In the UK? Preorder the RAGE Collector’s Pack

Do you live in the United Kingdom? Then you may want to consider the RAGE Collector’s Pack — not to be confused with the already-announced Anarchy Edition.

In addition to the contents of the Anarchy Edition, the Collector’s Pack also includes a RAGE Making-of DVD and two RAGE comic books by Dark Horse. It’s basically guaranteeing more RAGE for your dollar — or pound, in this case. Head over to GAME to preorder now.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s too bad Gamestation and Game only accept credit cards. I ought to e-mail them about this; ask if I can use debit or Paypal.
    And I ain’t gonna settle with the lesser Anarchy Edition – settle for less. If I’m going to buy something, I want everything I can get from it, or else, what’s the point?
    I already had a bitch of a time trying to secure a Collector’s Edition for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and to be honest, it shouldn’t have been so ridiculous in trying to get.

  2. Interesting stuff. Save £5, or get this. The DLC doesn’t bother me and I’m generally against that stuff (btw, once all the Fallout DLC is out, you should those pre order pack availible to all imo), but I do fancy that making of DVD. The comics I was going to check out if they ever went to trade. Even so, the maths work out so I might go for this version. Will have to sleep on it.

  3. I’ll probably end up getting this version, the PC versions price is decent and from what I recall about the same price as the game is on Steam so there’s really no downfall (except I’ll have to wait for it to be delivered…)