Journalists in Skyrim: New character screens! (Updated for Argonian fans)

More press had a chance to check out Skyrim during this year’s QuakeCon, and each journalist that attended left with a unique screenshot — that of the character they created while previewing the game.

Now these screens are starting to go up at the various outlets, giving you a better look at the numerous permutations the Skyrim character creation allows. Plenty more are set to go up, but check out released screens at the following places:

Reader Comments

  1. This is great 🙂 .. First Argonian was released too!! 😀 I guess it’s Morgan Web’s character from the quakecon demos .. She said she played as an Argoanian .. even though she didn’t write a review of the demo like the other reporters… Wish you guys would link to that picture too .. But I founds it :B ty and looks great!

  2. The designers have done a beautiful job with the races for Skyrim. I thank you for this as it will do much for the game.

  3. Hey Nick, Gstaff – is that pic of Daniel Kayser’s character a Nord, Imperial or Breton?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  4. Sad… When are iPhones getting love? I can’t see the picture! Hope you guys hire 200 more employees and eventually get your s*** straight!
    HTML5 or basic HTML for once!

  5. Awesome, Thanks Matt.

    I’m really looking forward to playing SKYRIM™. I’ll most likely spend more than an hour creating my first Character.

    Only time will tell how many Gameplay hours my first Play-through will be..

    Until then, I’m off to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

    “Get out of here, Stalker!”

  6. Wow! Big improvement on the Khajiit! I always preferred the Khajiit class over all the others! And now with the new look this game will be amazing!

  7. Excellent highly detailed faces. They look very alive with a physical ambience of experience full of years of living totally different rich lives which have molded them into unique beings. Love the third character with the Indian and Bosmer look about him.

    Thanks for buetiful never ending 🙂

  8. You know, the funny thing is, I’ve always had and always will play as a Nord. But not once has my character looked like himself. This character creation tech is going to give my character the looks I always wanted him to have.
    Finally, I can play in my own skin and actually be honest in saying that.

  9. These look amazing. Skyrim FTW!

    p.s When you finish all the marketing etc for Skyrim. Please start Fallout 4 with this sexy engine! 😀

  10. I know this might be a lame question, and I’ve hesitated to post it for months and months, but I haven’t found an answer to it, yet. With all of the speculation about Skyrim and these amazing pictures of the new engine, my only worry about the game is this:

    Will we still be able to arrange items in our houses like we could in Oblivion and Fallout, or Morrowind? I just hope the roleplaying elements of “sitting down” and “moving things around in your house” remain.

  11. @Nath

    No thanks. After finishing Skyrim marketing, PLEASE FIX ALL THE BUGS that we ALL know will ship with the game (no matter how much you try, there’ll still be some that you WILL miss).

    After doing that, release 1-2 expansions (no 15h DLC thank you, we all know that’s useless and won’t impact the future of our “Hero” more than giving him some fancy weapons and/or a shitty perk that makes him overpowered) and fix the bugs that came with those expansions.

    THEN you can start THINKING about starting dev on Fallout 4.


  12. It almost looks like water got a slight improvement over other screen shots. I must say though, these look really good so far (almost too good, the beastfolk look somewhat out of place).
    Hell, even dicktits looked pretty good AND HE’S A BOSMER!

  13. These look awesome but We havent seen very much creatures! I want to see some of the new creatures as well as some improvements on our old favorites!

  14. No one is going to play World of Warcraft anymore when this game comes out.


    Or they can manage Fallout 4 with a better engine, but that’s asking for a wee bit too much at this point.
    But not then.

  15. Hey gstaff, Pete Hines stated on stage at quakecon that they would be releasing the demo video in HD. Any idea on when that will be?

  16. Hey guys. 🙂 Nice Screenshots.

    I got a question about the screens. Is it allowed to upload this screenshots to fansites??? I´m just asking because some of the charakter screens i´ve seen, have watermarks on it. I´d love to publish the screens on a fansite instead of linking to the different sources Is this allowed or do I have to ask the journalists who made the screens for their permission first?.

  17. the arms on the redguard are HUGE !!!!

    man i hope the strength stat will change how burly you are 😛

    so there will actualy be differences on the body model 😛 and it wond be like in fallout where an old woman had the saxy body of an 27 ish girl :s

  18. Argonians really look cold killer scary. Wouldnt want to see their creepy eyes staring at me from behind some swampland bushes at night as a beam of moonlight suddenly reveals their presence.

    Thanks for the buetiful picturelike screenshots.

  19. C’mon guys nobody made there own dark elves, or high elves. And not a one emperial, thats ok though there probly my least enjoyed