Reader Comments

  1. I say it again, I don’t like the characters’ animation that much. It’s way too stuttering, rigid and linear. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the game! 🙂

  2. The animation is always perfect in id games. It’s so good, you don’t even notice how good it is. Definitely preordering this to trigger some additional dopamine after seeing these vidz!

  3. Glad I had the chance to play it for a few hours at QuakeCon. It’s a Great game, with Awesome weapons and good Voice actors.

    Not to mention I got my RAGE™ Mousepad Signed & Personalized by Tim Willits.

    I hope this game does great, so id Software can make more awesome games.

  4. woah, i totally wouldn’t have guessed John Goodman for that VO! he’s really dipping low and in to the gravel, it’s great.

    nice video, i like to hear about the art design… i actually wish it were a bit longer and got more in to their aesthetic planning.