Lonesome Road update

Since the release of Old World Blues, we’ve been receiving plenty of questions asking when Fallout: New Vegas’ next game add-on, Lonesome Road, is planned for release. In our forums today, Senior Producer Jason Bergman posted an update:

“We just wanted to drop in here and let you know that due to circumstances beyond our control, Lonesome Road won’t be out this month. This isn’t due to any major issue with the code or content, but there are lots of factors involved in releasing these things, and one of those is causing us to slip past our intended release date.

We don’t have an exact date yet, but we’re working to get it out as quickly as possible. We’ll be announcing the final date, along with a couple of other interesting FNV-related items in the near future.”

Once we have a finalized release date for Lonesome Road, we’ll let everyone know. In the meantime, here’s the first screenshot from the new content.

Reader Comments

  1. @ulysses I agree Mabye They should Make A New Dlc Like Broken Steel I Was Really Looking foward To It This Month And Now Im Gonna Be Up 2 My Eyeballs In Homework And Not Going To Be Able To Play It

  2. well nuts man i love fallout i have all of them with the last DLC i thought ok they got the kinks worked out i got OWB and was impressed as hell with that said about the time i am thinking man if this was the level of Blues the next one will rock,ok then i see the post from jason ( to sum up ) telling us all that the next DLC will for sure be out in AUG. then bam a shot to the nuts with this post you all made another delay are you all for real here or what ? no i dont just sit around waiting for things but when i find a game that i enjoy as much as fall out i look foward to playing. once agian we are all stuck going or asking why this time your own post stated many times it was finished? i understand a patch has to be made for each i think we all got that. but you might want to at least explane why these things are going on. the huge fan base of fall out and the amount of money i know i have spent on these should get us a little more then oops we are moving the dates. it was in large part of OWB that i preord RAGE i hope like hell this is not going to be the on going trade mark of this company .any way that was my rant. how about throwing us a bunch of screen shots to hold us over??

  3. Bethesda, I appreciate how well done OWB was, however announcing to fans of Fallout that the long expected DLC they’ve been waiting for will be released this month (pushed back from July)…. and then going back on your previous statement after calling us “paranoid” because fans rant about video game expectations and delaying the DLC for “unforeseen circumstances” is utter BS. What happened to loyalty to the Gamer? We as fans are loyal to video game series, publishers, creators, despite the fact that in most cases they tarnish some earlier favorite games that set the precedent for games today.


    You said there are no bugs or technical issues, then it’s a money issue? What do you think you won’t make enough because there are a few new games coming out this month? Get over it. You will make your money. Be fair to the fans.

  4. Bethesda, how about for future reference you don’t announce any release date until you actually know? Is there any structure of management there at all?!?!

  5. Dammmnnn, whatever, I can wait for like another month and stuff. Unless the add on doesn’t freeze on me more than twice and has an interesting storyline to sum things up and make the add on very good, to be short, as long as the add on doesn’t totally blow, then i have absolutely no problem waiting… but i’m crossing my fingers that you think the add on wont come out, but then something magical happens and it does get released soon, but on can dream…

  6. Ah bummer. I saw the achievements where added on steam and as thinking it would be released the following week. Oh well

    But you guys should add more DLC in the future! Maby not raise the level cap but more would be awesome!

  7. so if your messing this up how is skyrim truely coming along bc if these glitches are due to rushed production can the same be said for the up coming skyrim i hope not bc in all honesty the delay of that game probably will cause more of an uproar then the playstation 3 being off line.

  8. This information is not too surprising. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to do something productive while waiting for the DLC then.

  9. I guess they are following the bethesda rule for dlc. Announce 3 dlc’s at once, all 1 month appart, deliver the first one a week late, the second one a month late, and the third 2 months late. Anyone shocked by this hasnt played enough video games…get to it

  10. “Other interesting FNV-related items”
    Hey guys, due to technical problems that we could do absolutely nothing about, the releases of our Think Tank t-shirts and Muggy coffee mugs have been delayed until sometime in January of 2012. But you are all still paranoid.

  11. To everyone blaming Bethesda

    I tis not Bethesda who made this game it was Obsidian who does affiliate with bethesda but othwer than that has no real connection so don’t go blaming the best gaming co. ever.

  12. I think Jason Bergman should issue an apology for calling the loyal fans of New Vegas ” paranoid ” for thinking it’d be out any later then August. It was a stupid thing to say, especially now that we’re here and our paranoia, it turns out, was justified. I wouldn’t be nearly as upset if they hadn’t previously stated Old World Blues and Lonesome Road would be out in June and July, respectively.

    If this extra time will truly give us a smoother, better DLC, then I’m all for it, but going out there and criticizing those who’re waiting patiently is a real blow. It would have been better if he’d said nothing and left us to speculate.

  13. Re: Clint
    It’s easy to say that, but then people on the forums will demand an estimated release date. It’s a no win situation for game developers.

    It’s a bit surprising to me that they would have so much more trouble in getting online content out the door, though. I can understand that physical product might have delays, but it’s hard for me to see any reason for this other than difficulties with Sony or Microsoft. If that’s the case I say screw them and release it on the other platforms.

  14. No problem for the delay: those things happen.
    Just one thing for mr. Bergman: calling FO fans paranoids because they predicted (probably by chance) this delay was inappropriate.
    Apologies would be appropriate now, because it seems that mr. Bergman’s previous statement pissed off many people in the community…

  15. I’m still waiting for a GOTY or whatever like Fallout 3 did. Since I’m offline from LIVE I would like to have the patches already on the game disk with a second DLC disk with all 4 Add-ons on it. OBSIDIAN I am talking to you here!

  16. yeahh it’s been delayed :/
    but to tell you the truth i can take a deep breathe and wait..
    just add a MEGA BUG FIX update..
    plus these fnw related items sound intriguing… XD

  17. That sure is some poor management, especially considering Bergman, who oversees the release schedule, apparently wasn’t informed. Or it could be that he lied to everyone a couple of days back. Either way, it’s unimpressive.

    However, I’m relieved to hear that it isn’t to do with the code or content, because I like seeing Obsidian succeed and wish them all the best.

  18. A delay isn’t that nig of a deal to me. Yes I too am sick of Bethesda Bull but I would much prefer them an update that ACTUALLY fixed the major nugs in the games instead od the piss ant one that aren’t that bad & can wait.

  19. AH SCREW IT, I’m trading this game in this weekend!!! I’m sick to death of all these delays, besides I will be moving on to bigger and better things next month such as ‘Dead island’ and ‘Gears of war 3′. Bad luck Bethesda/Obsidian your couriers’ story can go and full circle it’s self in the ass…

  20. Not really surprised about this. We’re about half way through this month and there were no screen shots or any talk about Lonesome Road. Now they have time to market it a little further. But I wouldn’t doubt the “Summer of Arcade” might be holding it up a little further. It would be nice if we were told the truth once in awhile about delays.

  21. I can’t believe how many people are whining about this.. Grow up, There are A LOT of other games to play. It’s not like you’re forced to play Fallout®: New Vegas™

    Not to mention Bethesda doesn’t owe “Us” anything.

  22. I imagine that they are just ironing out some bugs cant wait for the dlc im just hoping that this dlc is a little more legion friendly

  23. the least Bethesda could do for us is release the Trailer for Lonesome Road. Due to Bergman stating we were paranoid.

    I know its not Bethesda or Obisidians fault etc etc. But we love Fallout DLC and crave everything about it. A trailer would make us happy and excited due it to being a longer wait!

  24. .. But whatever the weather. These other goodies and Lonesom Road still to come has got me really excited. I just hope we do not have to wait AAAAAAAAAAAGES.

  25. It isn’t jason bergman’s fault that there is a delay for lonesome road, and I actually feel bad for him since he is the one that everybody points at when there is a problem. There are also positive things to look at with a delay, mainly that another fallout game will not be released until late 2012, so lonesome road will be the last fallout content for over a year, maybe two years. This means that everyone will have to wait several years for more fallout content after lonesome road, so waiting a month for it to release is not that bad.


  27. Maybe if you weren’t concerned with stupid sht like suing Mojang over a working title, there’d be a little less of these “unforseen circumstances”.

  28. You’re taking it on vacation, to play a single player game, how very social lol, Whatever floats your boat buddy…”Shut up CRIME!!!!”

  29. I must be paranoid. I wrote a brief summary about the delay and how bethesda management mainly jason bergman called all of us fans paranoid because we want an actual release date that they stick to and hey im not tryin to be harsh nail it down to a month thats all im askin for . in his post he says that its comin out in august and the only reason they delayed old world blue was because of a massive patch and with lonesome road that wouldnt be a problem. but here we are with no relase date at all for all we know it might be christmas before we see it and i get it they want us to spend our dollars on rage or elder scrolls . and i also put how i think that their big news is goin to be the game of the year edition propably right before xmas . oh lord am i a paranoid fan. they took my post down so i must of struck a nerve im sorry bethesda can you ever forgive me for lovin the game so much that i waste my time on your website combing it for every little bit of info and writing how i feel about it. if you dont want me to buy your games anymore then dont worry i will give them up so that your blog sounds like an advertisement and every one saying how great it is and you guys are the best well i will quit here i amstarting to sound like a crazy paranoid fan again. will anyone even get to read this i doubt it.

  30. @joe

    We’re sorry that the content isn’t coming this month, but your post was removed for using language that’s inappropriate for the blog. If you need a further explanation, you can contact us via the blog email address.

  31. I would like a further explanation of whys it not out tell us all. Cant be that big of thing if your willing to tell 1. Actually just give us a release date lol

  32. I sure as hell hope that this DLC lets us continue past the end of the game, would be nice to use cool weapons and stuff for more than 5 seconds before credits roll. It would be a huge mistake to not do DLC that lets you continue the game past credits. Fallout 3 had it and there is no reason New Vegas should not.

  33. @gstaff

    Not being funny, how can it be inappropriate content if this blog is an age rating required one? This isn’t anyones fault but I do see a point in what he’s trying to say. The game industry are very clever, and i’m sure you’d love us to buy lots of your other items while we wait eh?

  34. Mr. Bergman, please apologize for calling all the fans paranoid.

    Bethesda, please tell us why a finished DLC that doesn’t need a patch is being delayed, again.

  35. Geez, give these guys a break. If they bring a game out quickly and there are a few bugs, you guys whine. If they hold off to check for bugs, you guys whine. There’s no winning with some of these people. I would just as soon they check the DLC out completely before release, including making sure it plays well with all the previous content.

  36. Ok some people need to chill out first of all. I know these delays are frustrating, but most of us were at least 60% percent sure there would be some sort of problem with Lonesome Road. This was mostly due to the OWB delay. But aside from that, I am also VERY disappointed with the management of these DLC’s. Pinning an add-on to a certain month cant be all that hard, and they have already missed by 2…..so far. And that post just makes it all worse, dont post something ur not sure of, especially if it is something like a release date. But this just goes to show you, you can NEVER fully trust something on the internet.

  37. Right! Now that I’ve got that off my chest. Bethsda – sorry for cursing but I just really enjoy playing Fallout New Vegas and was really looking forward to findiong out who the courier actually is (I’m guessing this will be revealed in Lonesome Road). Can you guys please give us an official date? It would also be great if you guys could stick to it. I mean, you promise us in August then, BAM, no August release. C’mon guys, your loyal fans aren’t gonna be loyal much longer if you keep doing this to us. EAT CHEESE!!!!

  38. quite dissapointing. but not really unexpected. the only DLC for NV i would be is one that takes out the endgame like BS with FO3. were also talking about a company that expects its players to fix thier mistakes. even after all the patches,fan patches,upgrades….i still cannot play oblivion on my pc for more then an hour at most to this day. so my answer was to buy it for PS3 and XBOX360 and they both run fine….problem being…i cant use any mods… dont make the same mistake with Skyrim, for the love of god.

  39. Ahem. In defense of the developers behind this game, The competiveness of the games market, Increasingly tight budgets, And a consumer culture used to getting things instantaneously, There is huge amounts of pressure for game devs who are usually stretched thin by publishers unrelenting fiscal cycles. With that said however, None of this should affect the final product. Online updates and patches are a crutch too often relied upon. So if the developers here are indeed alotting more time to perfect their product, We all should just realize its games like these that make us the happiest to play, And hope these people are continued to be supported so there is more of these games in the future. Some people need to “Chill” im afraid. Thank you.

  40. Wow, I cant believe nobody noticed what they just said, oh my God i even dont believe it! ok they just hinted that there will be more “items” for new vegas “along with a couple of other interesting FNV-related items in the near future.” does this mean GOTY edition and a DLC that extends past the battle at hoover dam? besides that i have proof that there will be extra content with the GOTY or other means of DLC, Im a modder and while using the geck I found Yes mans extra emotional faces ie angry and sad.LOL silly Obsidian you basically thrown out all of your dlcs to see in the G.E.C.K.