PAX Prime Plans!

With PAX Prime 2011 kicking off on Friday, we wanted to share details on what we’re planning.

At our booth (#1314), you won’t want to miss your chance to play RAGE, as well as presentations of Prey 2 at the top of every hour. On top of that, fans will be able to play Skyrim for the first time!

But wait, there’s more! At 3:30 pm on Saturday, Todd Howard will be giving a special presentation of the game in the Unicorn theater. Seating is expected to be limited, so you will definitely want to line up early. As a bonus, everyone that attends the demo will receive a ticket which can be redeemed at our booth for a Skyrim plush helmet — just like the one being modeled by our lovely 2008 PAX statue, Burnadette.

If you’re not able to get the helmet at the presentation, you can also visit our Skyrim food truck to grab one. Located at 9th & Pine (across from the Paramount Theater) from 11:30 to 3:00 pm Saturday, the truck will feature the following foods fit for a Nord:

To see where else the food truck is headed… visit GamesRadar.

Reader Comments

  1. I want a plush helmet lol (No really I WANT ONE) Seriously I can’t wait for Skyrim I hope u release a demo for the consoles something to whet our appetites I have the game pre-ordered and am so excited to get it when it comes out….

  2. will people get to bring cameras while playing skyrim? if not everyone bring in spy cameras. i really want to see some leaked footage.

  3. I wish I could just be able to be there, all the food and fun, not to mention getting to see Skyrim playing….. I hate being in Oklahoma…….. Us army needs me here though, so I’ll just have to play it every day from Tue day it comes out til the sun explodes, or til they make a new one…….

  4. Talk about a rather “cheap” menu. I love Skyrim as much as the next TES nerd, but will anyone actually eat that?

  5. Please can you bring some of those hats to the UK when Skyrim hits the road? I know BethSoft’ll be at GAMEfest in Birmingham (as will I) and I’d love to get my hands on one! 😀

  6. Are there going to be any videos released? I mean like, not from spy cameras, but any footage at all for us who are not able to go?

  7. OHH HELL YEAH!!! I can’t wait to get me one of those helmets!! I hope to get some of the food too! One question though, It says “Complimentary fare” does that mean that Bethesda is going to be even more epic by giving starving PAX attendees lunch for free?

  8. You should include the plush helmet in the Collectors Edition. I am dead serious. That would make it more worth while 😀

    I’d say also include a dragon leg but that might not end well ;P

  9. justed per ordered the collector edition at game stop. now it’s just a waiting game.
    dragon legs are on me boy’s and girl’s!!!!!!!!!

  10. i would love to see some ps3 screens or videos come on bethsoft im getting nervous here i preordered skyrim for my ps3 i hope you all gave some love to the poor console unlike oblivion and fallout3 omg i could bearly run so many bugs:(

  11. I’d so wear that in one of our heavy metal festivals we have in Europe, like Paganfest or Heidenfest. Too bad i’m in France and can’t go to PAX.

  12. Man, wish those were REAL dragon legs being offered. That would have to be one truly massive food truck, though. “Here’s your dinosaur-sized dragon leg, sir!”

    I am also highly anticipating this game, had my pre-order for the CE in the day after the announcement. But I am also highly interested in seeing these plush helmets made available for purchase.

    Concerning the video footage… I’d rather we wait for official releases of it. I have a tough time enjoying the quality game-play when I have to try and filter out the sounds of all the fan-boys and girls.

  13. Which race will you play as first in Skyrim: Nord, Dwemer, Breton, Argonion, Bosmer, Khajiit, Imperial, Redguart and Altmer. Wait Dwemer (a.k.a. Dwarves, or Deep Folk) have returnt from there mysterious exile or death with the vengeance and kickt the Dunmer (a.k.a. Dark Elves) of the race list nice ONE.

  14. There are going to be many of us who cannot attend, but still want helmets! Hopefully this forum is read considering it’s a link from your bethesda news link and lets say….10,000 helmets are released for sale? It would go well with my map and dragon statue from the pre order! PC ALL THE WAY! HIGHER RES TEXTURES AND GRAPHICS MODDING WOOOOOO! CONSOLES SUCK IT!

    • Hey, there’s really no need for that, is there? I’m a console gamer, mostly for the fact that the games are designed around the 1X purchase of said console, rather than me having to continually upgrade my PC to keep up with newer games. But, I don’t attack PC gamers, or participate in the ridiculous war between consoles and PCs. If you prefer to play on the PC, good for you.

      Why can’t we all just get along?

      • I wasn’t attacking console players, I didn’t even mention you or “them”. I didn’t even know there was a “war” between gamers. The fact of this matter is simple, consoles do not allow for upgrading unless you “illegally mod” the console, ie Xbox, xbox360, etc..You shouldn’t take offense from my comment. As far as having to “continually upgrade my PC” it’s f***ing great being able to do that. Going out and purchasing new and exciting upgrades to install so i can fully enjoy up and coming games.. You also learn a lot in the process. Besides, Skyrim is made and developed on a PC. Can’t go wrong there. Xbox 360 is fine for your quick fix, I in fact used to play on one when Oblivion first arrived. It wasn’t until somebody mentioned in a comment forum about the beauty of PC gaming that I saw the light. WINK WINK 😉

        • I’d be more careful in how you phrase your statements if you don’t want to cause confusion. “CONSOLES CAN SUCK IT” certainly seems like an attack.

          I have no interest in PC gaming if there is a console alternative, even though I have a very decent gaming rig. I don’t have the necessary budget to have to worry about paying for hardware for every new game I am interested in. If I did, perhaps this would be a different conversation.

          But, I say again in response to your ever-so-subtle put-downs for consoles, is there really a need for that? We’re all gamers here, “quick-fix” consoles and money-sponge PCs alike. Why can’t we all just get along?

  15. OMG Why do I always miss out on everything cool! Living in Australia sucks, we get nothing, late game releases (other then Besthesda games, for which we love and adore you Bethesda!!!) and no awesome hats!! I WANT A HAT!!!! Please make those available some where else for us,, ebay, your own store, any where!!! I would wear it with pride all year round!!!

  16. If my daughter and I head down to downtown Seattle this saturday with the intent of obtaining a couple plush hats, will we be able to finish our quest WITHOUT attending PAX? Havnt heard a answer from Bethesda regarding this one yet. ANYONE?

  17. So my question is, if the demo starts at 3:30 on saturday and the food truck is scheduled for 11:30-3:00 sameday. How do I “grab one” from the food truck if the ticket to get one isnt handed out till after the food truck is scheduled to be closed? I can’t be the only one thinking this.