QuakeCon 2011: 20 years of id Software panel & pics from the event

Now available for your viewing pleasure, watch the id Software 20th Anniversary Panel from this year’s event. The panel includes co-founder/technical director John Carmack, executive producer Kevin Cloud, creative director Tim Willits, president Todd Hollenshead, and is hosted by X-Play’s Morgan Webb.

In other QuakeCon news, check out some of the stage pics we took while at the show. For more QuakeCon memories, be sure to visit the official Flickr page and YouTube channel.

Reader Comments

  1. from what I’ve seen from rage so far, fo4 should clearly be a joint venture of Todd (beth) and Todd & John’s folks 🙂

  2. Ha, brings back memories of the week before last..
    I had an Amazing time this year at QuakeCon.
    I’m already looking forward to next year..

    Though I think I’m going to get an Executive room this time.. Only $10 more a night..

  3. Please upload the Skyrim Video in its HD Glory, I stopped watching just after he said you’d release a decent version online and asked no-one to camera it 🙂

    I watched that days ago and considering this is Skyrim we’re talking about I’m not sure I can handle waiting much longer for this video!