The Races and Faces of Skyrim

Long hair. Short hair. No hair. Dirty faces. Dirty beards. War Paint. Crazy eyes. Argonian eyes.

Like Bubba from Forrest Gump, we could go on for days talking about the different customization options you’ll have with Skyrim. But instead, we decided to share the preset options you’ll have when you start your adventure. Above is a sampling of choices you can make for the men and women of Skyrim… the Nords.

Check out the other nine races after the break (or by visiting our Flickr page).



Dark Elf





Wood Elf

High Elf

Reader Comments

  1. I have 3 yes 3 oblivion disks all of which have cracked from the center outwards into the disk ., all of which are now useless., I love playing Oblivion but I am sick and tired of replacing the game only to have the next disk break:(((((
    Where do I send these into for you to find the fault in the disks being used. This in not my disk drive or my computer or anything I am doing wrong. I have over 1000 disks and shimmering ilses and knights of the nine., all these are ok ., and have had repeaded usage., I am very disgruntled now ., as the third disk has gone the way of the other two.
    I await some sort of communication from you on this.
    a very fed up old man
    norman S walker

  2. I don’t have a problem with female khajiit neck size, but I do think they should get that tumor on the side of their neck checked out.

  3. Already preorded my copy and fully prepared to lose two years of my life to this thing, which is about the same time it took with my 1st character in Oblivion, getting every morsel out the game. Fantastic faces by the way Bethesda and the option to don a beard !!! (sniff) no more 2006 spray ons, there is a god!.

  4. I’ve played a Nord since Morrowind so I’m super pumped for Skyrim. Only complaint is about the orcs though, they shouldn’t be able to grow hair on the top of their head.

  5. I’m really looking forward to playing this, I’m currently obsessed with The Elder Scrolls. The quality looks fantastic and better than what I’m used to, although I thought that was fantastic too. Myself, my partner and our son will all be playing this, no doubt!

  6. Well when you people make a better game, then i think you have a right to complain about details in skyrim. good god people. Gaming isn’t all about minor graphics. apperently you never owned a system before the ps2. my genesis had 32 bits to work with and made amazing games. seriously if your just going to complain about s such a good game, go get a life.

  7. The only thing I’m really hoping for is official-3D support…

    “Yes” I’ve read the interview where “Honestly, I couldn’t care less – having to wear those glasses! I’m not a 3D fan. It ruins the image for me. I want the clarity” is stated.

    However, having worked in the games industry I suspect that realistically the team is working on minor fixes at this point and don’t want to introduce a new feature this close to release.

    I’ve read tons of negative comments for 3D in general, but, I believe it is only from those who can’t afford a decent video card and new TV (i.e. Monitor) doing the complaining. I’ve only heard rave reviews from those who own a 3D setup. All of my friends who’ve seen my setup also agree it is incredible.

    I’ve gone all-out and done the ‘passive’ 3D thing and I could never watch a non-3D movie or play a non-3D game again.

    Seriously. It’s that good!

    Obviously I’m buying Skyrim regardless… I’ve pre-ordered.
    But, I’ll find a way to play Skyrim in 3D even if it is not officially supported.

    Hopefully ‘IZ3D’ will be on this should BETHESDA drop the ball on this aspect of gaming.

    3D and gaming = WIN!

    ***If anyone from Bethesda is actually reading these comments, please throw in some unsupported 3D which we can enable and play with. It would be MUCH appreciated.


  8. Morrowind has been and is my favorite all time game so far. i have several consoles and hundreds of various genre of game. i love the enormous scenes, the ability to more or less go/wander where i like, the hundreds of side missions, the fact i can go in a house, kill the occupants, hoard my things inside the house or cave and make it my own, the various enemies, the variety of faces. i can just go whereever i like and not get bored with the game. i was disapointed with oblivion as it took away all the options for me. im hoping that skyrim brings back these things and becomes my new favourite game, the graphics look amazing as always on the trailer and the good old morrowind theme song ( which i have on my phone ) is there. im hoping the game is as big in area to play as morrowind is. imone of those players that likes to go on an adventure, go her own way. i dont like reaching the edges of a game or being forced to go a certain path when i want to explore something else. Im excited to find out what lies in wait for us with skyrim. If a game can make me want to go inside the screen to be there for real, it has my vote…so far morrowind has been the only one 🙂 im 40 yrs old so not too childish, but childlike enough to love my escapism 🙂

  9. Wonder when Bethesda is going to introduce an aspect of cross-breeding into this series? Can you imagine? 1/2 orc – 1/2 argonian? 1/2 Dark Elf – 1/2 Nord? That would be an interesting twist in the customization. Also, anyone else want to see them introduce a new race at some point?? Or, more specifically than would they, could they introduce a new race, with the standing lore??

  10. Overall, these look great, but I have a few problems, mostly with the females. EVERY woman looks like she’s wearing WAY too much mascara. I realize this is a “fantasy,” but having all the women wear that much makeup is simply poor taste. My only hope is these character presets are not an indication of how the characters throughout the game world look. If all the women are wearing a ton of eye shadow and eye liner, I will have a very hard time enjoying very much of this game. Very few, if any, women in a pre-industiral world wear that sort of makeup. I also think the women look too gaunt (ESPECIALLY the Orcs), the female Khajiit look awkward, and the Altmer aren’t pale enough (they aren’t called the “fair” for nothing).

  11. People are complaining about neck sizes and looking too tough.
    Well the khajiits female’s are a feline race and female cats DO TEND to be seriously long. And a real player wouldn’t care about little things, if you like the race you’ll play it no matter what.
    If you wanna be thankful for looks and graphics go play Daggerfall or Arena.
    Mage players, I consider myself a warrior player but I honestly in my heart believe being a mage is really one helluva fun experience! But several of the characters look like veterans but keep this in mind, many characters ALSO look like SHAMEN! Not exactly sure about lore but I did read several books in Oblivion the game.
    I hope we can become werewolves with increased speed, agility, acrobatics, strength, and such. (Really cool if there was a spell to turn into a full fledged werewolf as a way of transportation)
    Plus if you crossed the lake ahead of you after leaving tutorial in Oblivion, kill the bandits, read the book it briefly mentions some unique vampire race within the Skyrim region. The race apparently can phase inside icy waters and grabs unsuspecting victims and drags them under to feed.
    I prefer myself as a Nord / Argonian player. I’m not that good to become over a level 60 or 100. I also hope new mage spell themes are released. Like if we could become Necromancers.
    If werewolves and vampires were both in, it would be reaally interesting to catch a fight considering how Bethesda gave the game a life like reality (which caused a problem in a quest to talk to this prisoner, because the guards got hungry and killed the prisoner to get his food)
    Also I heard about people worrying over classes. They realised leveling in Oblivion was too tough so they made it easier like Fallout. Their just polishing the system.
    Also I got the idea watching 300 that they should make unique shields! Like there could be a shield for a spartan, or something on the arm, just they can add shields and armor together as a way to allow dual wielding with a shield still on. I hope the allow armor crafting to be more diverse, like we can make a symbol to show its ours on the chest or shield.
    I also love the idea of the economy their adding and also its a perfect chance to make cash and I cant wait for the game,
    I literally made a plan on how to become supreme ruler of the land.

  12. Finally a new Elder Scrolls, greatest games ever, both my brother and myself suffered long-lasting addictions to these games. What i really wanna see is more interactive swordplay, maybe moving the sword with the controller or mouse or something like that.

  13. First of all i gotta say ive been waiting for this game ever since i beat oblivion this is the most anticipated game of my entire gaming life one thing i can say is i was hoping there was gonna be a few new races dont get me wrong i love all the current races and the graphics have improved beyond belief but the more races and classes the bigger the replay value for me
    but anyway ill definitly be pre ordering this game next week if possible i wish i could hop in a time machine to november 11 2011

    -Argonian and Khajiit FTW

  14. Almost perfect,the Nord skin look to yellowish,congrats on the Reguard Skin great job,the orcs are awesome they look less beast but they still orc,Dark Elf are awesome they look very scary as they should be,the Argonian and Khajiit look very Alien,the elven race don’t look like Human with pointy ears,good job.Congrasdulation Bethesda

  15. The faces look fantastic. At first I wasn’t that impressed, thought each race looked kinda “same-y” to other members of it’s race, until I clicked on the pics and realized that I could zoom in. Holy man, great attention to detail and I love the orcs. And the Elves? Fantastic, redefining what people think an “elf” has to be.

    People also need to stop comparing this game to Tolkien, cause I’m pretty sure Bethesda is trying to avoid the stereotyping and really make this game unique and give it an identity, rather than Skyrim: Just Another Fantasy Game With Elves and Orcs. And from what I see, I really think they’re accomplishing making this game something special!

    Great job Bethesda!

  16. Skyrim is going to be the best game of the year. Mostly because of radiant story line but it deserves it and its going to get it

  17. All I’ve got to say is I hope Archery is a lethal form of combat. In Oblivion, it felt slightly weird to use, but I loved stalking people and putting an arrow through their heads.

    I just don’t want it to be a derp a derp distance opener (or so slow that it just sucks.) Regardless, I’ll be getting Skyrim, since Oblivion was so badass.

  18. Will Skyrim be as good as Morrowind!?
    I want to be able to become a vampire or werewolf and kill ANYONE severing the thread of fate and destiny just like in morrowind! I want to be able to create my own spells so i can jump huge distances and slow fall back to the ground just like in morrowind! I also hope the map is more on the scale of morrowind rather than that of Oblivion. Although i like what Bethesda have done i still think Morrowind ranks in the top three RPG’s along with Fallout (original by interplay) and Baldurs Gate. Looking forward to this alot and hope it proves worthy of number 1 RPG ever!

  19. Wow
    These characters look like a mix between Morrowind and Oblivion, which is good for the most part. I’m loving the great deal of customization it looks like you can work with, though the faces seem slightly rigid to me.
    One thing I’m not loving is the hair; look close and it’s incredibly fake looking. It’s great that they’ve included longer hair and stuff, but they majorly sacrificed quality. From afar it looks alright, but I’m a details person and this disappoints me. Oblivion’s hair may not have been too versatile, but at least it was pretty.

    I like some of the race changes they made, like the Khajit; their thick, Skyrim winter coats make since. But the Argonians…. ehhh. I liked them better before, they were more realistic. The Bosmer are no longer tiny and round headed, I like that. But the Dunmer… they’re a bit too sharp for me, and I always play as a Dunmer.

    Overall, this looks like it’s gonna be an incredible game. The few things I’m disappointed with now I’m sure I’ll more than love once I get my hands on the game.

  20. I am counting the days I am going to travel and get an X-BOX and buy skyrim hope it gets in Europe before december and that you can chose your width and height.

    A great Bethesda’s fan

  21. WOW!!i cant believe any of u are complaining…..The game and the faces look amazing but i do agree with the DLC that one of u made up were u can TAME A DRAGON!!

  22. THANK YOU Bethesda!! Everything looks great,I think the wait it worth it but its still one month and a FEW days

    Any way thanks bethesda for making most of my fav games like Fallout 3 and New Vegas + the The Elder Scrolls series!

  23. You know what I would like to see, if the Argonians and Khajit will walk like in Oblivion as normal humans or like in Morrowind, beast like. I really enjoyed Oblivion but I kinda missed the fact of making a Argonian in Morrowind and kill everybody like I’m Godzilla 😛 And I would like to see some spears and halbards in Skyrim, that would be awesome!

    Overall I really like the faces, very detailed and improved! Nice work Bethesda!!