getting paid well to not do your job and to not promote what is surely becoming anything but an epic game. Think about it because anything worth doing is worth doing right, and you need to regain your focus on finishing this game the way us Fallout fans are expecting you to. Oh yeah and post a #*+!$&£ RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!

    sq. root of 2 =

  5. @sinistercheese: I’d venture to guess it was something around 15 hours. Longest marathon sessions I can remember involved Sim City, Metroid Prime, Super Mario 64, and Final Fantasy II (SNES).

    Now if you count Fallout 3, it’s probably closer to 20 hours.

  6. Holy Crap man, And I thought I played for a long time.. Yeah, the second longest game I’ve played non-stop would be BFBC2 when it released. I think it was 10 hours.

    I’m thinking about trying to beat my previous 13hrs. non-stop session on BF3 when it releases.
    With enough Bawls and Vodka, I might be able to do it. (;