RAGE system requirements

With under a month until launch, we’ve revealed the minimum and recommended system requirements for RAGE.


    • OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, Win 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Equivalent AMD
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 25GB
    • Video Card: GeForce 8800, Radeon HD 4200


    • OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, Win 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or Equivalent AMD
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 25GB
    • Video Card: GeForce 9800 GTX, ATI Radeon HD 5550
 As noted previously, RAGE will use Steamworks and features Steam Achievements, VOIP, and Friends support.

Reader Comments

      • I would prefer Dx11. =p
        Dont get me wrong, OpenGL is cool, but DX11 is… awesome, and some VGAs has specifics features to this API collection.

        • Why do you even care?! Games don’t get better looking because of DX11, it is up to the developer to make the game look good. Games on PS3 don’t even use DX1 and still looks as good as DX 11 games.

      • Rage uses OGL 2.0 if I’m not mistaken. Which is basically equivalent to DX9. It may use some extensions to go beyond that but it’s a far cry from DX11.

  1. What are the suggested specs to built a system for IDtech5? IF someone were interested in actually building an entire map using the ID Tech 5 engine /game editor?

  2. I never really buy multiplatform games on PC because my computer has never been THAT powerful, but I recently upgraded it and was wondering if you PC guys can let me no if I’ll be able to max out this badboy! I have a GTX 460 1GB|Win.7 64-bit| Pentium Core Dual Processor 2.5GHZ. Thanks guys!

    • Probably it will do fine, this specs usually are kinda messed. Was the same with Brink, but in the end it runs here on almost 90 fps, and i have a 460 and a E8400 :S

  3. I don’t think Rage will use DirectX 11. John Carmack isn’t big on DirectX, but he can definitely pull off amazing things without it.

    • Yea, my PS# will play it too, but id rather it look awesome on my pc than average on PS3….and the min system requirements are generations old, so i dont think too many PC gamers are going to need to upgrade their hardware buddy.

      • If this game is a crappy port (i don’t know about it), it will look as good as in Xbox. Since they build the game for a lower spec hardware.

    • How suprising, the game was build from the ground to run with 60 fps on consoles, thats why it has blurrier textures than cod and cod has better object lighting and geometry so much toning down was done on this game.

      This game shouldnt need “new hardware” it should run on old pcs just fine, so either the pc version will have far better graphics than the console version or this is a bad port.

  4. Will savegames be stored in the steam cloud as well? I’m tired of having to store and backup all my saves when I reinstall the computer or move the saves between my laptop and gaming rig.

  5. Sweet!
    Win 7 32 Bit
    GTX 470
    AMD Phenom II X 6 1090T
    4 gigs DDR3

    No new parts for me. Thank God! Didn’t want to have sell a little leg on the corner just to run this bitch decently. Now… to wait a month.

  6. 25GB?! TWENTY. FIVE. GIGABYTES? Holy crap.

    If you’re buying this for PC, you’d better pre-purchase to pre-load over a day or two.

    • Yeah it’s OpenGL. At QuakeCon Carmack spoke about a GL extension the vendors organized for him (variable vsync), so it’s definately OpenGL.

      Shouldn’t concern you though. AMD/ATI GL drivers aren’t bad at all lately, and Nvidia GL drivers are excellent. Game should look/run great (if that’s your concern).

  7. John Carmack created Rendering technologies in the Id tech 5 so that the game is a constant 60hz game 60FPS game and that when and if the game does dip below that it will produce some screen tearing till the issue is auto resolved it can be read about in many interviews with JC

    now also this game is OpenGL based not Directx also to the user with 32bit windows 7 running 4gb of ram you do know you only have 3.2gb available to use right

  8. Awesome! Such modest specs for such a powerhouse game. Love it how id always delivers the best performance around, there are games that look almost as good but run twice as slow, glad to know that you guys still have performance mastered! Glad to know that I won’t be needing an upgrade!

  9. Dude, I can’t wait. This game is what’s getting me back into PC gaming. Still getting it for multiple platforms though!

  10. Hmm, something tells me that it won’t actually look anywhere near its best on those “recommended” system specs. Those graphics cards would struggle to play most recent AAA games with maxed specs and eye-friendly framerates, let alone an upcoming game with the large environments, big textures, and complex lighting that Rage seems to have.

    Maybe companies should start showing 3 levels of specs: “minimum” (anything below this and don’t even bother), “recommended” (you need this for a pretty good quality experience), and “optimal” (this is what you’ll need to actually enjoy the game the way we’ve designed it, with max bells and whistles, decent AA to get rid of jaggies, and a smooth, steady framerate)

    • I guess I am an old school gamer, because optimal for me is as blurry as I can get the textures and the most amount of FPS I can get. Been out of the scene for a long time though but all the old hardcore guys used to like when people showed up like sore thumbs against white blocky textures.

  11. It’s funny how even minimum requirements for a game can cause people to argue over console VS PC; I can’t wait for the day when the best console gamer plays the best PC gamer… Anyways RAGE will rock nomatter what you are running it on, period; that is idSoftwares trademark… side from well pioneering the FPS…

  12. 9800GTX as recomnended? hmm, you mean maxed? No it doesnt look optimized the game is not as big as fallout 3 and has blurry textures and static lighting and dated geometry everywhere.

    It it really opengl?

    In any case 25gb is nuts.

    • Oh and another thing, the last gameplay trialer gearhead vault had extremely blurry textures everywhere like they came out from gear of war back in 2006.

      But considering how he game is 25gb, i guess i am gonna have to live with blurry textures, one thing is for sure, good thing i didnt preorder it online and ill get it on retail.

  13. Well… John Carmack is focusing on a multi-plat engine for rage and the other newer titles…

    This probably will be released for Mac OS X and Tux (don’t put much hope on this last one…)

    Well, my Mac can beat this sys reqs easily without any sort of upgrade, neither an os one.

    The use of Windows is simply the fact of not knowing something decent. (and linux is way worst than windows.)

  14. On the following specs, will i play it at 1080p maxed out..???
    Specs: Core2Duo 3.33GHZ , 4GB RAM , Nvidia GTX 295 ,Win7 32-bit version. Monitor: Samsung Monitor ,FullHD, 26”.
    I know i have not the most powerful system anymore , but i think it’s a decent one…at least i think it is…!! 🙂

  15. Those recommendations are hilarious. A Radeon HD 4200 is the AMD minimum? Ok, ok, so they’ve done some serious optimizations to get the game working on an integrated graphics chip with the settings all dialed down. I can accept that. But…why then make a Geforce 8800 the Nvidia minimum? What can a Radeon HD 4200 do that a Geforce 8400, 8500, or 8600 couldn’t? As dedicated cards, all of those should be better than a 4200, which is half a Radeon HD 5450 with no discrete memory.

    The recommended makes sense for Nvidia. 9800 GTX/GTS 250. Yeah, OK. I can see a top-of-the-line, well-optimized shooter running at full spec at a mid-HD resolution on that hardware. But the AMD card? Get out of town. A Radeon HD 5550 — the forgotten little brother of the 5570/5670 — pales in comparison to the 9800 GTX in every respect. 128 bit GDDR3 memory, 320 VLIW5 shader processors, 28.8 GB/s of memory bandwidth, only 16 texture units — heck, I don’t think this thing could run it at graphics settings to match the console versions at any reasonable performance level or resolution!

    It has to be a type-o. They must have meant to type “5750”, or at least 5570.

  16. Yep, games on consoles are limited performance and pc’s can reach beyond 😉 never tried black-ops though, I am only into battlefield series. Plus console upkeep expenses are higher then upgrading ur pc once in a while :)) 59 bucks a game on console? Get a life lol :))) plus xbox controller with more buttons then the keyboard itself.

  17. Hey,
    i am going to buy a notebook (no real gaming NB, an allrounder)

    i5 2540M
    Gforce GT 555M 2GB DDR3 1333
    8GB RAM

    Will it be enough to play this game?

  18. Um, these requirements do not make any sense.

    HD 4200 has a fraction of the performance of a GeForce 8800 series (something like 20-30% of 8800 perf)

    Even the recommended HD 5550 is slower than a GeForce 8800.

    Either someone goofed or the game is somehow super-optimized for ATI hardware. My bets are on “goof”.

  19. Also, what gpu to max out wheb you release hi res textures? Dont play any games since D3, I need to max out this. Now: core2duo with 5670.

  20. yes, the requirements seem a little weird, but remember that similarly-performing cards vary a lot betweej generations – especially with different DX or OGL versions.

    also, many chuckles at the inevitable train of noobs that as “i have (system specs), how well will it run on my system?” uhhhh how are we supposed to know if THE GAME ISN’T OUT YET? seriously: learn to be patient, and learn to figure out those things on your own.