Skyrim roundup: Vampires, DLC news, QuakeCon/Gamescom, and more!

In a few hours, fans at PAX Prime will finally be able to play Skyrim for the first time. Until then, we wanted to share the latest Skyrim news from around the web.

Earlier this morning, Microsoft announced that the first two pieces of game add-on content for Skyrim will be releasing exclusively on Xbox 360 — 30 days before they’re available anywhere else. When we have more details on the content, we’ll let everyone know.

Elsewhere, don’t miss Dave Oshry’s Skyrim preview posted yesterday at RipTen. The preview is significant, as he’s the first person we know that encountered vampires in his playthrough. Read the four-page preview here.

Fun fact: Pete Hines is actually dragonborn. At least that’s my explanation for how he survived all the interviews he did at Gamescom.With more than 275,000 attendees in Cologne last week, Pete used the power of the voice to conduct countless interviews with sites like Gamespot, ComputecDestructoid, and FBC.

For more previews and interviews, be sure to head to these sites:

Finally, our friends at Planet Elder Scrolls have a quick refresh on the history of The Elder Scrolls. Read it here.

Reader Comments

  1. Stop crying … Omg its just 30 days … It will fly by playing this game anyway .. ohh and by the way the Dlc is not armour its really deep .. But it will be only 2 _ _3 dl. With richer aspects than dead money and horse armour

  2. I want to see mods on platforms .. I know it will never happen but I can dream right .. Ohh I got to admit as a 360 owner and former ps3 owner Im happy about the exclusiveness of content . . I dont get free online access like I used to anymore when I had my ps3 .. But if you compare and contrast 360 is more secure than garbage ps3 servers and u dont have to wait so long for updates that do a horrible job in protecting your info anyway … Get over it ps3 fans ..

  3. All I got to say is you are all pissing your self its only 30 days. I’m a ps3/pc user and ill be to busy trying every littlr thing in skyrim wht bethesda does wuth their money is their choice I mean ain’t lke non of us helped make it so just stop crying all I want to see is no diffrence of treatment and what I mean by that is like one systen gets a special treatment that another system didn’t get at all this 30 day is fine at least I still get plus with the extra money they might be able to make something more epic for all their skyrim fans

  4. Well said. People are actually claiming their not going to buy any more Bethesda titles after this one… Like theyll be missed … This game will definatley sell over a million copies …