The Races and Faces of Skyrim

Long hair. Short hair. No hair. Dirty faces. Dirty beards. War Paint. Crazy eyes. Argonian eyes.

Like Bubba from Forrest Gump, we could go on for days talking about the different customization options you’ll have with Skyrim. But instead, we decided to share the preset options you’ll have when you start your adventure. Above is a sampling of choices you can make for the men and women of Skyrim… the Nords.

Check out the other nine races after the break (or by visiting our Flickr page).



Dark Elf





Wood Elf

High Elf

Reader Comments

  1. Guys…stop complaining and let the Bethesda guys do their job.

    If you have a game where everything goes your way then what’s the point of playing it.

    The races have been a HUGE improvement and we should applaud Bethesda for this.

    If you think the necks are too thin then go tweak it in-game or with a mod.

    • Tweaking your character’s neck will not tweak anyone else’s, and not all of us play on the PC, so your suggestions (as I will call them) are somewhat invalid. A game that goes my way with the graphics? And doesn’t have glitches? You’re right… that sounds horrible what’s the point of playing a game like that?

      • because graphics make good gameplay right? because graphics are the reason everyone plays games. god forbid someone is more concerned with actual gameplay than if a neck is a little to thin. these aren’t paintings, they are games. games to PLAY. dagger fall didnt look pretty, niether did doom or any other game worth playing in the 90’s. you should be greatful you live in an era where these games look as good as they do. but no, your a designer with your own company and your dissapointed right? oh wait, your just some game player? wow i guess they should just focus on whaty your complaining about right? instead of solid gameplay and story telling, nope just need to have good polygons.

  2. Very nice faces so far. Much more realistic and detailed. I do hope that we can change faces to suit us more like Oblivion thatn Morrowind. But my concern is leveling and item leveling mre than faces.

    Elder Scrolls always have great fans mod for everything in the game. I am sure that if someone doesn’t like faces, eyes, hair, bodies and any other items there will be mods to change them.

    I love this series. I have a character in Oblivion with 3000+ hours of gameplay on her. Loved it in begining with no mods and more with mods. Still playing Oblivion after all these years and still not bored. Best game ever.

    Love the work on SKyrim I have seen so far. Egarly awaiting release….!!!!!

    • I have been waiting for a new elder scrolls since i got oblivion i love oblivion and to have dragons in skyrim i cant wait its KILLING ME!!!!

    • everyting so far is looking amazing especially the graphics cant wait untill skyrim comes out but theres only one thing i reckon would make the game even better is if werewolves are introduced to the game, this will not only make it more fun but more challenging in a way.

  3. This looks Freaking amazing! i especially like the new argonian look. Oh and bethesda… dont liste nto themorons who want you to over work… because ive used TES construction set and i understand how much time and detail you put into you games in oblivion i try my best not to blow up everything with fireballs knowing that you put much time into EVERYTHING. I hope to see M’aiq once more and the horror of dive rock.I hope thatthe faces are not all presets… other than that i look foward to the game and i will be playing it on 11-11-11!

    • you liked the new argonian look? everyone has a right to there opinion i suppose. i personnally liked it better with the long snout and shorter neck. these new ones just look….ugly…but thats just me.

  4. Very nice, Bethesda! One detail I have always loved about Elder Scrolls is how the characters actually look capable of fighting. The men look like real men (not hairless teenagers), and the women look both tough and beautiful. I’m especially loving the more menacing-looking eyes on the ladies. I cringe every time I’m forced to play big, anime-eyed pixies. But that’s just my personal tastes, tho. ;P Can’t wait for 11-11!

    • I will admit I love the fact Bethesda is making westernized RPGs and not the big-eyed anime style JRPGs that a lot of us grew up with. Although FFVI will probably always be my favorite RPG. A good enough story and balanced gameplay make up for almost any kind of graphical imperfections. Also I never understood why the world’s smallest-eyed people make the biggest-eyed characters in their entertainment products. O.O

      • LOL! Over compensation, maybe?

        I have always loved the FF series. The story lines in most of their titles really draw me in, so I totally agree with you on that point. It’s kinda like when I played Planescape Torment for the first time last year. Crappy graphics (by today’s standards) but the gameplay and story quickly made it one of my faves.

    • Despite being a huge fan of Eastern RPGs and Anime, I definately do agree that the whole typical pretty boy hero look has become a huge cliche. (Though it’s part of what makes the old, grizzled mentors more awesome) And I am indeed excited about the inclusion of true beards rather than just the typical stubble/five o’clock shadow from oblivion.
      As for eastern RPG eyes, That is simply part of the artstyle, and a part of it that changes author to author, and artist to artist. Some have comically huge eyes to invoke a sense of ‘cuteness’, Some have realistic eyes to invoke,,, well…. Realism.

      As for the Khajhit females, Their necks are a little odd looking, though they may look better in different context, I can’t know.
      The Argonian Women have similar necks, But I can halfway forgive that seeing as they are rather reptillian, though it still makes them seem rather uncanny when compared to male argonnians.

      Other than that, I like them so far. They definately look like what you would expect to find in a rugged land such as Skyrim.

  5. Well, they’ve brought back some good stuff and introduced even better stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved the tattoos and piercings from Morrowind and I’m glad that’s back. REAL BEARDS? LONGER HAIR? Yes, please. Oblivion didn’t have any hair that was long enough. If I wanna make my character look my me, he needs waist-length hair and a goatee!!!
    Also, it’s cool how the Dark Elven faces look more Morrowind-esqe this time around. The Argonians and Khajit look great, too, specially the black-furred ones! However, many of the Altmer faces do look pretty catastrophic. Bosmer should be elegant, and Orcs look too human. Orcs had a perfect look in Oblivion, and that’s how it should be. But of course, that’s all just personal preference. I can always make characters suited to my style, and it looks like Skyrim will have far more customization options than Oblivion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am sorry but i heartily disagree with you on Orcs altmer and bosmer, orcs look as they have always intended to i dont see the “too human” part, bosmer are aboriginal forest dwelling sprites and i think they absolutely look the part and just because altmer dont look pretty and perfect like elves from LOTR does not mean they look “catastophic” they are supposed to look a little intimidating and strange kinda like Dunmer.

    • Totally right, and I know what you mean about the “too human” part of the orc females. But looking at those pics close up, I personally think they nailed every race wonderfully, and gave each one it’s on look and appeal. These orcs are easily the best I’ve seen in any fantasy video game, and that human aspect that you see actually makes a lot of sense in TES than it would in a game setting like DnD (where they’d be extremely ape-like).

      And I -love- that the elves are not the beautiful creatures of LOTR. Bethesda has really taken that cliche and made these elves 100% theirs, shattering that cliche while still allowing their elves to have their own beauty. It’s a wild, violent world that TES is based on, not just in Skyrim, and I really think they nailed the look they were aiming for. Can’t wait to play with the finished product myself!

    • Aww, I like the new look of the Altmer; you can really see the ‘superiority’ in their features that everyone in TES hates on XD I think they look powerful… and they have an air of ancient power that few games are able to adequately capture for elves.

      The Orcs may look a bit more human, but they’re still.. monstrous. Evolution? Maybe they’re converting back to their mer roots with time ~

      I do agree with the Bosmer though, they’re a little too rough looking for forest elves.

  6. Any other nord or dual weilding long sword fans out there????? And Bethesda id really like to know if u can block with 2 one handed weapons if u cant answer i understand just curious?

    • While your dual wielding 2 one handed weapons its impossible to block… as bethesda put it “You can get the best of all worlds” so no you cant lol

    • im not bethesda, but dont u think u just use 1 sword (left) to block?
      thats how it is in real life, and thats how itll be in the game.
      have u not seen any of the footage of this game??
      it clearly shows it there..

  7. So im realllly excited about finishers reminds me of Dragon Age Origins anyway ive been reveiewing some gameplay and it seems more realistic like if u manage to get behind somebody lets just say a high elf because I hate high elves u shove a long sword in their spine and instant shishkabob oh and heres a fun fact evreybody who wants to go NINJA/STEALTHY if ure planing on using strictly daggers i suggest u rewright ure game plan because with all do respect how many dragons u plan on taking with a 6 inch dagger just sayin (;

    • Ummm…..aren’t the bows and arrows used by ninjas or theives or stealthy people? it’s ok and i dont expect anyone to use a dagger in their whoooole game LOL ๐Ÿ˜› , anyways u r right the most interesting thing in skyrim is how realistic the gameplay and the world around u is….ahh..can’t wait for skyrim, bosmer; here we go (until 11-11-11 :P)

  8. looks good to me, only things id change would be all the races look very warrior like, and so playing as a mage or monk with an aggressive face might not feel to right, and also some of the Khajiit faces seem a little to wide, just my thoughts.

    • I’m pretty sure you will be able to alter the faces to make a less agressive appearance. Also I agree about the Khajiit, their faces needed to be a little less wide…

    • the warrior look is sooo sick if you think of the norse you dont think tree hugging fairies you think tough chest pounding barbarians that ripped shit up and bethesda surrtanally pourred that into skyrim love to play it on th3 11th

  9. After reading through a great deal of complaints on this page, I have several things to say.

    To the remarks concerning age: If you look at several of the pictures on the larger scale you will notice that many of the models shown here span quite a few age ranges–from youthful and spry to old and haggard–within the same race. One merely has to look closer and wait to make an assessment afterwards.

    To the remarks concerning the neck girth of female Khajiiti: How many of you own cats as pets? I do. I have two, in fact, one male and the other female. As a person who is not a veterinarian, I cannot tell the difference. I know they are of opposite sex because my wife tells me they are. Which brings me to my point (again not being a vet or animal enthusiast): I cannot, for the life of me, think of one example aside from lions where the male cat cosmetically looks any different from the female cat. In the case of both wild and domestic cats, the genitalia must be examined to make a determination. The only other difference is general size. Male cats, typically, are larger. Ipso facto, in the game–I emphasize that it is only a game–the only way to denote the difference is genitalia (as was the case in Oblivion with the presence of breasts on females) and body typing. I tend to think that at some point the lead artist showed these renderings to his boss, who either approved or disapproved, who then took them to his boss; ad infinitum until they came up with a product that suited the vision of the chief executive in charge of the game, who presented these images to us, the peons, who then continued to complain pro tempore until the game was released and we all bought it anyhow.

    To the validity of Orcs via comparison to the Lore: Have any of you read the aforementioned Lore? Have you read it for every game? As the title of The Elder Scrolls V implies, this is not the first, nor was TESIV from which you all seem to be drawing your basis of what the “Lore” says. If you were to go back and read the character descriptions from Arena to present day you would find that: 1) there were no playable Orcs, as they didn’t appear until Morrowind; 2) Bretons were tall and dark-haired humans in Arena, tall but fair-skinned in Daggerfall, yet by Oblivion they are dark-haired, pale and shorter than Imperials; 3) and that Khajiiti were originally humans who were “supposedly” descended from an intelligent feline race and that they painted their faces to more closely resemble their “legendary” ancestors, but by Morrowind they are merely anthropomorphized cats. The point of all that is that it is entirely up to the creators, being Bethesda, to decide what is appropriate or not. The Lore changes with each game; it is simply a part of the experience. I think it gets better per iteration. Think of it this way, even Tolkien needed his son Christopher to clarify inconsistencies in his writings posthumously. No person could singularly come up with such a vast system of mythos and have everything line up perfectly and the same every time it was mentioned without someone there to check and reference his work.

    I’ll wrap it up now, but the point of all this has been that if you have something to say, whether negative or positive, do a little bit of research before you throw something out there that is asinine or otherwise just completely unfounded and pointless.

    All that being said, thank you Bethesda for the hard work and this preview. Thus far, all the waiting seems as though it will pay off.

    • I don’t care how many levels of “do you approve this sir?” the female Kahjiit’s neck went through, the end result is ugly and doesn’t look right. They remind me of those woman from other countries who have a taboo cultural tradition of stretching out their necks with metal rings, adding more every year or two until their neck looks like a female Kahjiit… and the Kahjiit have fur! So the fact their still the same size is even worse! If those women I spoke of took off their neck rings at a certain age, their necks wouldn’t be able to support their heads so they leave the rings on until death. Long story short and storel of the mory is… your second paragraph was supposed to talk about the Kahjiit’s necks, and yet all you talked about was other differences in earthly cats like genitals which was mentioned more than once. You like to sound like you know soo much but you say so little, and yes, I own 2 cats and 4 dogs. =)

      • Hey, guy… if you don’t realised, the great point he touches (even if he have fled a little of what he was saying before), is that a lot of people (I don’t know if it fits in you, so I’ll not criticize you) is blaming this photos based in game that already were changed. It’s like language: we see alot of people against gramatical rules changes, but the gramatic they defend was already changed before โ€” and I’m certain there was someone against it too.

        Sorry about the gramatical mistakes, I’m brazilian.

    • Great point, guy. I always admire someone who knows the Tolkyen Lore (you know, don’t you). It’s big and complex โ€” I love it. Maybe we can talk sometime.

  10. The 9nth Dark Elf Who Has a sweet beard
    and looks like a crazy wizard has a hand
    on his forehead its the same hand that
    goes all over the face on a morrowind
    dark elf character except its black
    and covers half the face, anyone else
    notice this?

  11. All I wanna know is, can you tamper with the body size so that your character doesn’t look like they’ve been starved their entire lives or have you guys sort of beefened them up a little

    • I want to say yes? I heard Todd say that you had some option in that department. Can’t remember what interview that was in though…

      I never really thought about changing the body type for each race, but if you can in any manner of detail, how COOL would that be? I won’t be too picky here though, it already looks exactly like what I want so I’m a happy camper either way ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Oh and one more thing, an idea of sorts, can there possibly be a side quest in which you would have to go through some sort of trials to tame a dragon for world travel, by all means nothing easy either and you’d have to be an appropriate level say around 15-20, I just thought since you’re the last of your kind that can speak the dragon language and in D&D lore dragons are intelligent creatures, there could be a quest about long deceased dragon riders from before the dragons started terrorizing the lands and you would learn of these distinct warriors and learn their ways of mounting the mystical beasts. Just some food for thought, I’m a console player and I see the mods they’ve made for the PC where you can ride dragons in Oblivion, it could be a DLC for all I care I’d pay extra for it and I’m sure others feel the same hopefully. sorry this is so long, you don’t have to post it as long as you guys get to read it and maybe think about and play with the idea would make me happy. And thank all of you guys at Bethesda for actually thinking about us single player people in a world of online gamers, I love all of you and would totally have your babies. lol

  13. i think you guys made some major improvements from the last game the only issue i have with these so far is that the elves who have always been a fair race look as if they are one of the roughest and beat up races in this version of elder scrolls if you could make them just a little more fair again it would be much appreciated

    • My sources may not be entirely correct so don’t quote me on this, but I believe I read an interview with Todd Howard saying that you can’t change the height because the different races have key aspects with their height. i.e You can’t make a midget High Elf (unfortunately). But you can change the build (width wise) like the muscularity and the slenderness and hopefully their obesity.

        • Surely a tiny khajiit would just be a domesticated cat holding a sword?

          Come to think of it I might start training my kittens to do that to frighten guests.

        • In the previous Elder Scrolls construction sets it was a simple matter to change a races height and weight. but you would have to change it for the entire race.

        • As in tall “for a breton” or tiny “for a khajiit”? That would make sense, at least to adjust it a little bit. But if I was the designer, I wouldn’t probably mess with that because it wouldn’t make as huge an impact for anyone to notice. It would be cool to have, but it’s not a terrible loss imo.

  14. These all look phenomenal as far as I’m concerned. The level of realism and depth/attention to detail that go into the characters and environments for each of the Elder Scrolls games blows me away. Bravo.

  15. Does anyone know if Agorian and/or Khajit have regained a somewhat more bestial form in this game? I do love Oblivion, but I do miss the more clear racial difference we had in Morrowind. Say what you like about that, but they are more animalistic than other humanoid races (as is the point with them) and having them resticted from using human boots or shoes, and the odd helmet or two is a small price to pay for the feeling of playing something a bit different from the norm.

    • In addition to the comment above (which I agree with), I was just wondering how they will do helmets this time around. In Oblivion, playing an Argonian or Khajiit means you had an extended, snout like face. That being the case, your face ended up crammed into a helmet or behind a mask (see Cowl of Nocturnal). It would be nice to see an open faced helmet designed to be worn by all races, or even helmets or masks designed for the more bestial races. I mean, really, in a closed face helmet, how are you going to cram an enormously long face into it? If they do it again in this one, I won’t really mind too much, as long as it doesn’t look squished.
      I love Bethesda and their nearly unbelievably beautiful work. I absolutely love the new faces. The Argonians no longer look like common lizards, they have their own unique skulls (which would also be a cool addition, finding different shaped skulls in the world). I’m very impressed with the elves, all of them. People seem upset that they aren’t “prettier”. Which is totally fine with me, I’m not hating or anything. In my opinion, they look fantastic. Why? Because elves are not humans, so they shouldn’t look like humans. They should look like otherworldly mystical creatures. So I think instead of making them humans with pointy ears, give them an intense, odd facial structure. Which they did and i love. If you don’t like it (again, no problem), mercifully you can be a range of humans, a cat person, a reptile person, or a brutish orc. I am dying for 11-11-11 to arrive.

  16. y is everyone complaining it looks awesome i hate the people who whine about every last little detail just be happy its comming out in november ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. That is what makes Bethesda stand out from the rest, the time actually taken to provide an utterly outstanding game to players. When looking back at Morrowind, the game world became forever revolutionized by far due to the detail and dedication put into the game. Then to have lighting strike twice with the coming of Oblivion, fans everywhere were astounded. You have earned my respect Bethesda, and on the behalf of gamers everywhere I can confidently say that we are looking forward to your next installment. Keep up the amazing work!

    Sincerely, just another gamer

  18. looks all beautifully, but I disturb that before output remained quite a little a little, but still something in stage of the development.

  19. The faces look AMAZING. Hoping for deeper customization. And I swear to christ if every black man has the same voice again I will file a racial discrimination suit D:<!

    And then go on a guard killing spree when I lose the suit!

    3. PROFIT!

    • With only 8 or so voice actors for 20 possible race combinations (10 races, male/female), many races had to share voice actors, nevermind only having one each. Redguards got lucky.

    • At least the Redguards had a cool voice. The elf voices were incredibly grating after a few hundred hours, not to mention the butchered hispanic Argonian and Khajiit accents. All raspy and ridiculous. the only thing that was different between the two was all Argonians had terrible grammar and really silly names.

  20. I have always played as an Argonian with the elder scroll games i have played and now that they look like this I am seriously pumped, November 11th please hurry.

  21. This has nothing to do with the amazing faces.. I was just getting skyrim ancy and was thinking it would be intense if there were like multiple dog breeds and you could breed them and have like randomly generated characteristics from the parents.. keep them in your house or outside eating scribs and other things that wander in the area. and obviously have them accompany you and level as well. Cant believe its still 2 months away.. Drivin me nuts!

    • I thought this game is meant to be about ‘dragonborn’ a guy who goes around happy slapping dragons, grinding them to a pulp then tearing the souls from their bodies, not some nonse who stays around home all day feeding his dogs like he’s a character out of the Sims!!! :L

    • As cool as that sounds, it seems totally unlikely that we’ll see that. If we do, I’ll be surprised, but honestly, this isn’t the sims! What you’re proposing seems totally off the radar for what the devs are currently focused on. Again, if it’s there, I’ll be amazed and impressed with their thoroughness to detail.

      But seriously, does the game have to be -that- extreme to be awesome? Love your idea though, even if it seems totally random XD Just wait for the mod ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I know you folks worked hard on these, but I feel some of the models are a bit too deviated from the Elder Scrolls tradition. If these are finalized, I’ll have some difficulty purchasing Skyrim.

  23. I think they all look amazing and I can’t wait to get into character creation! My only gripe is with those jowls on the Khajiits. Google image search ‘lady in the radiator’ and you’ll see what I mean. Other than that, good job Bethesda *thumbs up*

  24. The woodelves are way to dark D: and they have red/brownish eyes D: but i qeus we can costumize that anyway, other than that they are all old and stuff they look perfect ๐Ÿ˜€

    • i know what you mean!!!!
      I have even started dreaming about this game and had to change the sheets in the mornig!!!!(k maybe not change the sheets but yea) I am so looking forward to 11/11/11. Breton Mage FTW!!!!

      Sorry for the exclamation mark overload.

  25. why the hell do Dark Elfs look more like Vampires with pointy ears now?
    The High Elves also look a tad intimidating for people who specialize in magic… ive been here since daggerfall (Which is STILL a favorite to this day)Morrowind is also still enjoyable maybe even more so then oblivion. and from all signs that i see the games achilles heel will be the same as oblivions. Focus more on eye candy and less on gameplay. i am begging you. do not go the route of the little kiddies demanding that a game looks good no matter how crappy it plays.

    • so what is the “big-boy’s” idea of good gameplay? I hope you aren’t suggesting that daggerfall had good gameplay

    • dude magic users should look intimidating cause there unnatural. Everything looks great bethesda i hope you can customize everything cause thats how i like to play but it looks aweosme! I was wondering.. can we change like obesity levels ha it would be hilarious to make a fat high elf.

    • Amigo… I doubt anyone wanted or expected anything less than Tolkien looking elves from this game, and instead Bethesda did something totally different that, imo, matches the rugged setting they were going with here. And, again imo, it adds a level of believability to, not only the setting, but the game world itself. Darks elves look sinister, wood elves look wild, and high elves look haught, I think they accomplished that perfectly.

      And crappy play??? Sir, you need to google skyrim news and check out that 20 minutes of pure gameplay they just released (or re-released? Either way, this new release looks better :P). I get we really don’t know how it’ll feel, but damn, it looks amazing.

  26. i love the Argonian faces the detail is amazion however i dont think the redgards look as bad ass but don’t get me wrong im not saying the look bad i’m going to love the detail in this game

  27. So why isn’t there an Argonian with a fin on his head like there was in Oblivion. That was my favorite head option for Argonians. Also I really hope you can edit the brow ridge on the Dunmer, because they are creeping me out.

  28. is it just me, or do those high elves look a bit sickly? I dont like it but i guess in some ways it fits in with lore. elder scrolls high elves aren’t the second best to gods blessed with immortality race of LOTR.

    Anyone notice how you can distinguish less between imperials and bretons as the graphics get better? aren’t bretons supposed to be half elf? maybe slightly pointier ears and eyes and gold tinted skin would solve this little problem?

  29. I think they all look great, and there’s definitely a huge improvement in facial details. But I have to say the Dark elves look absolutely terrifying. I hope they bring back the Morong Tong from Morrowind.

  30. I really can’t wait for this game I have a feeling its going to be great. Also I love Wood Elves but I’m hoping that their not 3 heads shorter than the other races like in Oblivion. I do understand how they should be shorter since their elves but please don’t have them be total midgits. Or better thought an adjustable height bar would be fantastic.

    • dont make any assumptiions.. just cause u cant choose a class at the start of the game doesnet mean anything.. you will kind of create a class as you play in what u want to specialize in.. so u level up in what u use

  31. First off, who hit the High Elves with the ugly stick. Some of them are greener than the orcs. Wood Elves oh well same ol same ol. Redguards seem ok they do share some of the same issues dark dirty faces…..(yes I know redguards are darkskinned. Orcs are orcs…..funny thing is these seem prettier than some of the other races. Dark Elves…yes their dark….but again none of your elven races are good looking in those shots. Top middle dark elf. Someone was watching way to much Planet of the apes. lol Ok love the khajit and Argonians… One last thing, someone has got to lay off the eyeliner and eyeshadow..this isnt halloween.

    I do love them over all but some of those presets are just scary.

    • You forget to mention the female Kahjiit’s necks being too long and skinny as well as the noses of most races not having enough polygons leaving a jagged mess. But what you said I agree with and you summed most of it up rather nicely.

  32. Hi, these races look amazing, loving the argonians! I would just like to thank Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls series, they are so well made and fun to play and also fallout 3 was a blast to play too! So can’t wait for Skyrim, pre-ordered my copy already. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks!

    • I’d second that mate.
      My only complaint with them would be that they can’t train up several hundred staff and writers to their level to give us a game every two or three years rather than every five. But I imagine that bringing people to their level may take five years in itself

    • I think this is the silliest thing I’ve heard concerning this game. I’m picturing furious parents/siblings/significant others/neighbors yelling “STFU!!!!” as people the world over spend hours screaming “FUS RO DAH!!!” and the like.

    • Hahaha…..

      T’would be a fine gimmick but believe me, when you have a wife und child, you’ll wish your balls you can turn it off when all your gaming world happens ‘tween 21:00 and 03:00

  33. Those faces looks truly AMAZING! I love the humans faces like the nords ๐Ÿ™‚

    But wow, the noses really needs to be fixed. Some of them looks like they’re made in paint ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  34. The only thing i dont like so far is the orcs look too much like humans… they looked wayy better in oblivion.. but thats just my opinion. and that first orc screenshot from skyrim that u released looked awesome. but i think they should definatly be greener and maybe no beards?

  35. I think these faces are looking great. Like some of you said it would be good to change the hights and builds of the character within reason though. On a side note jeremy sounds like a broken record and is a douche.

  36. wow all of the faces look awesome totaly going to be kahjiit because they look awesome and I cant wait for the awesomist game to be on the shelves

  37. Does anyone else think it would be good to take a fairly short quiz to recomend a race before you start? (I’m really gonna struggle choosing…)

  38. Thats more like it, So much more realistic than Oblivion. It took me an hour to customize a face in Oblivion I was happy with. I could start with any of these. I cant wait for 11/11/11.