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  1. My Grandad downloaded Wolfenstein 3D on the PS3,I showed it to my brother because i thought it was a fun game and wanted to show him the origin of FPS. He started to enjoy it and now plays it whenever we go round my Grandad’s. So even so many years on, its still popular with young people!!

  2. If I didn’t see “Bethesda Blog” at the top of the page, I would have thought this would be “id Blog” since they’re talking about id nonstop and there’s hardly anything about Bethesda/Skyrim news.

  3. Big Thank You to ID been playing / loving your games from the beginning. Looking forward to Rage. I know I will need a new power supply, new video card for my PC, that has always been the case with your games ever since upgrading my 486dx266 for doom II
    best of luck guys.

  4. Id is so epic I own almost all their games nd bethesda just published da game they didn’t buy I’d they just sponsoredit but it will be aan epic game just like any other I’d software game