Skyrim roundup: Vampires, DLC news, QuakeCon/Gamescom, and more!

In a few hours, fans at PAX Prime will finally be able to play Skyrim for the first time. Until then, we wanted to share the latest Skyrim news from around the web.

Earlier this morning, Microsoft announced that the first two pieces of game add-on content for Skyrim will be releasing exclusively on Xbox 360 — 30 days before they’re available anywhere else. When we have more details on the content, we’ll let everyone know.

Elsewhere, don’t miss Dave Oshry’s Skyrim preview posted yesterday at RipTen. The preview is significant, as he’s the first person we know that encountered vampires in his playthrough. Read the four-page preview here.

Fun fact: Pete Hines is actually dragonborn. At least that’s my explanation for how he survived all the interviews he did at Gamescom.With more than 275,000 attendees in Cologne last week, Pete used the power of the voice to conduct countless interviews with sites like Gamespot, ComputecDestructoid, and FBC.

For more previews and interviews, be sure to head to these sites:

Finally, our friends at Planet Elder Scrolls have a quick refresh on the history of The Elder Scrolls. Read it here.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m sorry, but the exclusive for XBox 360 was what killed New Vegas for me. It annoyed me enough to stop for a week and I never got back to the game. Didn’t buy any subsequent DLC because I didn’t see the point in buying DLC for a game I didn’t finish. Honestly, if you’re gonna commit to all three platforms, please do so for the entire run of the game. I realize MS paid a chunk of money for this exclusive, and I hope that money is worth the bad will and loss of future sales this sort of thing causes.

  2. Wow seriously Bethesda? I thought you were going to stop with all this exclusive DLC sh*T. Stop being money hungry, your eliminating you’re true fanbase on the PC by favoring the Xbox.

    Pretty stupid move, your first DLC should be called “DEAD DEAL”

  3. As excited as I am for Skyrim, exclusive DLC for the 360 seems like a bad move. I suppose I’ll have to find solace in knowing that there will be plenty of new content coming out of the PC modding community to bide the time between DLC releases.

  4. Why do you announce that the first two DLC’s are going to first be exclusive to 360 like it’s good news?

    That’s just plain retarded. I mean sure PC players get mods, and such, but that’s really cool shoving the platform the the series got it’s start from to the side just for Micro$oft. And PS3 players get an even shorter end of the stick since they won’t have mods.

    I mean I know it’s just for 30 days, and they’ll come to the other systems, but it’s still pretty crappy, and one has to think what’s the point of it?

  5. Why not just go ahead and release the whole game as a timed exclusive, that way you can really get those MS dollaz and piss off even more players, as I understand it that’s what you’re trying to do, right?

  6. I love you guys, I really do. You make some of the best games I’ve ever played. But I’m a PC gamer and as far as consoles go I’m a PS3 gamer. I realize that the 360 is a vastly inferior system (especially when compared to a souped up PC) and that MS needs to shell out dough for these timed exclusives so that they can sway people into buying their shoddy hardware and giant controllers.. but c’mon, this timed exclusivity stuff is really getting old. If you’re going to do that sorta thing, then at least get some other bit of DLC that can be exclusive to the other platforms 30 days before they hit Microshaft’s console.

  7. Thanks for all the info. am happy the 360 is getting the dlc first seen as am buying it on the xbox. the game is huge anyway so i dont think any1 should worry about dlc.

    will the full demos from quakecon and gamescom be released so the fans can see it ?

  8. “You mean something I may not even be ready for as I may not be finished with the colossal main game content yet and that wouldn’t have even existed 6 years ago will be held back on my platform by a few weeks to help cover development costs! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE”

    Winners all around guys (or is it whiners?)

    Meanwhile, I’m just hopefully excited about all things Skyrim

  9. Just so long as the PS3 users can get all of the same DLC as everyone else I’ll be happy.
    Oblivion was a broken game on the PS3 in the first place with all of the crashes and freezes, then the vampire glitch, then the door in the Mage’s tower that could never be opened, then the shameless cash grab that is the 5th edition.
    If PS3 users get hosed again I think someone may launch a lawsuit.

  10. So how long before Playstation 3 and PC owners get the downloadable content?

    I seriously thought every DLC for future Bethesda games were going to have DLC released on each console at the same time, like New Vegas DLC has done.

    Can we get an actual length of time? Is 30 days the correct time other console owners will have to wait?

    This would really help with orders.. 😐

  11. Reaaaaally? I mean, not that it will matter – I will still buy the DLC, I would probably wait a month anyways for other reasons – but why the sellout, BethSoft? Why? Microsoft already owns enough souls without you giving them yours. Srsly.

  12. If you’re pulling the xbox exclusivity trick again, those first 2 DLC better be horse armor.

    Seriously, if you’re going to keep going down this road, how about some crappy bonus for the other platforms to at least partially mask your contempt? Is Pete still in charge of PR? Doesn’t he realize how these transparent cash grabs make you guys look?

  13. So much whining from the ps3 frackers, getting annoying. You guy’s get exclusive all the time, and when you don’t you don’t shut up about it.
    I am very happy with this news, can’t wait to play this.

  14. You know what. I just spent 3000 dollar on a new gaming rig so that I could be gaming skyrim on maximum, and what do I get for that? Well 30 days of wait because skyrim favours 360. I kind of starting to hate you guys for selling out. I hope your ashamed of yourself.

  15. Well, at least you *kind of* learned your lesson from Dead Money, and are at least telling us we only have to wait 30 days.

    It’s still an asshole kind of move, though.

  16. not a good look bethesda, you dont want to shape an appearance similar to infinity ward but that is the path you are currently going down.

  17. Oh… My…God!! You’d think the world was ending or something. 360 users get the DLC 30 days early, thats all. PC users especially have nothing to whine about, you’ll be getting loads of cool stuff thanks to the modding community!

  18. 30 days? You’re telling me I practically have to wait until Christmas to get it? Um, I’m a little disappointed by that. However, if the DLC turns out to be something along the lines of Mehrunes’ Razor or the dreaded horse armor, then I can wait.

  19. 80% of all above comments: Babies whining over a 30 day differential. We can wait, and I have PS3, so it’s not like we won’t get it, we’ll just have the time to see if it’s worth getting the DLC.

    BTW I want more than TWO DLC for the PS3, plz and thnx.

  20. @Rob,
    Not to tell you how to spend your money, but if you really needed to spend $3k to get/make a current high-end rig, then the shame goes all around.

    Friends at PAX said their 15 mins of Skyrim playtime were awesome and well worth the wait. 🙂

  21. Now what the buck is this bethesda?! It was already too much with microsoft and their black ops deal(yeah i played black ops, but the dlc thing ruined it all) and now YOU do the same thing with them?! Darn… Well, no one of my friend are going to buy it for xbox so the suprise will not be ruined for me… Im a pc/ps3 player for the win!

    • The only reason im whining about this dirty move is that with bo my xbox friends ruined the suprise with the dlc and there was no point buying them… What kind of privilege does microsoft have? Money rules nowadays and you are forgetting your fans… Well, thats bussiness

  22. So. Your true colors are on the table now at last for all to see.

    First it was Steamworks, and now two XBox DLC exclusives.

    I didn’t want to believe it, but actions speak louder than the PR department can spin. Your contempt for PC users is crystal clear.

    Welcome to 2011 Bethesda. You’re adapting perfectly 🙁

  23. Seriously, enough already this awful cooperation with Microsoft…
    If Bethesda someday decided to make a games for mobile platforms – will we see the same stupidity here – the first DLC’s will be only for Windows phones and later others? This will be awful alienating of potential customer base – and on the mobile platform competition between developers is really steep – so this move of exclusivity costs a real & big money than any advantage of cooperation or any payment from Microsoft.

  24. Why is this not worded as an apology? It’s like, “hey , guess what! You get to wait *30 days* longer to play our game, for no reason! It’s ready and finished, the will be playing it, but you get to wait for another month!”

    And it’s not like it’s good news for the 360 players. They’ll be getting the DLC as early as they should be getting it: when it’s finished. It’s not like they’re getting some kind of bonus. For them, everything is normal, while the PS3 and PC players get the shaft. Who does this benefit, besides you? Why would to describe this as new in any other way than as an apology? No one who reads this blog (your customers, or potential customers) could be appeased by this information.

  25. Personally, I’m a 360 owner so I’m pretty pleased about the exclusive content, buuuut….

    30 days? Really!? You guys are complaining you have to wait 30 days for the DLC?

  26. I only have one thing to say about this.

    Plain retarded.

    First you want us to spend 150€ on the CE of the game – then we can’t even have the DAY ONE DLC included?

    All you care about is money, it seems.

    • Now this statement says it all!!!

      If I spent $150 on the collectors edition, yet i have to wait 30 days longer for 2 DLCs?? Um am I missing something here?! No matter what, if someone spends more $$ for you Bethesda, you better give them all the content on day 1 of that content’s release.

      Bethesda you better start showing ALL your fans some love, or else in the future your fans are going to start leaving you..

      • Hate to tell you, but you are wrong. You think a 30 day MS exclusivity deal is such a horrific thing? You don’t think companies like Steam would do the same if they felt like outbidding MS? Bethesda can choose what they like.

        Also, fans leaving due to 30days between a global release of dlc? Are you high? If their game is good, and it will be, you won’t leave Bethesda. The fact you are so annoyed about not getting the content at the same time shows how much you love the game already, it’s not like they are losing you anytime soon. They have you wrapped around their little finger.

        Well done.

        Also, I don’t care about the 30day exclusivity since I am getting it on 360 and PC. I wouldn’t pay it any mind anyway. It’s 30 days extra of the vanilla experience, it’s not like I will be bored or stuck for things to do. 😉

  27. Wow, QQ much? Crybaby entitled gamers are really getting out of hand.

    Oooh, 30 days is -just- too long to wait for content. I played Oblivion for two years on PC with no $DLC before getting the 360 version and playing SI and KotN, and I was never butthurt over content.

    Constructive question: Will we get audio of any/all Bethsoft related panels?

  28. I bought Fallout. That would freeze all the time and stopped playing it. Bought Fall out new vegas, hoping for better results and that maybe someone in quality control, if they have that department would suggest putting a hold on the release until game can be played without player getting pissed off that they purchased two of there games now with what looks like the company skipping the quality phase altogether. I like the fact that Micro$**T paid a crap load of money to be the 30 day guinea pig. So I guess if quality control (MicroS**T)360 owners are happy with the game play then I will buy it. If I find that it still runs like crap on the PS3 it will be my last purchase from this company and I’m sure many other PS3 owners will do the same. Good luck to you!

  29. We’ve all got a right to be disappointed at how Bethesda’s rational business sense will affect how a small, optional part of the game gets released, but most of you guys are posting comments like they’re announcing that Skim is getting retooled to be a Japanese anime little girl/giant robot DDR game. Jesus Christ, guys.

  30. That is the most stupidest thing I ever heard ms has more money than sence wow they get it a month earlier to be truthful I couldn’t care about who gets what all the platforms will get all the same content so everyone stop complaining Wow 30 days earlier wow wee

  31. Let me posit a theory: Bethesda finds it easier to work out the kinks on one platform instead of perfecting code on 3 platforms at once. When you develop software, you tend to finalize code on one platform, it just makes development easier. Not saying MS isn’t putting up money, but probably makes it easier for Bethesda to make a decision on something they were going to do anyway. remember, when DLC is being developed it’s smaller teams doing it. The main development force will have moved on to the next, big project.

    • You’re correct that focusing on one platform would take less time than developing it simultaneously for all 3, but the amount of time it would take to get DLC for the 360 (on this engine) working on the PC and PS3 would be 1 or 2 days. You can literally port the data files from one console to the other and they work flawlessly.

  32. FFS quit your whining already you still get the game and 30 days will fly by when your playing Skyrim I was able to plug 600+ hours into Oblivion before I got any DLC/Mods and if one of your friends start talking about it ask em to stop its not exactly the end of the world is it? now shut up and put up and I game on PC btw I just dont whine like a little baby when something doesnt go my way.

  33. Wow…This is incredible…All the complaining over a 30 day wait? Seriously? Any of you who have actually paid attention to blog posts or videos you realize the Skyrim team…USES 360s during testing and showcase the game. Yes I am sure MS is fronting cash for this but it doesnt matter. Also…uhm…PS3 users…Elderscrolls was a Xbox and PC exlusive game waaaaay before Sony PLUNGED into it. (Yes Oldschool PC Gamers I know It was a PC exlusive before XBOX.) I personally look at this is fair. Xbox users have been playing the Games longer then PS3 and thats Fact. Oblivion was the first PS3 installment. Get out. PC gamers…seriously? You WILL have mods that take your experience well beyond limits that console users dont have access to. shut up. All this crying over 30 day exclusive rights and how it isnt fair is just ignorant. PS3 has more exclusive rights then MS even dreams of. Get out. I mean PS3 users if someone talking about the DLC ruins it for you…then it obviously wasnt exciting enough for you to enjoy and play it your way and experience it…..All this is… Bethesda showing a lil respect for its orignal console fanbase and as stated in other interviews they are aware of the MASSIVE modding community for the PC so they probably didnt realize everyone would be so butt hurt and literally cry themselves to sleep over this…..That is all.. Sorry this was so long but it all had to be said

    • LMFAO @ people still crying about something game comanies have been doing for soooo many years including beth. it should be expected by now. justified? they own the damn game they can do what they want. if it wasnt in their best interest they would not be doing it. its a business. why do people feel entitled to something else just because they pay for the main game? if you dont like it, speak up with your wallet and dont buy skyrim. yeah, right! :rollseyes:

      • Right, because people should just roll over instead of standing against something that is totally unjustified.

        Oh right, you’ve relegated this entire thing to the business aspect, forget trying to make fans happy, screw them.

        You must love the government.

    • We are customers and we definitely have the right to complain here.
      I’m little concerned why Sony doesn’t complain here – because Microsoft & Sony selling the subsidized consoles by the prices which equal to manufacturing costs, if not fully unprofitable like with future Vita portable console. So Microsoft & Sony making the profit from the subsidized hardware only one way – by closed architecture & overpriced software for them – by games not less than $50…
      So Microsoft makes a deal here with developer – this is important for them and their Xbox ecosystem, but Sony strangely keeps the silence and money…

  34. Yea Pete Hines is amazing. I remember watching the pre-release interviews and convention previews for FALLOUT 3 and he was a non-stop Preacher of righteous advertising. His stamina knew no bounds and i was starting to worry just how painful the after FALLOUT 3 release crash period would be 😀

    Hail Pete Hines! The God Of ADVERTISING!!!

    As for the exclusive DLC for XBox 360. I always buy the hard copy months later in bundled packs or Game Of The Year Edition so i’ve got plenty to be joyfully patient for 🙂

  35. Disappointing that once again the PS3 has been left out of the DLC decision, even if it is just for 30 days. Did you learn nothing of the shocking PR from not releasing SI on PSN in Europe, or from the Fallout 3 debacle? You’ve lost enough goodwill from the PS3 community and yet you continue to bait us by withholding content.

    Want to get a lot of the disappointed “users” (we’re not fans after all, as fans get recognition and support) above back on board? Show us that the version you release on our platform works. Show us that we’re not getting an alpha build like we did with Fallout 3.

    • That’s 100% guilty of Sony corp.
      They with Microsoft making money uniquely only by overpriced games, not the consoles – which is just the hook to the closed architecture/eco-system.
      Microsoft came and threw another pile of bucks on the floor of Bethesda – so they made this exclusivity deal signed. I don’t know why Sony not making the same, but i’m sure that Bethesda contacted Sony to sell them this DLC exclusivity – because who else can be interested in this deal – for example on impersonal PC platform – Steam? No way, they will pay for this. So the only customer to such things is only the console makers…maybe Sony are not so stupid like Microsoft – they understand that this DLCs not worth what Bethesda asks for them.

  36. Why does everyone assume that this is about “Day One” DLC? None of these interviews and material suggest the DLC in question is going to be Day One or when it’s going to release at all. If they are doing bigger DLC, how do we know the first DLC won’t be for 4 or 5 months after the game releases? Myself, I don’t mind it because the period from November through early 2012 is going to be so PACKED and full of new releases that there will be plenty to distract me while I’m waiting for the DLC.

  37. I have a PS3 and a Mac, this sucks. I buy the most expensive tech and get the short end of the stick from Bethesda again. I swear if the PS3 doesn’t get everything that 360 gets again and if this game is even HALF as full of game ending/quest killing bugs and glitches I will never buy a Bethesda product again. You wanna know why he said he was SCARED to let people play the game? It’s probably because he didn’t want them finding any of the horrible BUGS and GLITCHES this long before the game comes out. I quit playing Oblivion and Fallout 3 and sold them for barely anything because of all the game crashes, freezes, bugs, and glitches. I can’t believe I’m gonna try it again, but this is the last time, and if this game’s coding is like your others then you will lose me as well as many other “users”. The only good thing about playing those two games on the PS3 is the extremely fast loading times (averaging about 4 seconds) and the great shaders and draw distance (objects appearing in the distance further away from the player than on the 360). Does anyone know if Bootcamp and Windows 7 will run this game good enough on a good Mac Pro? Did it work with Oblivion? Why doesn’t Bethesda care about PS3 players at all? Oh… Money.

    • …and don’t say, “Then why do you play these games/why buy it if you hate the games?” I don’t hate the games I hate the coding. The world is amazing, the stories and lore in the world are creative and expansive. It’s the coding that killed those two games. At times I felt like I was playing with a broken product, because in many ways it was. Every quest you received required that you look online to see if there are any bugs/glitches that will keep you from completing it. For example, on the PS3 if you go to a certain Inn on the road before doing the Anvil recommendation for the Mages Guild, you can’t complete the Recommendation therefore you can never get into the Arcane University and can never enchant your items or make your own spells. Broken. I tried lawsuits and the BBB but as far as games go, as long as it IS possible to get to the games credits at the end of the story then a game can have as many bugs and glitches as it wants. Lame. One more try Bethesda… Good luck!

    • Fallout 3 and New Vegas runs very fine natively in Mac OS X through Wine (free magic-thing which enable you run Windows stuff without Windows itself on all possible platforms) as stated on their site – this game have a Gold rating of testing. I wanna to try this soon. Rebooting to Win just to play is really annoying.

  38. It’s not a huge deal, the DLC, by now I’m used to it anyway. My PS3 and I are always being left behind by gaming companies… No Oblivion trophies, almost no DLC for oblivion other than SI, unless you buy the 5th Edition, which is also a money grab, all it is, is the GOTY edition with a metal box… Only DLC is SI and KotN, left behind in fallout as well, good thing these games are THAT amazing, or I wouldn’t be buying… Hats off to you Beth, keep neglecting the Playstation and PC fans, but I’ll love you anyway!!

  39. Would have been scary as the fans were walking by the wall the Dragon slowly appears and peers over the wall opening its mouth with a roar and flashing a red light on the fans. Maybe a subwoofer with some deep vibrating rumble action for added mind numbing horror.

  40. I’ve had Skyrim (PS3) preordered since March. Have been really excited about it, but then this hits.

    My question is; what else is in this agreement with Microsoft, Bethesda? With the revelations ( of how Microsoft deals with developers, I’m not sure now whether you even care about the PS3 version.

    Can we see some video? Some screen shots? Or are you not allowed to after taking the Microsoft schilling? Or is it a rush job, that you will get a quick cash grab, from pre-orderers like me, before word spreads it is gimped on PS3. Then the market is flooded with trade ins, you sell hardly any, and use this as an excuse to support the PS3 even less in future.

    What I have said in the previous paragraph is harsh. But that is the sort of doubts that creep in when announcement like this are made. I’m now seriously considering cancelling my pre-order of my most anticipated game of the year.

    I hope it was worth it for you.