id Software rocks the Sydney Opera House!

Operas! Symphonies!! RAGE!!!

On September 14th, the world-famous Sydney Opera House will host ‘An Evening with id Software: A Look At The Past, Present and Future of Gaming’, starring RAGE’s creative director Tim Willits. Tim, the only id employee to attend every single QuakeCon, will talk candidly about id history and where he thinks the game industry is going.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll share information on how lucky gamers will have a chance to attend this event alongside members of the game industry from Australia and New Zealand.

Read the release after the break for more details…

To celebrate the forthcoming release of RAGE, the highly anticipated first-person shooter from legendary developer id Software, Bethesda Softworks® is pleased to announce An Evening With id Software: A Look At The Past, Present and Future of Gaming. This special event, to be held at the iconic Sydney Opera House on Sept. 14, 2011, will feature RAGE creative director,Tim Willits, talking candidly about the history of id, RAGE, and his thoughts on the future of the industry.

Inventors of the FPS genre, id Software are celebrated for developing blockbuster franchises including DOOM®QUAKE® and Wolfenstein®. Formed in 1991 in Richardson, Texas, id has a long-standing reputation as the godfathers of the first person shooter, not only defining the genre in the early nineties but refining it over the last two decades. For one night only, The Sydney Opera House will be home to the art of video games and Tim Willits.

A number of lucky fans will have the opportunity to attend this exclusive event alongside a number of the Australian and New Zealand video games industry.  They can win their chance to attend via a series of competitions hosted over the coming weeks — more details to come.

RAGE will be released in Australia and New Zealand on October 6th, 2011, and will be available on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and PC. The game won numerous awards at E3, including ‘Best Overall Game of Show’ from IGN and three ‘Best of E3’ Game Critics Awards including ‘Best Console Game’. RAGE features intense first-person shooter action, breakneck vehicle combat, an expansive world to explore and jaw-dropping graphics powered by id’s revolutionary id Tech 5 technology.



Reader Comments

  1. I want to go. Please.
    That would be awesome.
    Been a long time Fan of Id. I remember ordering Quake1 by Fax direct from the US.


  2. So. Will this concert be marked up 250% just because it is in Australia?

    You do it to your games, so one would assume the same applies here also.

    I will be importing RAGE from Europe so I do not have to pay your stupid Australian markups. No way am I paying $99 locally when I can have it delivered to my door for less than half of that.

  3. Will this event be simulcast live on any streaming service for those unable to attend to watch it live? Or, if not, will a recording of the show/event be available for those unable to attend to watch after?

  4. MAD!!!! you americans come to my land and threten our people with FPS games!!! well come on in cause we love it.

    Great cause i would never have the chance to see u in america!!!

  5. this place seems to be a good choice. -> a opera!

    go off of the lia in australia, then you will find a place where you will be also very wellcome. is there anything good what start with a L?

  6. “A number of lucky fans will have the opportunity to attend this exclusive event alongside a number of the Australian and New Zealand video games industry. ”

    How will they be selecting the lucky fans?