All the RAGE: Matthew Michler

As we close in on RAGE’s release, we’ve returned with new Q&As with the members of the RAGE team at id Software. Today we meet programmer Matthew Michler.

What do you do at id Software (or more specifically on RAGE) and how long have you worked at the company?

I have been working at id Software for about two years as a programmer on our automated build and testing infrastructure.

Why do you think working at id is the best job in the world?

Professionally, working at id Software is like being born with a pedigree. There are few studios in this industry that can say they are a true pioneer and innovator of gaming and id is one of them. On top of that, the leadership and veteran developers at id are very welcoming to us newbies and our ideas. They are great at finding the “diamonds in the rough” and polishing them up into new and exciting gameplay.

Personally, the team at id is insanely fun to be around. We have an incredibly diverse group of people from all over the world with a wide range of personalities and interests. Social gatherings at id are always entertaining.

What’s your favorite story from the office?

Telling Dan Martinez on his first day at work that he’s not welcome to our daily team party (we call them parties because its much more fun than a meeting) unless he brings cake. The next day he came in with a cake.

Do you remember the first game you ever played?

The first video game I remember playing was the NES version of Back to the Future. The first PC game I played was Wolfenstein 3D with my dad.

If you’ve got a dinner reservation for two and you can invite one game developer to join you?

Jessica Chobot. She has a “Special Thanks” credit on a couple games. That counts in my book.

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