RAGE Gameplay Trailer: Gearhead Vault (Updated!)

We just landed at PAX Prime 2011. To help kick off the weekend, we’ve released an all-new RAGE gameplay video. This time around, we’re focusing on one of the game’s most challenging bandit clans, the Gearheads.

In this video, the Gearheads have started combining Feltrite and Plutonium to create the ultimate power supply. The mayor of Subwaytown sends you on a mission to the clan’s vault so that he can claim this new power for his own use.

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Reader Comments

  1. man this looks awesome!

    Counting the days till release… though games usually ship to Fiji pretty late. I pre-ordered myself an Anarchy Edition last month.

    Every new bit of footage makes the waiting even harder >_<

  2. Not gona lie, my intrest in rage bar was blinking ugly red low. I began to watch and was like “i thought i read some place that animation was suppose to be good, the animations dont look that great” then the Bethesda Softworks Presents comes up and BOOM fallout 3 memorys SPIKED that damn intrest bar. And holy god, the rest of the video overflowed it. Gona preorder this in the mourning.

  3. Holy shittaky mushrooms!

    I was already sold on this game, but this video put it to the peak of Purchase Mountain.

    Graphics look incredible. And it is such a relief to see characters with nice facial animations and look like real people.

    Ide love to see Fallout 4 with these graphics. Would suit it to a tee.

    Incredible jod iD and Bethesda.

    • … Not sure why I said fallout 4 with this game is set the a Wasteland. So i’ll put fallout 4 to the side and..

      RAGE RAGE RAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I haven’t been SUPER interested in RAGE, and, to be honest, it doesn’t look that much different game-play wise from Borderlands. Even the pistol has a similar look to it.

    Graphics ARE incredible however, and this single video isn’t really enough to go on, so saying it looks like Borderlands now may completely change in the future. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled.