New CE pics of Alduin, the World Eater

I’ve got good news and bad news…

Bad news: I no longer have the 12″ Alduin statue from the Skyrim CE on my desk. Womp Waaah!

Good news: I’ve got new pictures, courtesy of our expert marketing artist, Lindsay Westcott!

If you want your own statue, visit the official Elder Scrolls website for pre-order info. And when I get more CE goodies to share (hopefully at my desk), I’ll share pics on the blog.

Reader Comments

  1. I would have already ordered this if I could figure out if the collectors edition will be usable through Steam. That is to say, will Steam except the code from the collectors edition package and then download the game. At this point Steam trumps a cool dragon statue.

  2. Seems like a good enough place for this, the Collectors Edition is wildly overpriced.

    It’s a plastic statue, no amount of dragons and fancy writing will change that. Try a nice wood or metal next time, give it some heft. Art book, making-of DVD, these seem like such arbitrary things to add, we can see the final product of both in-game. Whatever, someone out there might be interested in these trinkets. This package isn’t worth $150 though, no way in hell does all of that add up anywhere near that. What does a blank DVD cost, 30 cents? Some ink and paper, plastic, cheap metal for the case. I don’t know who priced this out, but they should double check their quotes.

  3. Dragon statues range from great to poor but photos do not provide the sort of detail needed to show off painted models, so the only way to know who good that dragon is, is to buy one.

    I often find my self wanting to repaint some dragons as a result.

    I a multi talented you know 🙂
    I can speak and put my foot in my mouth 🙂

    Seriously, painting has always been a hobby of mine, very relaxing.

  4. Bethesda! Okay, here’s my predicament, I collect dragon stuff and this statue looks AMAZING. However, I don’t know if I should buy this game on PS3 yet. Plus, I always wait at least a month to buy a new release just in case of major patches that are usually made in the first month or two. My question, is there any way I can buy this statue without the game? Please e-mail me with details I will gladly give $40 for this amazing Alduin Replica. And, do you guys plan on releasing all official plug-ins for consoles too? Or just PCs and then a couple for consoles with the 360 getting more? I’m scared to buy this for the PS3 guys… can you give me some kind of hope or a statement reassuring me that PS3 owners won’t get the short end of the stick again? Thanks.

    • Edit: I mean I would gladly shell out $80-90 just for the statue… Is there any possibility this will be available by itself in the future?

      • Just wait until (a few weeks after the release of the game) they figure out that they still have plenty of the extremely limited and crazily valuable Skyrim CE left and basically need to lower the price.

        • unless resellers have already preordered loads of units and plan to resell them for royalties – wouldn’t be the 1rst time it turned out that way…

  5. …Then again, if he were known as, “Alduin the Broccoli-Eater,” there wouldn’t be much of a game, would there?

  6. @tankale: Check into it some time. These PVC statues are insane expensive on the open market. So are 200 page hardcover art books. In all likelihood, the CE is cheaper than if you bought the pieces separately.

  7. I’m going to Pre-Order mine September 15th (When I get paid next) and I can’t wait to have that statue sitting next to my Fallout® 3 Bobblehead.

    Midnight release party? I think so.. 🙂

  8. That looks much better than I originally thought.

    Still not worth the 150$ price tag, but were it a 100? I might seriously consider it. I’d have to agree with using metal or wood for the sculpture, at least for the wall part. It would add necessary heft and texture to it.