When Vault Boy Met Ally

When I recently moved into a new office, many of my colleagues joked that I was just moving a toy chest. Vault Boy bobbleheads, Darth Tater, Solid Snake w/kung fu grip, the always entertaining Exorcist-inspired music box… the list goes on and on.

And now I have a new toy. Today at my desk sits Alduin statue número uno. Created by the IP Factory, the 12-inch statue comes with our newly-announced collector’s edition.

We’ll have more on the CE soon. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here imagining Vault Boy using dragon shouts against Alduin.

Reader Comments

  1. “We’ll have more on the CE soon.”
    …There’s more to know about the CE?
    I wonder what.

    By the way, thanks for showing us what the statue looks like in a comparitable view. I knew it would be massive and the book was just as tall if I’m not mistaken, and so my perception has been proven. I really can’t find complaint with the lack of content in the package certain individuals have argued, considering the sheer scope of this statue, but the more the merrier, and so I am distracted by the aforementioned quotation.

  2. When they say, “We’ll have more on the CE soon”, I’m thinking that might be a hint towards more stuff being in it. With all the complaints of the price being too high, maybe a little DLC will convince people it’s worth buying.

  3. dude the wait is almost unbeaeable, im so ready for the game, the only game I could focus on playing(this past month) was oblivion, and ive already logged another 100 hrs and thats with my full time job

  4. just like with the Oblivion 5th anniversary collection – still waiting for details on the worlwide versions (outside canadea / us)… 😉

  5. oh, and I cross fingers for the community that we’re faster than the resale vultures and their grubby figureheads who resell collector editions at 150 – 300% + of the initial end customer price…

  6. gstaff, so the CE will remain set in stone? That makes me incredibly sad face D’: I will remember this and so will TES fans.

  7. That’s looks cool, but I decided to pre-order my standard edition of Skyrim and the prima guide… for $150 a 1foot statue, book and dvd doesn’t convince me at all *specially in this economy*

    UNLESS there was some sort of DLC that came with it (special armor or rare weapon or safe house) Forza 4, batman AC and Gears 3 all have special DLC, why wouldn’t Skyrim???

    I wouldn’t of had thought twice about it IF DLC was included. I would’ve pre-order ASAP just like I did when Oblivion and Fallout 3 came out…

    Although, I’m still looking forward to 11/11/11!!!

  8. I can’t wait to get mine.. I still don’t get why people are complaining about the Price.
    I think it’s a fair price for what is in the Collector’s Edition.

    Not to mention it’s for COLLECTORS, not your average Elder Scrolls® fan..

    Looking foward to seeing the Art book.. I always love seeing Concept art from Bethesda.. Definitely some of the Best artists in the Industry.

  9. ^ Sure it is collectible, but so would having the game in an aluminum casing by itself and selling it for 150. Just because it is for collectors doesn’t mean you should get a crap deal. I mean Bungie for the love of god is a sapper of money. And even they managed to bring out a CE that was more worth it than this. It looks like Bethesda hardly payed attention to having a CE and in the last couple months they set out the easiest things to make.

    And collectors of this are hardcore Elder Scrolls fans whether they just started or not. The CE isn’t really specified to anyone aside from someone who wants it and is willing to pay the price.

    I mean it is the easiest thing to put all the concepts that are saved into one book. Then like they said take the dragon from the game files and send it to a company to make it. Then burn a CD with some video files on it. In my opinion the stuff is over priced by not a whole lot, but over priced none the less.

    But w/e I will buy it because I have some spare cash, and TES is my favorite games of all time. It just sucks knowing that I am getting ripped off :'(.

  10. In 2005 folks complained because the ES IV ce wasn’t fanciful enough for them
    – yet it was affordable due to mass production.

    Now they rant about the price without considering an unlimited mass production
    plastic statue of that size and quality alone comes at 35 – 90 usd standalone,
    depending on the material and coloring.

    Heck, you can”t please everybody :/

  11. I just pre ordered the CE as I just couldn’t resist after having waited for over 5 years. My only complaint is the lack of an OST or another small thing like the coin you had for Oblivion. I understand that the art book and the massive dragon is costing Bethesda good money, but an OST/coin/bigger game manual/something would justify the price a lot more.

    So well, is it really finished? Or is there a chance that we will get something more? I expect the box and packaging to be something special, so that may still my hunger. Care to give any hint on that?

  12. Is there any chance that you (Bethesda) are also going to sell the Artbook separately? I loved your Morrowind Artbook, but 150$ for the Artbook is to much for me.

  13. Yea everyone will always complain about something. But the reason why the majority are complaining is because many of us have experienced buying CEs and this by far has the least amount of stuff for the price we are paying. It may be that the plastic statue is worth about 80 (we know it isn’t) but is it really worth sacrificing other cool stuff just for one thing that isn’t even of premium quality build? Yea it is an okay idea, and it works just like how Reach’s statue worked. But you still need to show the buyers that what you are getting is worth it, whether it is of meaning or just premium feel. I just hope that it comes with an awesome actual game case. That will be something I could see every time I am about to play the game, and it will make it stand out from the other games I have.

  14. I really wanted an elder scrolls skyrim collectors edition (before they announced it). Now that they have I can’t justify spending $150 on this. I had such a hard time deciding to pre-order the star wars collectors edition (for $150), and even that came with alot more to make me think: “Wow, I spent a lot of money, but I got plenty of stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten”.

    This is a glorified art book that likely will be online shortly after release, and a plastic statue.
    Cmon man… I want to spend the money, but not when I’m getting the short end of the stick.

  15. Alrighto, can we at least agree on leaving pichforks and torches in our barns until beth’s community manager has more details on the ce contents? 😉

  16. I really do hope there’s going to be more than that (shitty) statue and the (do want) book and making of DVD. I have pre-ordered the CE because I love the TES series more than any game I’ve ever played due to the nature of the games – open world exploration, etc etc, – but for a price of 159 € it’s really really not worth it.

    Please deliver more. I’d gladly trade the statue for a soundtrack and some of the things in this http://www.ebgames.com.au/pc-152696-The-Elder-Scrolls-V-Skyrim-Exclusive-EB-Games-Edition-PC edition of Skyrim which costs 90 aus $.

    Come to your senses, Bethesda.

  17. I also preordered the Collectors Edition just because I´m a so called hardcore Fan, but I must admit that the most of the people in the german community stated that they just won´t pay for that horrible price. I´m also thinking about canceling the preorder, but for much more content or a decrease of the Price to 100€ would persuade me not to do it AND other people to buy it, i swear.
    I mean, Bethesda just took the Price in US-Dollers and changed the doller-sign to an Euro-Sign, although if Bethesda would have converted the price into Euro, it would just cost 107 Euros.

  18. A Dragon magnificent and true. A Lone Wanderer pure and never faulting in duty. Just two of many legends from the Bethesda universe of nightmares and dreams the player is blessed to shape to their infinite liking.

    Thank you Bethesda for sharing with us all for a mere pittence that which you love dearly with much daring.