Journalists in Skyrim: New character screens! (Updated for Argonian fans)

More press had a chance to check out Skyrim during this year’s QuakeCon, and each journalist that attended left with a unique screenshot — that of the character they created while previewing the game.

Now these screens are starting to go up at the various outlets, giving you a better look at the numerous permutations the Skyrim character creation allows. Plenty more are set to go up, but check out released screens at the following places:

Reader Comments

  1. I’m rather disappointed in the fact you’ve decided to make the females look like they can barely lift a dagger, let alone a claymore, and yet all the guys look like they are abusing steroids, right down to the fact they have ridiculous veins bulging on them. Women can have muscles too, they don’t have to be stick figures to look good, it’s not going to give them potato faces Bethesda -Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica is a perfect example of a female, that has a reasonable degree of muscle tone, yet doesn’t look appalling:

    Or, is this a customizable part of character creation? Because I’d really like my male characters not to look like the Hulk, and the women not to look like they suffer from a mix of anorexia & Muscle atrophy.

  2. [anithinks wrote on August 17th, 2011

    The 4th picture (Kayser’s character) is a Nord, not a bosmer. Confirmed by Kayser on Epic Battle FTW. ]

    Thanks anithinks for the info. This looks like some very exciting face molding variety for all the races. I wonder if it will be possible to create half-breeds. Just imagine a Bosmer-Orc with the raging friendship of THE ADORABLE FAN….

  3. What’s with all the elves with beards and big muscles?I get that these were characters created by the journalists, so they were probably just screwing around with the character creator, but I don’t the NPC elves should look like that, the ones in the screens look like nords with pointy ears.

  4. Elves with beards are something that’s always been in TES, from Arena to Skyrim. Only Oblivion was an exception. Who says Elves can’t be muscular, for that matter? Dunmer and Bosmer are pretty physical cultures and even Altmer have some beefy warriors and battlemages in their ranks.

  5. The reason elves shouldn’t be too muscular and beardy, is because nords already have that role filled.They’ve been putting emphasis on increased distinction between the ten races, and yet the only difference I see between these elves and nords are a few changes in color and pointy ears.And no, the Arena and Daggerfall and Morrowind elves didn’t really big bushy beards, they may have had a goatee or a light wisp of facial hair, but they didn’t have these monstrosities that we’ve been seeing lately.And they certainly weren’t THIS bulky either, in fact no one in a TES game has been this bulky before, it’s something new they added with the body options.I didn’t say for that matter, that they couldn’t be physically fit either, I just don’t think the NPCs should as shredded as the Nords and Orcs and Redguards.According the to lore, these are the most physically imposing races.And Altmer?You think Altmer should be beefy?In every TES game they start out with the lowest health and the lowest physical damage potential for a reason, because they’re physically weaker than the other races.

  6. I am a fan of the Argonians, they remind me of russians in the way that they speak.
    “Do you want to see me lick my butt?”
    Plus they can’t drown.
    I tried being something else, but I can’t.
    Kran Soroa LIVES!!!
    (my character in Oblivion)
    I’m immortal…
    Why an Argonian with such an Imperial-like name?
    What else am I gonna name him? Ben Franklin?Look, he’s awesome the way he is. Besides, I always wondered what it would be like to marry(and you can in this one!) an Imperial girl with a Argonian.
    Please Bethesda allow interspecies relationships!!! There was a book on relationships in Oblivion.

    Oh, and please keep books, weapon enchanting and naming, and spell making and naming.
    I liked a lot of the books you guys wrote… nice little stories.

  7. The biggest problem I have with the races head pics I’ve seen are with the females. I hope that not all of them have so much dark eye make-up on in the game. Although I do LOVE dark eye-makeup on girls I think it’s a tiny bit too dark or something. Also, the female Kahjiit’s necks look ridiculous! They are way too skinny and long compared to their heads and male counterparts. The males look great but the female’s necks are too long and scrawy! Please fix these 2 issues about the heads. Argonians are looking perfect and all the elves look a little scary because of their protruding brows and highly (over?)-slanted eyes. I hope I can make a happier looking wood elf or high elf. Muscles on all male races seem a little too exaggerated. I wish before the release you could tone the majority of them down a tiny bit with less veins, and less thickness in the neck. In comparison to the females it looks like too much a difference in muscle mass. Orcs look great even the female ones. I think in general all the eyes are too high up on the head for all races, especially elves and orcs, but at least its not like Br-ink. That was the one thing that wouldn’t let me get immersed in that game. Thanks for the shots. Play test more and then again. Find floating objects, glitches, and BUGS and fix them all please! And I really don’t know if I like what I’ve heard about NPCs challenging you and other NPCs to street duels and when dropping an item people will fight over it, and the fact dragons can attack cities and villages? I hated in Oblivion where someone would die and I couldn’t buy their merchandise or do their quests anymore. Make more people essential please! Have lots of homeless and random nobodies that go through towns in caravans with the sole purpose of being dragon food and nothing else. heheh… Make the game get slightly easier playing the same enemies as you level up, let them level up too just not as much as you. I had to start with the difficulty slider 3 clicks down then raised it every few levels and at about level 15 I finally was playing on default difficulty again. Make new enemies, monsters and wildlife (I hope there are birds you can see or maybe hunt too). The more variety the better. Please please please come out with many patches for consoles and all official plug-ins released for PCs will you please also release console versions for ALL of them. I hope the first plug-in consists of more areas that are green/forest and not snow. (Although I heard the snow dynamically builds up? That’s cool..) Or maybe New mounts and storage saddles that can only hold about the same weight you can. I’m on a PS3 and have a Mac, and I really suffered through Oblivion. I had the least amount of content and more bugs because I chose the more expensive and high-end tech. Oblivion: I loved it and hated it. Let Skyrim fix all the past flaws. I mean you had 200 years since the Oblivion Crises right? (Story-related joke) Or please tell me NOW if PS3 owners are going to get the short end of the stick again and I’ll buy bootcamp to run Wind-ows on my Intel Mac. I hope you read and listen to your devoted fans. This game is your chance to redeem yourselves for past neglect of bug fixes in Oblivion especially consoles (PS3) Oh, and *spoiler* let the final battle with Alduin be in stages where game months go by between them and you both get stronger. Like first he could toy with you a little and underestimate you. Most of all, good luck Bethesda!

  8. I appreciate a good game, and I love the world in which the Elder Scrolls games take place. However I’m scared to buy this game. With Bethesda’s knack for not enough play testing and horrible bugs and glitches, I have mixed feelings. I’m excited, sure. I just don’t want to get my hopes up too much considering the track record for tedious gameplay and saving every 5 minutes on many many slots to avoid horrible game changing bugs (i.e. NPCs walking off of bridges and dying so you can’t buy their merchandise ever again). I’ve had to go back to saves that were hours and hours back a few times and I shouldn’t be so concerned about the game messing up when I’m trying to be a hero and get close to %100 completion. I mean, if a house is there to buy I want to save up my money and buy it, not duplicate items and cheat to make money so I can get everything before a merchant dies in the wilderness or falls off a bridge. Now… I hear about the western style street duels, dragon’s attacking towns, and dropping items getting fought over by anybody, and it makes me nervous. I understand the realism but I think more NPCs should be ESSENTIAL. However I’m glad I heard that a merchants family member can sell their wares if they die. And I’ll say it again, all races look amazing except kahjiit females necks are too long and skinny and look like muppets, and the muscles on all males seem to be a little unrealistic like alchemic steroid potions are all the rage, while the females don’t look like they have barely any muscle tone. I can overlook visual stuff though as long as they fix bugs and keep releasing plug-ins and patches for console’s not just PCs. I’m most impressed with the argonians and male kahjiit although I actually like to play as a redgaurd, breton, nord, or elf of some sort. Please fix the female Kahjiit’s “Muppet Neck” syndrome and I can make due with anything else not perfect about the races heads. =)

  9. I’ve put almost just as many hours into Elder Scrolls games as I have FF games. And I’m sorry, if I look at these NPCs for a few years of my life, I hope that I can keep myself from laughing at the ridiculous long skinny muppet necks of the female Kahjiit, and the overly exaggerated necks and muscles of almost all males. I know there is a lot of wildlife I just think it would be cool to also be able to hunt birds, and maybe some Chimeras and Griffins too. And maybe some beehives that you can shoot above an enemy’s head and watch them run around screaming. Or some anacondas that if they wrap around you it starts a wrestling mini game, or maybe some multi-headed big snakes like Hydras would be awesome. Variety IS a great thing the more the better and I hope for a lot. And I know you change aspects about YOUR character, but from the looks of their neck “length” for all of the head shots I’ve seen of particular races, I don’t think that is one of the things you can change. If it is, great! And as far as the female’s eyes, all I’m saying is I don’t see any human like girls with no eye make-up on, like with natural eyes. And the make-up that’s on them is really deep black. I just don’t want to see old beggar women come up to me with dark eye-makeup on, I think that would make me laugh too. What do you guys think, should I buy this for my PS3? Would you? Or should I buy it for PC and get Wind-ows for my Intel Mac? What would you do if you were me? What do you think about my opinions and ideas?