QuakeCon 2011: Skyrim hands-on previews (Updated)

UPDATED 8/9: In addition to Todd’s stage demo at E3, we’ve various press folks go hands on with the game for the first time. Below are some of the initial previews making their way online. As we find more, we’ll keep you posted.

  • Kotaku — “It’s amazing”
  • 1Up — “Bethesda has crafted such a large and all-encompassing realization of the Elder Scrolls universe in this newest installment, that dipping your toe into the pool only results in your entire leg being dragged into the water by the game’s vicious undercurrent.”
  • Game Informer (more here) — “Overall, Skyrim played great. The framerate was fluid, the combat satisfying, and the world beckons more exploration.”
  • Eurogamer — “RPGs send you into menus more than almost any other game genre, so it’s weird that more thought doesn’t go into inventory design, but as I play around with powers, weapons and items to lighten my load it becomes clear that Skyrim is a welcome exception.”
  • Destructoid — “After spending an hour aimlessly exploring a very tiny area of Skyrim’s world, I’m convinced Bethesda will deliver on Oblivion’s promise while outdoing any previous ambitions.”
  • Gamespot — “Our hands-on time with Skyrim left us with the impression that Bethesda isn’t trying to reinvent The Elder Scrolls formula; instead, it’s taking what was great about the previous games and adding some interesting new content on top of it.”
  • Neowin — “Even though we only saw The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for just a few minutes it’s clear that Bethesda Game Studios is going all out to make this latest game in this long running RPG series the best yet.”
  • IGN — “The view from a snow-choked cave mouth to distant mountains wreathed in a drifting cloak of cloud is clear and detailed.”
  • G4TV — “Skyrim did not disappoint, and I’m eagerly awaiting getting back into that world to wreak some havoc.”
  • GameSpy — “Frankly, it’s a little exhilarating.”
  • AusGamers — “…this is probably the most tantalising hour I’ve spent with a game in a long time…”

And in case you missed it, read how one woman went into labor during Todd’s Skyrim presentation.

Reader Comments

  1. It might get old, but damn does this get me more hyped for Skyrim, and I didn’t think that was possible. Reading each of the posts, and how everyone had sutble and large differences in gameplay, argh, give me the game now!

  2. These texts are great, and the game looks amazingly promising, but I also expected some new multimedia (screens, vids) preview from the game… Please share some visual material from this Quakecon hands-on preview with us!!! :)))

  3. Oh man this game is going to consume people’s lives once it’s released…!

    Are we going to get to see the stage demo anytime soon? Can’t wait to watch some gameplay footage! Todd Howard is ridiculously interesting, I love listening to him talk about stuff. It would be great to see gameplay demo footage with Todd commenting.

  4. According to Bethblog’s Twitter, the stage demo will be released in video form at the end of the summer. I suppose that translates into a few weeks, hopefully.

  5. Man you guys messed up so bad on this, having a demo showing new footage for the chosen ones but not showing it to loyal anticipating fans. You should have had it out the next day, I mean cmon everybody has seen it on the internet by now including me and in hd, but it should really have been seen on one of your sites so that you might have given the impression you give a crap.