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  1. Damn that looks cool. I’m not sure if I want to use a Khajiit character like I did in Oblivion or the Nord defult character. BTW I just pre-ordered my Limited Edtion copy of Skyrim!!

  2. It looks ebony, well when it comes to its pummel but the safe side of the blade says daedric, while the bite side says steel. Does this mean customizing styles is possible with the new smithing system? Naw, that would make thousands of possible combinations that they would have to model. But that would be awesome though if it is.

  3. I hope ms will allow community mods (edited by beth). That would be a great help in settling all the commotion in the community. For ps on the other hand I have little hope Sony will stop walking backwards any time soon.

  4. Finally, a return to Morrowind-style Dunmer.

    I wish we could see his eyes better, it’s hard to tell if the red is right when he’s so squinty.

    Also PRAISE TALOS, INVERSE GRIP DAGGERS. That had better not be photoshop trickery!! If it is, I’ll/// I’ll.. I’ll cry!

  5. I want to see a breton. in oblivion you can’t really see being something like “half-elf” I want to see them my fav race

  6. Many thanks for posting this beautifull pic.

    Have played Dumner in Morrowind, in Oblivion and will in Skyrim with a special PLUS because the work you’ve done is absolutely delightfull, the color of skin is really perfect and it has the morrowind touch I love so much.

    Thanks again, it is torture to wait 😀 😀 😀

  7. Omg…omg…omg…almost had a nerdgasm.The character looks great. Bethesda finally understood that when we want to play dark elfs we want to play a badass race not the jolly blueberry elfs we had in oblivion. Also hope that their voice is similar to that from morrowind since in oblivion they sounded like someone was grabbing them by their genitalia all the time.

    This pic just made the game a must buy for me. (was thinking about it before but was afraid they might oblivion-ate the game even more). Can’t wait to see argonians.

  8. Argonian screenshot.
    Bethesda… Saving the Best for last.
    So we might have to wait a while becuase there are still other races.

  9. @gstaff Sorry for my initial frustration and thanks for the clarification. That really sucks, though.. I wish I could at least get an error message or a notification instead of an immediate redirect, however.

  10. I just hopethe main quest is good I liked morrowwinds a lot but oblivions was way to short I think and if there’s no dark brotherhood in skyrim I’m going to die