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  1. Already have that huge box pre-ordered for PS3.

    Too bad even though im paying $150 trying to support you Bethesda, you still like to give me the cold shoulder yet again with DLC’s… oh well, i know how you like to treat your fans like shit.

    • Wait… What? It comes with a rather nice statuette. It was your own fault for paying $150. DLC’s are stupid anyway, it’s like making a game incomplete, and making people pay to complete it later, especially DLC on release. Treat fans like shit? It’s a rather sizable collectors’ set. Why would you pay $150 for what you proclaim is shit? You are so financially wise *sarcasm*

  2. Nice box.
    Too bad for the insane european prices. In the US it can be pre-ordered for $149,- That calculates to €105,-
    Tell me why the official EU price is €149,-, €45,- (that’s $63,_!!!!) more than the US price????

    Furthermore, all shops I’ve visited actually sell it at an even higher price, most sell it for €180,-!!! That’s $250,-, a bloody $100,- more???

  3. Is anything here really worth $150? The book is nice and the PVC statue is kinda cheap. Any behind the senes footage will be all over youtube after about 30 seconds after the release, so none of this is really worthwhile. If bethesda made a PVC statue of the dragonborn standing on a dead dragon with a spear and crossbow, that I would pay $150 for!

  4. It’s so limited that there was only one available for my whole region. Jealous of the lucky bastard that got that. I had to settle with the EB exclusive instead. What are the chances that the art book might be sold seperately later on? Slim? That’s the main reason why I had wanted the Collector’s Edition…

  5. My question is how many “Box” complements that Erin has to try and keep a straight face for? And just to be that guy “That’s one good looking forehead Erin ;-)”!!!

  6. I’m sorry, but as cool as it may seem, ceramic statue and a book is not worth an extra 90 bucks. I will enjoy the game thoroughly even without a giant collectors edition box to prop my feet up on.

  7. Will there be different pre-order bonuses depending on where you pre-order it? It irritated me that I pre-ordered New Vegas before the bonuses were announced. If I had known, I would have chosen a different location to give my money to.

  8. Well if you’d release the flippin’ system recommendations already, I’d pre-order! I’m not buying a 100+ hour RPG on my 360, talk about guaranteed red ring..

  9. dude, recently i’ve been wanting to watch that again! super underrated movie. even the smaller parts are memorable, like Alan Arkin and Stephen Wright (“have you ever done this before?” “oh, yeah, lots of times… never at night, though.”).

  10. Addendum: I was even subscribed to your info letter that you send out. Never heard a whisper about this CE which I’d been waiting for so I could get my preorder in. Not fair Bethesda. Its not like it’s after release day that I’m moaning about missing out. Please contact me. I want a chance to preorder this version on ps3. You wont answer my emails that I sent you 2 weeks ago. I just sent another one to you. Are youb even going to read it or this? Perhaps contact Ubisoft and see how they deal with problems like these with staff whom go out of their way to HELP. If I dont then I’m going to have a bitter taste at the back of my mouth whenever I play the thing, if I can bring myself to play it at all. NOT a good look Bethesda

  11. Will the Xbox 360 Skyrim CE be making an Asia release? I tried to preorder it from my local game store in Singapore and they told me it’s region locked.

  12. Sooo I made my down payment of the collector’s edition and I gotta say I needed to change my pants and smoke a cigarette cause between doing that and seeing THIS I had some serious nerdgasims bwhahahaha.I’m SO PUMPED FOR THIS GAME!! 🙂

  13. I am surprised only one person got that reference so far! Mike Myers as his own father is one of the best things that has happened to comedy!

    S! A! T-U-R D-A-Y NIGHT!

    • I’ve seen pics of the lady in question and I would say she is very attractive, she has a great smile. In fact, maybe they should do a competition to win a date with her.

      • exactly so – just google for images of said lady – but be warned – there are pics where Todd has his hand on her shoulder 😉

  14. As aweome as it looks, I really cannot justify having to pay over $200 in the UK. Equally Bethesda, coming from someone who has played your games on the PC since Daggerfall, I am hurt that despite being an avid fan, you’ve slapped me in the face with your Xbox exclusivity deal.

  15. About a month ago when I found out about the collector’s edition, I had no desire to get it. “The statue’s cool, but what am I gonna do with it? Art book. I could buy that by itself. Making-of DVD? YouTube a week after it comes out.” And THEN, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, the box sold me. I just pre-ordered my copy.
    Well-played, Bethesda.

  16. Could a version without the statue be made available? I would have gone for it had it not had the $60-ish chunk of plastic that does nothing but sit there and look pretty. I would have really enjoyed the art book and the behind-the-scenes DVD.

  17. The contents of this CE does not justify its price tag. Either lower the price or add more content. Where is the soundtracks, or the mandatory coupon codes or retail copies of Morrowind and Oblivion?

    People are raging about how lacky this CE is compared to what you charge for it, and I agree.

    Here’s just two of the links I’ve encountered about the reactions of this CE:

    Bethesda – up your game people!

  18. um erin i love you you have every sort of bethesda related merchandise that freakin matters (fallout 3 and TES) pretty much everything that matters god i love fallout so much anybody got any news on Fallout 4 iv heard rumors but at least weve got skyrim for now i love my life rite now

  19. I have no problem paying $200 for this monster!
    I only got my copy a few hours before they sold out. I was frantic. XD

    I’m not all too surprised by the size of the box, really, considering the size of the sculpt and the artbook, and squishing those in with everything else.
    The artbook is going to be great.