Website maintenance coming tomorrow

“Hey, it looks like the Bethesda forums are down, do you mind if I head home a little early?”

That’s our recommended messaging for your boss this Friday at 4 PM Eastern Time, as we’ll be taking down all of our Bethesda sites for a maintenance overhaul. In total, we anticipate our sites will be down for approximately four hours. While our sites are down, we’ll keep you posted on all the latest news on the Bethesda twitter account.

To help pass the time, I hoped that we could put up a Magic Eye image of Alduin, but it sounds like our IT department has a “Connection Timeout” message planned instead.

Reader Comments

  1. Please get a new look. I’m tired of this boring white and gray. Make it like you know black or blue?

  2. So uh…. appears to be a female sitting down with her legs crossed in the image. And one of her hands is, well, occupied? Hmm.

  3. So, it looks like a human or humanoid woman sitting cross-legged, with her hand in a, er, ‘compromising’ location.

    …and I think I see someone of a similar build sitting crosslegged behind her. Anyone else see that?

    • YES.. i see a big-breasted yoga instructor sitting cross-legged with one hand between her legs palm upward, with a male student right behind her with a weird hat with a bent feather coming out the top of his head.