RAGE almost at 100K (Update: Mission Accomplished)

Update: We’ve made it to 100,000! The iPhone app (both in Standard and HD flavors) is now available for free on iTunes and will remain so for a week!

At this year’s QuakeCon, we announced that if we reach 100,000 fans on Facebook, we’d make RAGE/RAGE HD for iOS free for a week. As of this very moment, we’re at 97, 066 fans, so be on the lookout for the app going free very soon!

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Reader Comments

  1. is a good little railshooter, i liked it a lot. if its free play it!!!

    the predecessor was “doom resurresction”, also a railshooter, bought it recently. also i loved the older mobil phone games from John and the mobile team, doom rpg, orcs & elves etc.

  2. I would love to play Rage and I don’t care if it’s for free, half price or full price. The problem is that the game is not available in the Argentinian App Store. Are you guys planning an international release this time? Please!!!

  3. Bethesda, you need to start thinking and making games for smartphones and tablets – this is the future of whole computer and game industry – we won’t see any new Crysis games in foreseeable future – because noone would want to make games for PCs and consoles – which will be fully replaced by smartphones powerful like consoles&Pc.
    Microsoft, Apple and Google know that smartphones – is the future computers (like Atrix – put in the dock and use processor of phone) and future consoles (connect by cable to TV and power) and they bet enormous money to grab that future in their hands.
    ARM processors this autumn 2011 cross that important line of power with Nvidia and it’s Tegra 3 (Kal-el) chip which will have graphics capabilities similar to Xbox360 console for tablets and in 1st quater 2012 this great chip will be adapted for smartphones.
    I’m not sure why is your top-management so stagnant and why cut the development of Rage to Mac…

  4. @noob

    I wish all people were as “stupid” as Notch, more idiotic lawsuits over words should be solved with nice friendly duels.

  5. @Paul,

    Usually when there’s a lawsuit or dispute, there’s a key and important issue at its core. And using a game to decide the outcome completely throws away the point of an outcome, namely to flesh out and test those issues.

    I don’t see quake 3 testing bethesda’s assertion that scrolls is an infringement. Nor do I see quake 3 testing notch’s assertion that a word can’t be trademarked. Instead its an absolutely pointless contest that resolves no underlying problems for either side. It’s not edgy or innovative to suggest such a thing; its just counterproductive.