Learn more about the Dishonored dev team

Along with all the excitement and hoopla that followed Game Informer’s announcement of Dishonored, we received plenty of questions from folks that wanted to learn more about the dev team working on the game. To help answer these questions, the team at Arkane recently put together a helpful FAQ in the game’s official forums. Read it below…

Q: Who is developing Dishonored? I’ve heard that people from Arx Fatalis, Bioshock 2, Half-Life 2, Dark Messiah, and the original Deus Ex are onboard.

A: Our full team (with offices in Lyon, France and Austin, TX) is working on Dishonored. Many of our team members have worked on the titles mentioned above (in addition to others), and we all feel very lucky to be working together on this project.

Between now and the game’s release, we’ll share new details on our team and studios.

Q: And what about the involvement with Bethesda/Todd Howard/ZeniMax/etc/.?

A: Arkane Studios is now part of the ZeniMax family and our future titles, beginning with Dishonored , will be published by Bethesda. Todd and the rest of Bethesda Game Studios are not working on Dishonored — as you know they’re putting the final touches on Skyrim (which we can’t wait to play!).

While we’re not working directly with BGS, it’s great that we’re able to regularly talk, share ideas, and trade feedback.

Q: Viktor Antonov (the art director of Half-Life 2 and visionary behind City 17) is involved in the project. What’s his role on Dishonored?

A: Viktor is our Visual Concept Designer, working side by side with our Art Director, Sebastien Mitton. Dishonored has its own distinct look and any similarities to other games is either coincidental or a byproduct of Viktor’s very recognizable signature design style. Some elements of Dishonored’s look are driven by the alternate industrial revolution in our fiction. Other aspects of the art direction are deliberately impressionistic, as a creative choice. Stay tuned for more screenshots and in-game video footage.

Q: Why doesn’t Dishonored take advantage of the idTech5 engine?

A: The game was in early development before we joined Bethesda. We’re certainly impressed by everything idTech5 has to offer, but Dishonored is being crafted with a custom version of the Unreal Engine, including plenty of features developed in-house.

Q: What is the mission structure for the game? Is Dishonored an open world game?

A: Dishonored is a mission-based game, with each location a living, breathing place in the city. These places have distinct identities, but also feel like part of an integrated world. Each mission will take you to a set of sandbox areas with multiple pathways encouraging exploration, in terms of both physical space, player style and game mechanics powers. The game also features a central hub that you revisit between missions. Incidentally, one of our core values is world cohesion, so we think about who lives in each place and how the area functions, realistically.

Q: What about the gameplay? Is it a stealth game or a “run and gun” FPS?

A: “Play your way” is one of our sayings at Arkane. In Dishonored, you will be able to find and exploit your own play-style. Whether you prefer several flavors of stealth, trickery or direct combat, the player will be able to make gameplay style choices throughout the game, second to second. However, the game is tuned so that direct combat is intense.

Q: Tell us about the game’s perspective and the philosophy behind it.

A: The entire game is seen through the player-character’s eyes as he moves through the world. (Not sticky cover system or third-person camera cuts.) You have a range of movement options from first-person point of view, including lean, sprint, slide and mantle. In addition, you have the opportunity to gain improved physical abilities throughout the game through one of our three character upgrade systems. Swimming, hiding in shadows and getting up onto rooftops are part of the fun.

Q: When are we going to get to play Dishonored?

A: We look forward to letting all of you play the game when it’s released next year.

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  1. Fantastic. I am looking forward to new Deus Ex, but I still disagree with their choice of using sticky cover and third person takedowns – nice to see a dig at that here!