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  1. Maybe its just me but that clearly looks like an xbox 360 box, more than likely a bundle pack when it comes out, anyway can’t wait till 11.11.11

  2. Dang thats huge, the collectors edition was so tempting, I want the statue so bad but the price just didnt quite cut it for me, if it also included a strategy guide then yes, I would have ordered one, instead I opted to order just the game bundled with a guide.

  3. The box is gorgeous, but… I just can’t spend that kind of money. I love Bethesda, I love the Elder Scrolls, but $150 just doesn’t seem right to me. Now, a year from now, when my local Gamestop is still hanging on to one last Collector’s Edition with a $60 price tag? Yeah, I’m in, even though I’ll have already bought the regular version of the game on day one.

  4. I’m afraid it will be too pricey to get here in Norway, so I will have to pull some strings to get it outside of Norway, somehow *pouts*. Some webshops here estimate with 12-1400 NOK, roughly around 250 USD for the collectors edition, and that’s not counting the shipping cost…

  5. Sucks. I want everything except the statue, the ‘making of DVD’ and the art book.

    So… luckily I got in my preorder for my map 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to carry mine out of Gamestop.. It’s going to be the start of a Long, long story.. Of how I spent over 30 minutes opening it. 🙂

    I think I might do a Video of me Unboxing it for the “I will not Shave till Skyrim 11.11.11” page on Facebook.. Yeah.. Sounds like a plan.

    Thanks for the picture Matt.

      • Don’t forget “Grow a Beard for Skyrim!”
        I’m saving right now, but I’m young and my beard growth sucks. But I have almost sacrificed the lower part of my face for a year now in the honor of Skyrim!

        Luckily I don’t have to see myself so much unless I stumble upon a mirror, but the people around me are the ones that have to suffer. 😉

      • Just a lil thinking ahead, you should shave on 11-10-11 so you can be nice and clean shaved for the release and because I know once I have that game in my hands I will not want to waste valuable time shaving that I could be playing the game and if you don’t shave til you get Skyrim then you will prob not shave for another 3 years at least lol ;P

    • Most likely.
      I’m sure that when they announced the 11.11.11 months (a year) ago, that was just a tentative date, and will likely be hitting the shelves within the week.
      Drop dates are just sort of put out there on a whim and have nothing to do with sales strategies, market saturation, or product developmental issues.

  7. Oblivion is the only game i play replacing my love of civilisation totally – but i really would love a Super release of an Oblivion game that would allow me to cross the entire map, all regions and all quests – i would never sleep again – could you look in to this please

  8. But I don’t want to spend $150 on a CE… $100 more to upgrade to a collector’s edition. As cool as it is, no thank you, the game is more than enough. Thanks Bethesda. 🙂