iOS updates & source code for Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum & DOOM Classic

Today we’ve got some great news for iOS fans. On the heels of recent updates (v 2.1) for both Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum & DOOM Classic, we’ve also released the 2.1 source code for both titles!

Wolfenstein 3D Platinum Source Code 2.1
DOOM Classic Source Code 2.1

What’s new in the update? Here’s the rundown…

  • Universal apps with iPad and Retina Display support
  • Revised user interface with a re-mastered HUD and all new menu art
  • Re-mastered sound from the original MIDI source files
  • Original cover art splash images
  • Locked 60 fps for Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum/Lite (improved framerate on all devices)
  • In App Purchase in Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite to purchase the full game (Platinum Pack)
  • Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum/Lite now under the Apple 20MB download cap for 3G
  • Optimized for the iPad 2 (re-compiled under iOS 4.x with XCode 4.x)
  • Assorted bugfixes
  • Removed multiplayer support (currently broken due to iOS 3 and iOS 4 releases). MP will be re-released at a later date in a more robust fashion.

If you haven’t picked up these classics for your iOS device, check out the links below…

DOOM Classic — $6.99

Reader Comments

  1. Wow, first comment. And I’m going to complain, sorry. I managed to get Wolf classic back in the days when it was available. Unfortunately, I’m not able to buy Doom as it’s not available in the Argentinian store (as well as other ID titles, like Rage). Is there any chance you’re going to update the available countries?

  2. Thanks to id and the folks at Zenimax for making sure this GPL source was kept up-to-date with the binary distributions! There had been some concern in the Doom community when we didn’t see a release earlier and John Carmack was very cordial in dealing with my requests. I personally have about 750 lines of code in the Doom Classic product, so it is nice to see that be of benefit to the world at large.

    • id has previously stated that they have looked into Android, and are continuing to, but it is a very fragmented market with tons of very different devices running all sorts of versions of Android. Some have good CPU/GPU, some do not, different amounts of RAM, etc, etc, basically a headache to develop a game for.

      But with the code, if you want an Android version you are welcome to port it 🙂 (and share the changes since it is under the GPL)

  3. You should care more for the details. In the credits in Doom Classic is not enough place for the sentence “Doom & Ultimate Doom originally created by id Software”, the first and the last character don’t fit on the screen.
    In the credits for the Wolfenstein 3-D games John Romero is misspelled as Ramero.

  4. Please make Doom available in Germany. It has been delisted recently and is now legal to be bought by people that are at least 16 years of age. Looking forward! 🙂

  5. After seeing my neighbor’s comment, I couldn’t help commenting as well. Any chance we will get any I’d title on the Uruguayan App Store? I’ve been reading about these for months and want to get some but I just can’t.

  6. When are we going to see Doom in the German App store? It’s been reevaluated by the german censorship board by request of the german licensor (CDV, I believe) and now is no longer an “under the shelf” title, e.g. banned.

    I really, really, wanna ditch the atrocious DN3D port and play Doom on my iPhone 🙂

  7. Thanks for the great wallpaper! I already have ULTIMATE DOOM and FINAL DOOM on cd so no iOS for me 😀

    Congratulations on the release of the source code aswell as thanks.