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  1. Its a shame hardly anything comes in it. A crus Dragon statue that looks nothing like a gamer would want, a book and a cd. Pretty lame.

    • “A crus Dragon statue that looks nothing like a gamer would want,” if i would get that statue now, by crushing your head and eating your brains, i would do that -.-
      It looks nothing like cheap plastic, guess thats why its expensive, soundtrack would be nice though

    • … I think most fantasy role-playing gamers are pretty into dragons and such. You must be young. Dragons are quintessential to the genre. “Gamers” refers to more than just PC/Console gamers. Therefore, you are quite wrong.

  2. Please make sure the distributors pack the statue in a way that prevents it from destroying parts of the ce box / other content (remember the witcher 2 ce debacle with the statue…)

  3. It’s so limited that there’s still plenty around to pre-order… seriously though, Bethesda, I’m sure the sales will be great but I hope you learnt what most of your fans want after all the comments about the statue in the earlier blog post.

    As much as you can tell from this photo, that book looks pretty quality, which is good.

    A bit more critique… you guys can take it, everything you do rocks so much so you need a bit of constructive criticism too… The only thing about the box is that the beauty of its design and the images on it are completely ruined by the system branding. Hopefully there’ll be an inner box that will be really nice like Fallout New Vegas’ box was.

  4. Spot on, Chairon.

    As much as I hated to, I returned the Witcher 2 CE, it was a complete disaster… I would have kept it if the artbook was good, unfortunately the physical materials and manufacture of the artbook was not very good quality when compared to pretty much any artbook, a real disappointment since the content was so good.

  5. Like i said on the previous CE post, this is way overpriced! I mean, i’m an ardent fan of Bethesda… they make the best RPG games (better than Bioware, yes) But then they act stupid like this and make a CE for an extremely hyped up game with almost nothing and increase the price by 250%… I honestly believe the game will live up to the hype but i really want to know Bethesda: Do you really think so less of your fans that they’ll just buy this because you made it? We aren’t that stupid and childish. This is a real insult to the fans i think.

    Just for the record i could pre-order the regular edition of Skyrim and the CE of Mass Effect 3 for $140… OR i could fork out another $10 and get just this… that kind of scenario should never have happened but it has…

    So i will preorder the SE but I can assure you it’s for the manual and map otherwise i would’ve pirated this… yes that’s how little i think of Bethesda now…

    • Dont people think that to MAKE QUALITY dragon statue is NOT cheap? i mean, they COULD just make som cheap plastic dragon, but hey, then would people b*tch about quality
      Dont like it? dont buy it, that simple, as of “would’ve pirated” thats how little you think of their game.
      (and in any case, I like that dragon statue, overprice or no)

    • I agree with this guy..if u dnt like it and think its overpriced dnt get it and just get the game. stop gripin bout it and keep it to urself.

    • Agree completely. I find it interestingly ironic that the people who get on here and complain about quality/price, are the ones that most likely will not be buying the CE. Not too fond of dragons, but thanks to Bethesda, I’m turning into a believer. Keep up the good work Bethesda!

  6. Money says all the haters here can’t even afford this box.
    I for one cant wait. The date is eating at my mind waiting for that box to get here.

    @Nath Who the eff are you to say what gamers will like and what they wont. That statue is epic.

    • i agree completely, i truly feel like all these people talking ish, just wish it was cheeper because they are cheep asses them self’s. Beth knows what they are doing. this package was not made to make more money, its there for the fans!

  7. $150 for a useless statue, boring art book, and the game in a big box? I can easily afford the collector’s edition but IMO it’s just a waste of money.

  8. It’s amazing to see how people can say so many negative feedback about everything without thinking how it would be to be in the creators shoes! I dont belive you can do better yourself!

  9. My dark elf goin to be soooooooooooooooooooooo BAD dragons will fly away frm me

    and my name and face will be known through SKYRIM ahahhahoohohohoahah

    on a real this game……………………..­…………………….is good enf to PULL yes PULL aliens out of DEEEEEEEP SPACE and bring them to earth just to play this game!!!!!!!!!


    a freaking war starts out between human and aliens because of SKYRIM…….NOT ENF COPIES

    Dat box is already on order!!

  10. I, for one, am a “rabid” fan of Bethesda and someone has stated before. Ever since getting my hands on my first Bethesda game, Morrowind, I have been looking forward to anything and everything that Bethesda has made that is even close to similar. Needless to say I have Morrowing, Oblivion (also the collectors edition that was recently released, so I have two copies), and Fallout 3, all of which I loved and still from time to time when I am between games or anime. So I think I can speak for a good portion, if maybe not all, of the Bethesda fans who actually pull a paycheck that gives them enough money to have a bit extra every month when I say that I cant wait for the limited edition to come out. Releasing the information for Skyrim was what convinced me to start pre-ordering games, which is something I dont normally do. I originally pre-ordered it so that I could get the awesome map that everyone was talking about, especially when I heard that it was going to be fashioned out of a real map-like material rather than just a poster. However, when I heard about the stuff you would get for getting the limited edition, I freaked out and went to gamestop as soon as I could to pre-order it. Now to answer anyone’s questions about it, yes, I was a bit skeptical about the content of the LE for the price, but I look at it this way: As long as the statue is made of reasonably sturdy material (nothing that will break trying to get it out of the box or if it falls on a soft carpeted floor from 2ft for instance), the art box is of a good quality, and the bonus DVD gives me some cool video of the studio and the work that went into the game, along with the map, then I have to say its worth the money. Think about it this way, at any other time if Bethesda had released these items individually instead of packaged together, and it was after the release of the game which turned out to be a major hit, which I expect it will be even bigger than Morrowind or Oblivion, then these items would likely sell for quite a bit, likely $40-$60 for the artbook, maybe the same for the statue, and $30-$45 for the map. Looking at it that way, calculate the price of a new xbox game, around $60, with lets say $45 for the artbook, $50 for the statue, and $40 for the map. Add that together to reach $195 respectively, and thats being fairly conservative. Now compare that to the $150 they are asking for the limited edition, which you wont pay all at once when you pre-order because at gamestop they require a $25 downpayment, or more depending on how much you want to put down on it. So at the time of purchase you are spending no more than around $125, which I think is quite reasonable for the content as long as it is of good quality as I stated before. Think about how much Bethesda had to spend to create, package, and ship these products if they are of the kind of quality that one might reasonably expect they are to be? When has Bethesda ever not delivered a quality product for the time of their release to their fans? I mean, really, if you spend the money on it and dont like it, then return it and get your money back, its that simple. I, for one, cant wait for the release and have been looking forward to it as soon as I heard about it, and I have been looking forward to the game itself even longer than that, so get over yourselves and dish out some cash (for those of you who can afford more than just $60 for the game and you know it but just dont want to) for your favorite game developer, I think they deserve it for all their hard work.

  11. Sorry, there are typo’s in the message posted above. Ignore them if you will, I am typing on a netbook with a small keyboard, but you get the general message, the price for the limited is just fine.

    • not even that but the fact that its only 60 bucks for a 300-400 hour game ppl can u imagine if game companies charged us per hour like compared to a movie approx 30 bucks for 1=3 hrs of movie this game would be like 9000-12000 bucks haha or even just charge for the main story of 20-30 hrs that’s like 600-900 buckaroos do the math 150 bucks is nothing for everything ur getting along with the game its self. and from what i have herd the statue is high quality pvc.

  12. i have never preordered or purchased any special addition of any game but that dragon would look fantastic in my room. the price is high yes but do you have any idea how much a dragon that size and quality would cost alone it looks magnificent if u like dragons why not buy it i am i dont really care about the other stuff

  13. I have some advice for the people that are bitching about the price of the CE – buy the SE and STFU! The CE is a very limited run for people that like to collect such novelty items. The reason it’s expensive is because of the limited number of CE’s that are produced.

    No one is trying to force you to buy CE and the price of the CE has no effect on the price of the SE.

  14. thank you your the only real one with brains @Nath what would you want a toy dragon that you can play with what are you 12, i’m really disapionted in the haters, it’s not bethesda’a fault you can’t even afford one game, pirating seriously? That’s pretty sad.

  15. @Brock everyone has there own taste’s so what you like someone else may not.

    I love the look of the statue but i’m not paying that much. I pre-ordered the game and i’ll wait for the statue to go on ebay.

    Sorry bethesda but you want way too much money for a mass produced statue. At least make it like 1 out of five.

    Like so no one knows what statue they will get. it could be a frost dragon or another type of dragon different types of statues, colours.

    Make a variety!

  16. Cmon, i for one am NOT buying this game for a fancy statue or map cause i tried that with Oblivion and the Septim coin was practically useless and we ARE gonna spend all the time on the
    Cd and not the book, but its your choice O_o

  17. Honestly, why so much complaining? The game being 60, that means the rest is maybe 80-90? The CD being 10-20, the book being 20-30, and that leaves only 30+ for the statue. Over-priced? Not at all. It all seems about right actually, when it’s all based on what you’d typically pay for a cd and art book. I’m not gunna complain about the price, nor am I gunna insult those who made such a badazs game until I start playing I find some small bit of detail I dislike lol Good Job, Bethesda.

    • both the CD and art book is going to be worth about 10 bucks at most a few weeks after game release, and all three items will be on ebay with in the week of game release. Wait a few days and you can get the limited edition for much cheaper. and there is no way that statue is worth 30+ dollars. Its plastic, I dont care if its a statue of Jesus shooting laser beams at Nazis while riding a Dragon, a plastic statue that isn’t ever a foot high isn’t worth 30 dollars.

  18. i was ganna get the CE but when i found out the statue is pvc i was like hell no the awesome map is worth the pre-order alone. now if the statue was pewter or bronze i would love to shell out 150 for the CE

  19. @Admiral-165

    try and evaluate the economy of the total package

    first you’re getting the game lets round that off to $60.00

    next you’re getting an awesome statue made from high quality PVC a tough industrial plastic. it took an artist many hours of painstaking work to come up with the master statue, then another person had to make the mold off of that, then it all goes to a factory where it’s being produced. Bethesda could probably sell the statue by itself for $25.00 – $30.00

    next you’re getting a gorgeous hardbound art book that numerous artists worked on for numerous hours to generate the images. then someone had to lay out those images (most likely in CS5 InDesign)and then produce them. at 150 pages (i believe) i could see the art book being sold for at least $50.000

    you’re also getting a DVD on how Skyrim itself was made, this one is a bit trickier to price since i have no clue if this was an in house production or if Bethesda went to a third party to film it. if it was a third party the second disc would probably retail at $10.00 – $20.00

    you also get a map at lets say another $10.000

    so when we take all that down and add it together you get something between $150.000 – $170.00

    seems like a fair deal to me for what you’re getting. and I’m glad that I’ll be picking up my Skyrim CE at game stop on 11-11-11

    • your pricing was off,

      you get a cool looking McDonalds toy, as “Levi” said. thats worth about 180 bucks

      you get a book of art thats already in the game and will be all over the internet with in a week of release thats worth about 700 dollars

      then you got a dvd no one will watch because they will be busy playing the game thats worth 100 bucks

      so 160 bucks is a good deal! because with my math it should be worth at least half my monthly income, plus tax of coarse!

  20. I cannot wait for this game as i am sure you have heard from countless fans, im going to buy it no matter what. But, judging by the lack of content in this collectors edition, I will most likely only buy a normal copy of the game. You should add something to beef up the deal. for instance a few exclusive weapons and spells, or include a strategy guide showing where the best weapons are. Another option is to create a “season pass” as games like Mortal Kombat did, and Gears 3 will have. Then include a years supscription to the pass with the collectors edition. Obviously, this does not seem cost effective right now, but i believe it will increase sales of the collectors edition exponentially. Thank you for your time.

  21. ok guys its “high quality PVC”, PVC is plastic. There is nothing “high quality” about plastic. I’m not going to pay 80 bucks for a “high quality” McDonalds toy… Even if my favorite gaming company and my favorite game series made it. Sorry Bethesda you let me down 🙁

    • “PVC is plastic. There is nothing “high quality” about plastic”
      Then good for you that you didnt preorder CE, as some other gamer will get that CE then. Was out of orders first week, at the store i preordered it.
      @Galbatorix mentioned most time will be spent playing game rather wathing art book, i for one LOVE those books, maybe because im an artist, but still…

  22. This edition of the game is nothing short of awesome. I will be much more satisfied walking out of the store with this box held high above my head. Worth the money I think. Except, as someone else previously pointed out, I could ALMOST buy 2 other games if I didn’t get this edition. Which is kind of ridiculous. I think somewhere in the 100-125 range would’ve kept people a little more happy. But alas, I’m still getting this edition. Conquering this awesome wonder of a game with that statue staring at me will be oh so much more satisfying. The only thing I wish was included was something that allowed those who purchased the collector’s edition get the future DLC for free or at least discounted. Then I’d be 100% content.

  23. I really hope them make more collectors editions for australia…. more for south australia because we have all sold out and I MISSED OUT!!!! *cuts self*

  24. How about you just all stfu this game is going to be AMAZING! so who cares if you buy the “super sized” skyrim its all going to be amazing

  25. I got mine pre-ordered. I think this is gonna be not just a game, but a beautiful experience for me as a fan of the series and fan of fantasy folklore . To have the opportunity (once again) of “be who you want to be, do whatever you want to do” and having the rough land of Skyrim as stage is just priceless. To have the opportunity to emulate the adventures of the great Conan, to recreate the atrocities of the evil Deathdealer, to be a true barbarian on a barbarian land. For me it has been a long wait since the gates of Oblivion have closed, 6 years and finaly only 2 more months to continue the adventure. I´m from Mexico, to get the Collector´s Edition cost me not $150 but $200, does it worth it?, for me you bet it does.
    I´m a PC gamer and i´m member of the nexus (if you´re a fan of the TES you know what it is) and i know that the PC version is gonna be glorious, better graphics, limitless modding possibilies, and the modding comunity supporting it.

    Can´t wait to make my Deathdealer´s helmet as soon as the modding tools are up 🙂

    Thanks Bethesda for these great series.

  26. The only thing I have to say is I’ve seen more people moan and groan about what someone else has posted of an opinion versus what this page is all about and that would be commenting on the size of the box at the top of this page.
    If you want to have a cyberknockout go play World of Warcraft and make it known in the trade chat.

  27. Wow! If I had enough wonga I’d defo go for that CE. The Dragon statue would look great in my study, but I haven’t go the cash, so I guess the normal edition will have to do.

  28. I went to the GameStop by my house as soon as I heard about the collector’s edition to find out they had already sold out…

  29. Wow, reading the same statements over and over again cost my boss at least 15 minutes worth of salary he got nothing in return for.

    It’s a collectors edition, especially designed to be sold to people who like to collect that stuff. I love CE’s, from the Legendary Halo edition tot the Animus editions of Assassin’s creed, the only disappointment I ever really had was the plastic battarang with Arkham Asylum.

    PVC (or other plastics) dragons can be bought for any price ranging from ten to a hundred bucks and the art for the artbook is collected from the designs that went in the game, little extra cost there, you already paid the copyright fee’s since the images are in the game itself. A “making of documentary” is nothing but a home video during the creation of the whole thing, since most viddocs and Creators diaries are freely available on youtube you can argue if you should actually pay for it at all.

    When you view the box and look at it’s price you would think it is a bit steep yes…

    HOWEVER…. To a collector, such as me for instance, these are treasures, not simply found anywhere else and you don’t want a copy or anything, you want the real deal and preferably numbered and signed, that’s what a collectors edition is for.

    And my god do I want it, I pre-ordered it as soon as it became available…

  30. A dragon statue? What am I, twelve? The dragons are cool but its not 150$ cool. I like the art book and music though. (and I can afford it before the haters jump on me)

  31. This looks SICK! even tho most people bitch about how theres not enough items in the CE who cares you get an art book and dragon statue made of expensive material i meen ya i would like more in the box maybe a exclusive weapon or dragon ect but either way Skyrim will be a great game like all of the other Elder Scrolls

  32. Well, it’s a well known fact, Sonny Jim, that there’s a secret society of the five wealthiest people in the world, known as The Pentavirate, who run everything in the world, including the newspapers, and meet tri-annually at a secret country mansion in Colorado, known as The Meadows.