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Summer’s almost over and we’re closing in on the release dates for RAGE (October 4th) and Skyrim (November 11th). If you can’t cryogenically freeze yourself, we recommend picking up these fine books from Random House.

RAGE, written by author and game writer Matt Costello,  will release in North America on August 30, 2011. The novel centers around Lieutenant Nick Raine, an Ark survivor that emerges into the apocalyptic world of RAGE to confront a “would-be tyrant.” For an excerpt of the novel look below — jump over to Random House to preorder (folks in the UK can order here).

Lord of Souls, the second Elder Scrolls novel by Greg Keyes, will hit stores on September 27 in North America (September 23rd in the UK). Head to Random House to preorder the book (UK can pre-order here), but beware the synopsis if you haven’t read the first TES novel yet.

RAGE by Matthew Costello, excerpt

Reader Comments

  1. I’m really looking forward to Lord of Souls! I loved the first one, as it was written very well, and well, it is about my favorite world! 😀

    And the lore I got out of the book was awesome, so I am hoping that Lord of Souls will also give some more information about the time between the Oblivion Crisis and now.

  2. Awesome! I was starting to think the second TES novel had been cancelled.

    Here’s hoping there’s some references to it in Skyrim! 😀

  3. you know you’re playing too many video games when you misread ‘Random House’ into ‘Randon Howe’ (carpg scoundrel, voiced by Tim Curry)…. 😉

  4. Man, I was so sure that the 2nd TES book was never going to happen. Glad to see that isn’t the case, especially since the first one was essentially half of a book.

  5. Well it’s looking okay, I hope it’ll be a good way to get more info than the Rage comics gave, since it’s a novel and all, I don’t like reading, but Rage is worth the while

  6. @ King of the Wastes:

    “Lord of Souls” is currently up for pre-order as a Kindle book on Amazon, yeah.

    @ Jara:

    The release date was simply a factor of Greg Keyes’ writing schedule, as he has his own, creator-developed projects he also works on, outside of this series.

    Hugely looking forward to this one — Keyes is a fantastic author, and like others, I’m anticipating seeing how many of the events in these books are going to be alluded to in “Skyrim” (i.e., the destruction of Vvardenfell, the Umbriel Crisis, etc.)

  7. Hey, I spotted some stuff that needs proofing (thought you might want to know):
    -Missing period on p. 14, between “morning” and “Still.”
    -Page 15: slowing-down makes you lean forward in your seat (unless you’re facing backwards), so the description doesn’t make sense.

    Very good, exciting book, so far! I’ve just pre-ordered from Amazon for my Kindle. I’m glad you posted the first 50-or-so pages.