Catch up on QuakeCon 2011

By all accounts, QuakeCon 2011 was a resounding success. For three days, thousands of people hit Dallas to take part in the BYOC, the expo floor, panels and the general revelry that occurred.

And while the show may be over, there are still hours of entertainment you can catch up on from home. Head over to for archives of tournaments, panels and more — including the keynote and Q&A (shown above) with id’s John Carmack.

Reader Comments

  1. continueing as long as there is intellegent questions left. Da.. that is tough! Considering who made that demand!

    No ID tech 5 for bethesda internal games then seeing how this engine works. That would kill the Modders. 🙂

    Still an awesome engine though 🙂

  2. Like Kamran, I’m wondering whether you’ll soon release the HD gameplay video Pete Hines promised at Quakecon. Any word about that, Beth people?